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Saudia, the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, takes pride in its extensive worldwide flight network connecting to more than 120 destinations across the globe. Renowned for its impeccable service and premium offerings, the airline offers passengers a range of fare choices, including a lavish First Class experience, ensuring a journey of pure luxury and comfort for every traveller.

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What are Saudia First Class tickets?

When you buy first-class tickets with Saudia, you unlock a host of exceptional privileges that go beyond standard fares, ensuring a lavish and spacious First Class cabin, an exquisite culinary journey, enhanced in-flight entertainment choices, exclusive lounge access, spa treatments and more. Saudia's First Class cabin redefines luxury, offering expansive and private suites with lie-flat seats for ultimate comfort and restful sleep throughout your travel. Experience a range of premium amenities such as plush bedding, high-end toiletries and stylish amenity kits to elevate your journey.

Enjoy an unbeatable gourmet dining experience tailored to your preferences with Saudia. You can delight in an array of exquisite dishes crafted by award-winning chefs, complemented by a selection of fine wines and premium beverages to enhance your culinary exploration. Saudia's First Class also offers an on-demand dine-in service, granting you the freedom to order your favourite meals whenever you desire during your flight.

You can even enjoy your pre-flight experience with exclusive lounge access, featuring serene spaces, fine dining options and rejuvenating spa treatments, all designed to ensure ultimate relaxation and luxury before you take off.

Keep reading to find out what's included in your Saudia First Class ticket in more detail.

What's included in a Saudia First Class ticket?


Saudia's First Class seats provide a luxurious and exclusive travel experience. These spacious and private suites offer passengers the comfort of lie-flat beds for a restful journey, accompanied by premium amenities like soft bedding and enhanced in-flight entertainment. The first-class seats are equipped with electronic controls, footrests and adjustable headrests, allowing travellers to find their ideal position for relaxation. Additionally, the seats recline up to 180 degrees, ensuring a restful and comfortable journey.


Entertainment is a top priority and First Class passengers can enjoy a state-of-the-art high-tech entertainment system. The system includes monitors as large as 23" on some aircraft, with a wide range of entertainment options such as 24 stations of video-on-demand, over 12 audio stations and even video games. The unique "airshow" feature provides passengers with real-time flight progress information, including the direction of Al-Qiblah. Cameras offer captivating views through the pilot's perspective, enhancing the in-flight experience.


The culinary experience in Saudia's First Class cabin is exceptional, with gourmet dining served on fine china. The menu boasts a variety of multinational dishes, catering to diverse preferences, including Arabic, Western and vegetarian options. Passengers are treated to a sumptuous dining journey, complete with hors d'oeuvres, entrees and delectable desserts, culminating in tea, coffee and specialty beverages like espresso and cappuccino. For those who prefer flexibility, the Al-Faris Executive Meal allows passengers to dine on their schedule.

Airport Lounges

Saudia's First Class airport lounge offers an exclusive and refined pre-flight experience for passengers. With an elegant ambience, gourmet dining, rejuvenating spa treatments and quiet spaces, the lounge provides a haven of relaxation and luxury. Passengers can expect personalised service, convenience amenities and a sense of exclusivity, creating a relaxing environment to unwind and prepare for their journey.

Step 1 - Search for flights and select First Class

How to Book Saudia First Class Flights

Search for flights

Using our search form at the top of the page, fill out your travel details such as your departure/arrival airports, the number of passengers flying and the days you plan to fly. Select 'First Class' as your preferred cabin class.

Hit the 'Search Flights' button when you're ready to proceed.

Step 2 - Select Saudia as preferred airline to fly with

How to Book Saudia First Class Flights

Select preferred airline

You'll be able to see all the available flights based on your search criteria. You can then use the Airlines filter to only show flights operated by a specific airline, such as Saudia.

Step 3 - Select 'Details' to view fare details and in-flight experience

How to Book Saudia First Class Flights

View the cabin experience

To see what's included in Saudia's first-class fare, click on the 'Details' button on any flight operated by Saudia. Here you can see information about seating, dining options, entertainment and more.

Select the first-class Saudia flights that work best for you and confirm your selection to proceed to payment.

Step 4 - Select a payment method for first-class Saudia tickets at checkout

How to Book Saudia First Class Flights

Pay your way

We offer 40+ ways for you to pay for your tickets, ranging from Buy Now Pay Later payment plans to cryptocurrencies to e-wallets. The possibilities are endless!

This means you can pay any way you want for your first-class Saudia tickets, conveniently and hassle-free. Have a great trip!


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Saudia First Class Tickets FAQs

What does First-Class look like on Saudia flights?

The first-class cabin on Saudia flights offers a luxurious and exclusive experience. Passengers are greeted with a warm welcome, including refreshing fruit juices, Arabic coffee and dates. Once on board, First Class passengers can enjoy spacious and well-designed suites with seats that recline up to 180 degrees, footrests and adjustable headrests for maximum comfort. An advanced entertainment system features large monitors, video-on-demand, audio stations and captivating views through cameras, enhancing the in-flight experience.

The culinary journey is exceptional, with gourmet dining served on fine china, offering a variety of international dishes and personalised options. On long-haul flights, First Class passengers receive sleeping suits and overnight kits for added comfort, while an exclusive airport lounge awaits for relaxation and fine dining before departure.

What are the seats like in Saudia's first class cabin?

Saudia's First Class seats provide a cosy travel experience. The journey begins with a welcoming reception, featuring refreshing fruit juices, and aromatic Arabic coffee with cardamom and succulent dates. Upon entering the aircraft, passengers are treated to thoughtfully designed suites that prioritise extreme comfort. These seats have electronic controls, footrests and adaptable headrests, enabling passengers to adjust their seating arrangement to their relaxation preferences. Furthermore, the seats offer a recline of up to 180 degrees, guaranteeing a serene and enjoyable journey.

How is the Saudia's First Class experience different from its Business Class?

Saudia's First Class experience differs from its Business Class by offering a heightened sense of luxury, exclusivity and personalised service. With more spacious and private suites featuring fully lie-flat beds, First Class provides superior seating comfort and amenities, including elaborate amenity kits. The dining experience is more refined, offering gourmet options and on-demand service, while entertainment features larger screens and an extensive selection. Access to exclusive airport lounges with enhanced amenities, highly personalised service and additional perks further differentiate Saudia's First Class experience as a pinnacle of luxury air travel.

If you'd like to book Business Class flights with Saudia, you can do so right here at Alternative Airlines!

What is the baggage allowance for First Class Saudia passengers?

Saudia's First Class passengers can enjoy a more generous baggage allowance compared to Economy and Business Class.

On most long-haul international flights, First Class passengers can check in 2 pieces of checked baggage, each weighing no more than 32kg.

Additionally, first-class passengers are allowed to carry-on 1 piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 9kg.

For more information on Saudia's baggage policies, please visit our page about Saudia.

Is Wi-Fi available onboard Saudia's First Class flights?

Yes, Saudia offers Wi-Fi connectivity onboard its flights, including those in the First Class cabin.

Passengers flying in First and Business Class are entitled to a complimentary Wi-Fi session across all 47 routes, with the data allowance differing based on the specific route. Wi-Fi packages can be bought before the journey and a code will be delivered directly to the passenger's email and mobile device. Alternatively, passengers have the option to use their e-ticket number as the access code for onboard Wi-Fi. This feature ensures connectivity convenience and flexibility for travellers.

Can I fly to Dubai with a Saudia First Class ticket?

Yes! You can book first-class flights to Dubai right here at Alternative Airlines and fly with Saudia who operates this route from Jeddah and Riyadh.