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About Mann Yadanarpon Airlines

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, or also known is MYP, is a privately owned domestic airline based in Mandalay, Myanmar.


Mann Yadanarpon Airlines flies to many destinations including Yangon, Mandalay, Nyaung-U (Bagan), Heho (Inle Lake), Tachileik, Kengtung, Myitkyina, Lashio, Thandwe (Ngapali), Dawei, Myeik and Kaw-thaung. MYP plan to expand their network within the next 2 years. 

The airline will expand their network to more domestic destinations after acquiring additional aircraft which they wish to seek in the near future. 


The airline also offers charter services with ATR72-600 aircraft and plans to commence operations to Thailand. 


Mann Yadanarpon Airlines is based at Mandalay International Airport and by using this base, MYP aims to provide convenient international flight connections to international travellers arriving at and departing from Mandalay. 


Mann Yadanarpon Airlines was incorporated as a private limited liability company in July 2013 and began operations in February 2014. The airline was granted a permit by the Myanmar Investment Commission under the Myanmar Citizens Investment Law to operate air transportation services on both domestic and international routes. 




Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage


Passengers are allowed 5kg of carry-on luggage, of a reasonable size. This means that the bag must be able to fir under the passengers seat, or in the overhead compartment.



Checked Baggage

Passengers of Mann Yadanarpon Airlines are permitted 20kg of checked luggage.



Mann Yadanarpons Airlines Check-In Information

Online Check-In

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines are yet to offer online check-in for their flights.


Airport Check-In

Passengers must check-in at the airport no later than 90 minutes prior to departure.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Destinations


Mandalay - Mandalay International Airport

Yangon - Yangon International Airport

Bagan - Nyaung U Airport

Heho - Heho Airport

Thandwe - Thandwe Airport

Kengtung - Kengtung Airport

Tachilek - Tachilek Airport

Lashio - Lashio Airport

Myeik - Myeik Airport

Dawei - Dawei Airport

Kawthaung - Kawthaung Airport

Myitkyina - Myitkyina Airport

Sittwe - Sittwe Airport

Mawlamyaing - Mawlamyaing Airport

Khante - Khamte Airport



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Fleet

ATR 72-600



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Hub Airport

Mandalay International Airport

Mandalay is the second largest city and cultural centres of Myanmar in close proximity to the main tourist destinations of Bagan and Inle Lake (Heho). It's also the hub airport for Mann Yadanarpon Airlines. 

Over 15 airlines currently operate to and from Mandalay International Airport, both domestically and internationally. The airport is known for having the longest active runway in Southeast Asia.

Mandalay International Airport operate services for many airlines, including  Golden Myanmar AirlinesBangkok Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Myanmar Airways International, Sichuan Airlines and Thai AirAsia.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Route Map


Mann Yadanarpon route map




Mann Yadanarpon Airlines News

May 2nd 2018

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines and Myanmar National Airlines to operate under 'Myanmar Sky Alliances'

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines and Myanmar National Airlines have reached an agreement to start a new joint operation under the name 'Myanmar Sky Alliances'. The joint operation will fly domestically and will offer additional flights to both of their respective schedules, connecting 13 destinations. Each airline will supply two aircraft and the operation will start on May 10th. 

The decision to create a joint service could be due to the belief that Myanmar air travel is an oversaturated market. There are currently 11 airlines in Myanmar. Transport minister U Thant Sin Maung said that Myanmar should have just four airlines, as the majority of other ASEAN countries do not have nearly as many airlines as Myanmar.


April 2018

Good news for Mann Yadanarpon Airlines! Myanmar creates new destinations to attract tourists.

Myanmar's Hotels and Tourism Ministry is striving to encourage tourism by developing new avenues of tourism programs and creating new tourist destinations. The ministry has permitted about 1,628 hotels and guest houses with some 65,470 rooms to operate as of March 31, official Global New Light of Myanmar reported. As of December 2017, the ministry had also granted over 2,676 travel agencies, issuing 4,503 tour guide licenses, 3,449 regional tour guide licenses and 2,564 transport licenses. The ministry is also striving to promote eco-tourism, cultural tourism and community-based tourism in resource-rich areas, including historical landscapes, rivers, lakes, beaches, islands and forests.

Foreign tourists visit Myanmar mostly through three international airports, the border checkpoints as well as via luxury cruise liners. Therefore, Myanmar based airlines, such as Mann Yadanrpon Airlines, can expect to reap the benefits of international passengers on flights.


