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South Australia Flights

Rocky coast in South Australia

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Find flights to, from and within South Australia with Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from every airline that flies within the state of South Australia. Just use our search form for a fast, easy and convenient way to buy flights.

South Australia is known as Australia's driest state. But, if you're a local, you'll know to not let the heat put you off because there's plenty to see and do in the state. From its amazing wineries to its beautiful landscapes and tasty food.

Airlines that fly within South Australia

Airlines that fly between destinations within South Australia.

The things to see and do in South Australia aren't as spread out as some other states in Australia — more than 75% of its population live in the capital, Adelaide. So, there aren't actually many flights within South Australia or airlines that fly within the state.

But, with eight-hour drives between its big cities, flights are still necessary for the easiest and quickest way travel. Here are the airlines that fly between destinations within South Australia:

Rex Airlines

Rex Airlines, or, Rex Regional Express is one of Australia's leading domestic airlines and offers the most flight options within South Australia. It has a base set-up at Adelaide Airport and offers flights from Adelaide to several destinations within the state, including Ceduna, Port Lincoln, Port Augusta, Mount Gambier, Whyalla and Coober Pedy. On top of that, Rex also flies regularly between Coober Pedy and Port Augusta.

Example routes:

  • Adelaide ➡ Ceduna
  • Adelaide ➡ Whyalla
  • Coober Pedy ➡ Port Augusta

Book flights within South Australia on Rex Airlines.


While Qantas offers connections in and out of South Australia, its regional subsidiary Qantaslink flies between the destinations inside the state. Qantaslink has a base at Adelaide Airport and flies to Port Lincoln, Whyalla and Kingscote. Currently, Qantaslink is the only airline that flies the Adelaide—Kingscote.

Example routes:

  • Adelaide ➡ Port Lincoln
  • Adelaide ➡ Whyalla
  • Adelaide ➡ Kingscote

Book flights within South Australia on Qantaslink.

Airlines that fly to South Australia (from Australia)

Airlines that fly to destinations in South Australia from a destination in other states within Australia.

Flights to and from South Australia from other parts of the country are a bit more frequent than flights within the state. Adelaide (ADL) is the main city that connects South Australia with the rest of the country. Although, there are also flights to Kingscote and Mount Gambier. You can fly to South Australia from a number of destinations across Australia, including Melbourne, Canberra, Broken Hill and more.

Rex Regional Express

From Adelaide and Mount Gambier, Rex Airlines flies to destinations in Victoria and South Australia, such as Melbourne and Broken Hill.

Example routes:

  • Adelaide ➡ Broken Hill
  • Adelaide ➡ Mildura
  • Mount Gambier ➡ Melbourne

Book flights to South Australia on Rex Airlines.


Jetstar is a low-cost airline Australian airline. Although it's not based at Adelaide Airport, the airline offers a number of flights to/from Adelaide from various destinations across Australia. Jetstar connects Adelaide with more than 10 destinations, including Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and more.

Example routes:

  • Adelaide ➡ Sunshine Coast
  • Adelaide ➡ Avalon
  • Adelaide ➡ Perth

Virgin Australia

After Jetstar, Virgin Australia offers flights to the most destinations connecting South Australia with other parts of the country. Similar to Jetstar, it only flies to/from Adelaide. And, it connects the city with Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and more.

Example routes:

  • Adelaide ➡ Gold Coast
  • Adelaide ➡ Alice Springs
  • Adelaide ➡ Darwin


QantasLink doesn't fly many routes connecting South Australia with the rest of Australia. But, it does fly from both Adelaide and Kingscote to Canberra and Melbourne respectively.

Example routes:

  • Adelaide ➡ Canberra
  • Kingscote ➡ Melbourne

Book flights to South Australia on Qantaslink.


As well as Qantaslink, mainline Qantas also offers flights to South Australia from other destinations within Australia. Qantas only flies to/from Adelaide but connects it with a lot more destinations than its subsidiary, including Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Example routes:

  • Adelaide ➡ Sydney
  • Adelaide ➡ Ayers Rock
  • Adelaide ➡ Darwin
Vineyard in South Australia

International flights to South Australia

Direct flights to/from destinations in South Australia from destinations outside of Australia.

Below is information on direct international flights to destinations in South Australia. If you're willing to take an indirect flight with 1+ stops along the way, you'll have a lot more options. You can search for indirect flights by using our search form and searching between any destination across the world with any destination in South Australia.

Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport (ADL) is the only international airport in South Australia. And, therefore, the only destination that welcomes international flights into the state. There are more than 10 airlines with regularly scheduled flights flying in and out of Adelaide Airport to destinations across Oceania, East Asia and even to the Middle East.

Example routes:
Adelaide ➡ Hong Kong — on Cathay Pacific
Adelaide ➡ Auckland — on Air New Zealand
Adelaide ➡ Doha — on Qatar Airways
Adelaide ➡ Kuala Lumpur — on Malaysia Airlines
Adelaide ➡ Guangzhou — China Southern Airlines

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Is a passport required when travelling to South Australia?

Yes, you'll need a passport if you're flying to South Australia from an international destination outside of Australia. Depending on where you're flying from and your length of stay, you might also need to obtain a visa.

If your flight is domestic, you won't need a passport to check in for and board your flight, although, in most cases, you'll need a form a government-issued photo ID.

Do I need a passport if flying from Tasmania to South Australia?

Yes, you need a passport if you're flying from Tasmania to South Australia or anywhere in mainland Australia. You don't actually need a passport to fly from mainland Australia to Tasmania but if you're looking to return to mainland Australia, you'll need a passport.

Can I book flights to South Australia online?

Yes, you can book flights to South Australia online with Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from each and every airline that flies to South Australia and allow you to pay in AUD and with payment methods such as Poli.