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Search and Buy U-FLY Alliance Flights

Search and Buy U-FLY Alliance Flights with Alternative Airlines

Make a U-FLY Alliance reservation and collect frequent flyer points with Alternative Airlines
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About U-FLY Alliance 

U-FLY Alliance is an airline alliance that became the world's first alliance made up solely of Low Cost Carriers. Formed in January 2016 between founding members affiliated with the HNA Group, HK Express, Lucky Air, Urumqi Air, and West Air, U-FLY alliance's network is focussed aroun Hong Kong, mainland China, and Southeast Asia. The airline alliance program has high goals to reach, and are currently seeking new members which are not affiliated with HNA Group.





U-FLY Alliance Member Airlines

You can collect U-FLY frequent flyer points on all the airlines listed below. If you are a frequent flyer of a U-FLY airline, you can filter your flight searches to only show member airlines with Alternative airlines, making it easier for you to collect points. The U-FLY airline members are as follows: 


Eastar Jet

HK Express

Lucky Air

Urumqi Air

West Air





What can U-FLY membership do for me?

Not only does being part of an Airline Alliance like U-FLY grant you a large range of perks, such as lounge access, across multiple airlines, they also allow you to gain more and more mileage rewards by earning your frequent flyer points for a single account on several different carriers. If you’re member of an alliance loyalty program, Alternative Airlines find you all the flights available that will earn you frequent flyer points. Here’s how you do it:



How to filter flights by U-FLY airline alliance members with Alternative Airlines

So you can make the most of your U-FLY alliance membership,  we've created an Airline alliance page to help you find out how to collect those all-important frequent flyer points. Check out our how-to guide and learn how to filter your flight search with Alternative Airlines.



"At Alternative Airlines, we are always trying to make flight bookings easier for our customers. Adding a convenient search filter for airline alliances was a natural fit."

-Sam Argyle, Managing Director



Guides to airline alliances


Click on the links below to find out more about some of the world's most popular and successful alternative airline alliances to U-FLY.


Star Alliance



Vanilla Alliance

Value Alliance




Which frequent flyer program is best for you?

A lot of airlines in the different alliances offer frequent flyer programs to help you make the most out of their services and their partner's services. If you're trying to work out which frequent flyer program is the best for you, or want to learn more about what airline loyalty programs are, check out our blog post on the best frequent flyer programs of 2018.


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