16th February 2018

Mandalay International Airport receives over 1 million passengers in 2017

Over a million local and foreign passengers entered Mandalay International Airport last year exceeding their number of 2016, according to sources from the Department of Civil Aviation. In 2017, domestic airlines such as Myanmar National Airlines, Air Mandalay, Air KBZ, Asian Wings Airways, Myanmar Airways International, Yangon Airways, Shwe Myanmar Airlines (now Golden Myanmar Airlines), Mann Yadanabon Airlines and FMI Air conducted regular flights to Mandalay International Airport.

Those airlines transported 890,000 passengers to the airport last year while just over 70,000 entered the airport in 2016. The number of international passengers arrived at the Mandalay airport last year was 430,000 bringing the total number to 1.29 million in total. 

"In 2017, 1.29 million of local and foreign air passengers entered the Mandalay airport, exceeding the number of 2016," said Ye Htut Aung, deputy director general of the Civil Aviation Department. Myanmar's international airports in Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw were upgraded with the help of local and foreign private sectors. Moreover, discussion is underway with the tender winning foreign company to build Hanthawady International Airport, which will be the biggest one in Myanmar, in Bago Region. The airport will accommodate 12 million passengers.


7th February 2018

Myanmar embraces consumerism

Myanmar is currently experiencing a youth bulge, where 36% of the population belongs to the 10-29 age group, followed by 27% belonging to the 30–49 criteria. These age groups present not just a young and aspiring workforce but also a significant untapped consumer base for companies to target. Across all age groups, 43.7% cited employment or search for employment as the key reason for moving between states/regions to more urban areas. This population movement has a high correlation with economic development in the form of industrial zones and special economic zones, which remains geographically concentrated. Moreover, the fast-paced reforms and incoming foreign investments have led to better employment opportunities, faster growth and higher spending power especially for the Optimists (see Table below) and Aspirants who have embraced change and economic development.

Currently, only 24% of the Myanmar population earns more $120 per month as the vast majority of the population continues to be employed in the unindustrialised agriculture sector. However, this share is expected to increase to 48% by 2022 driven by rising employment opportunities in the services and manufacturing sectors. The Connected generation is characterised as ‘voracious consumers’ and with higher affinity for foreign brands and products, are expected to drive consumer spending going forward. There is also a slow but steady transformation of purchasing processes and decision making, especially across the urban areas driven by a rise in modern trade outlets. Burmese consumers are expected to eat out more frequently with the rapid growth of foreign food franchises established in Tier 1 cities. Local modern retail operators such as City Mart, Capital and Gamone Pwint, have increased the presence of 24-hour convenience stores, whereas Supermarket and Hypermarkets are seen not just in Tier 1 cities but also in Tier 2 and 3 cities of Pathein, Taunggyi and Mawlamyine. 


13th September 2017

Myanmar’s airlines squeezed by costly fuel, competition

Despite the increase in tourists using domestic airlines, industry players say Myanmar’s airlines are unable to grow because of high petrol prices and the failure to consolidate a fragmented domestic air travel market. There are now 10 domestic airlines with 58 planes in total, serving both local and international travellers. The latter has been growing, according to figures from the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). In 2015, out of two million tourists, only 7 per cent used local airlines. Last year, the number of tourists rose to 2.4 million, with 16 per cent flying local airlines.

This is, however, in stark contrast to the rest of the region, said the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA). There are some 30 to 40 million travellers visiting Thailand a year, but the kingdom has only six airlines and hundreds of aircraft, according to Mr Thet Lwin Toe, who chairs the UMTA. He said that the main barrier is the high price of the flight ticket compared with the rest of Asean (Association of South-east Asian Nations). This is due mainly to the high costs of petrol and maintenance operations, which need to be paid in US dollars, he said. The result is that most airlines are inactive during the rainy season between May and October when the south-west monsoon winds bring heavy rain to the country. Mr Thet Lwin Toe said: “During the rainy season, only three out of 10 airlines can run. The main problem for local airlines is that they can’t reduce their air ticket fares.”

He blamed the high price of petrol on the monopolistic conditions in the petrol market. “As far as I know, provision or supply of petrol for airlines is controlled by one or two companies,” he said. “I want an international petrol distribution company to come to Myanmar, so the price will be fairer.” Aircraft from other countries that land in Yangon International Airport carry their own petrol because prices in Myanmar are so high. Another reason for the lacklustre market is that airlines are not competitive. Owners are not operating airlines out of commercial interests but out of personal interests, said Mr Thet Lwin Toe.

