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Round Trip Flights

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Buy round trip flight tickets with Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from more than 600 airlines worldwide, from small regional to large international carriers and everything in between! It's really easy to find round trip flights at Alternative Airlines. Use our search form at the top of the page to search for flights between any two destinations in the world on depart any dates that you'd like (just make sure that you've selected 'return').

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What is a round-trip flight?

A round-trip flight or a return flight is simply a flight booking that consists of two flights. The first flight departs from one destination to another and the second flight returns back to the original destination that you departed from.

Round-trip flights are super common. If you've ever been on holiday, on a business trip or any type of flight where you've needed to return back to your home, you would've booked a round-trip flight.

People book round-trip flights when they want to return back to the destination that they first flew from and they know exactly when they want to return.

How are round-trip flights different to one-way flights?

The clue is in the name!

While round-trip flights return to the destination they first departed from, one way flights don't. They only travel one way with no return journey.

One way flights are suited better to people that don't know when they want to return from the destination that they first departed from or don't want to return at all!

Buying cheap round-trip flights

Want to buy a cheap round trip flight but don't know where to start? At Alternative Airlines, we've come up with a few different ways that you can quickly and easily find the cheapest round trip flights on our site, so that you don't have to waste time scrolling through flight results comparing different prices.

Find cheap flights with our calendar

Our calendar highlights which days are the cheapest to fly on both your outbound and return journey. If you're flexible about when you can find, this can save you a lot of time as you don't have to compare different dates and can rest assured that you're looking at the cheapest time to fly.

Find which flights have the 'lowest price'

Once you've found the cheapest day for your round-trip flights, it's also really easy to find the cheapest flights on those days.

All you need to do is sort your flight results by 'Lowest Price', which can be done under the 'Sort By' section, as shown in the screenshot below. This will then pull all of the cheapest flights on your chosen days to the top of the flight results.

Tip: The cheapest flight isn't always the most convenient flight. In some cases, flights can be cheaper if they take an indirect route that will force you to make unnecessary connections with long waiting times at the airport. We strongly recommend checking how many stops your flight will have to take, as well as& the overall journey time and then make your decision on if the flight is worth buying for the price. Or, whether paying a little extra for a shorter journey might be better for you.

See the lowest price for each airline

If there's an airline that you like flying on, you can also easily see the cheapest flights for that specific airline. Just select the airline that you want to on from the banner at the top of the page and we'll show you all flights from that airline, with the cheapest round-trip flights at the top!

Round Trip Flights to Hawaii

New York (JFK) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — on Delta, JetBlue, American Airlines & more.

Los Angeles (LAX) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — on Delta, United, Hawaiian Airlines & more.

Dallas (DFW) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — on American Airlines.

Round Trip Flights to Florida

Phoenix (PHX) ➡ Orlando (MCO) — on American Airlines.

Philadelphia (PHL) ➡ Miami (MIA) — on Frontier Airlines & American Airlines.

Washington (IAD) ➡ Orlando (MCO) — on Frontier Airlines, Spirit, United & more.

Round Trip Flights to Vegas

Tampa (TPA) ➡ Vegas (LAS) — on Spirit.

Chicago (ORD) ➡ Vegas (LAS) — on Frontier Airlines, Spirit, American Airlines & more.

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How do round-trip flights work?

It's pretty simple. When you've booked a round-trip flight, you'll be given a booking reference that you can use to check-in for your flights. Once you've checked-in for your flights, the airline(s) that you've booked on will send you two boarding passes — one for the outbound journey and one for the inbound journey. 

On the day of your flight(s), use whichever boarding pass matches the outbound/return journey to board your flight.

Why are round-trip flights cheaper than one way?

It's not true that round-trip flights are always cheaper than one way flights. Sometimes, one-way flights are exactly half the price of round-trip flights. Although, in many cases, it's often cheaper to buy a round-trip flight instead of two one way flights because some airlines make the pricing of a round trip booking cheaper than buying two individual one way tickets as an incentive to book your entire trip with it rather than buying one leg of the flight on another airline.