“In Myanmar, there were 10 airlines but not enough aircraft,” he said. “It is crazy. The DCA should set a principle and businessmen should cooperate in the interest of our citizens. But they are stubborn and it deters the process.” The DCA governs the operations of airlines. It has the authority to quash or suspend the Air Operation Certificate. “In my opinion, airlines should take a step back to think thoroughly why they did not manage to make a profit after three years of operations, and they should consider cooperating with another airline. “If not, the DCA should take away their Air Operation Certificate. Some companies owned by famous tycoons don’t care about their loss, although they didn’t turn a profit, because the businessmen only care about their dignity and (maintaining) continuous operation.”

DCA’s efforts to ask airlines to consolidate have fallen on deaf ears, as owners prefer to engage in turf warfare in the domestic market rather than work together to expand it. As Mr Ye Hut Aung, deputy director general of the DCA, has observed, the DCA and the Ministry of Transport and Communication have always encouraged partnerships. But no new airline had applied to do so. This tendency to protect one’s turf has led to airlines buying small aircraft that seat fewer than 100 people instead of investing in bigger aircraft that are more efficient in tapping into the growing number of tourists seeking to holiday in Myanmar.

For example, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines boasts of having French-made ATR-72-600 aircraft that can carry 70 passengers just to cover 13 townships around the country – even as it blames the government for not building bigger and better airports for aircraft such as Airbus, which can carry 100 to 200 passengers. “We have intense market competition among airlines. We want the government to reduce the petrol price and upgrade the airport infrastructure and facilities, making them in line with international standards,” said Ms Witt Ye Maw, marketing manager of Mann Yadanarpon Airlines. The lack of infrastructural development is the reason why airlines “have difficulties” during the high season of visitors, said Ms Ma Aye Mra Tha, the assistant general manager of Air KBZ. Her company runs eight brand new ATR aircrafts, which is the type most airports in Myanmar can cater to.

At the moment, Myanmar only has three airports where Airbuses can land. The rest of the airports still need to be upgraded by the government in order to do so. She noted that the new government has only been in office for one year, so it needs time to work on airport development. She also pointed out that if Myanmar develops and more people come to Myanmar, airline operators will be able to maintain flight services the whole year round. “For now, the number of both domestic and international visitors is not enough to sustain the services during the low season,” she added 

Local airlines have many challenges during the rainy season every year because tourists tend to avoid the rainy season. Thus, airlines are used to operate via a code-sharing agreement with other airlines, while offering promotions with discounted fares to some destinations in Myanmar. A code-sharing agreement is an aviation commercial arrangement where two or more airlines agree to list certain flights in a reservation system under each other’s names. For example, to encourage more demand in the domestic air travel sector, the government is arranging an initiative – “green season” – to promote local airlines and attract tourists who want to come to Myanmar during the rainy season.

“Rainy season is good to travel … Tourists can see Myanmar from a different point of view,” said Ms Ma Aye Mra Tha. “In rainy season, some regions are nice to visit … We (at Air KBZ) and Myanmar Airways International are in cooperation and have so many agents in other countries selling tickets and promoting Myanmar as a travel destination,” she added.


June 2017

Yadanarpon Airlines to expand

13 June 2016: Mann Yadanarpon Airlines plans to expand its fleet and open new routes on Thailand next year. The airline marketing manager, Wutyi Maw, told TTR Weekly at the Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2016, held last week in Chiang Mai, that the airline would add two more aircraft to serve destinations in Thailand. “Currently, we have two ATR72-600s operating just domestic routes…to increase our airline network we plan to add more two more ATR72s next year.”

Hosting the event in Chiang Mai gave the marketing team a chance to see first-hand what Chiang Mai has to offer, she said. “The feedback this year is good as we met many buyers…it might be good to move the event around Thailand to offer various choice for buyers to get a wider picture of what the country has to offer…  Phuket and Ranong for example are close to Myanmar, so we can in the long-run benefit from a travel boom to Phuket.” The Mandalay- based airline currently operates services to Yangon, Bagan, Nay Pyi Taw, Heho, Lashio, Tachileik, Kyaing Tong, Thandwe, Sittwe, Myitkyina, Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung.




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