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Buy Last-Minute Flights with Tamara

Can I book last minute flights?

What are Last-Minute Flights?

Last-minute flights are usually booked right before their departure date/time. Typically, these bookings are made only a few days or weeks before the scheduled takeoff date, with individuals who need urgent travel or business travellers being the usual customers. Although last-minute flights can present more cost-effective choices, as airlines try to fill unoccupied seats, it's essential to recognise that not every last-minute flight ensures lower prices.

The option to pay later for your last-minute flights with Tamara is available here at Alternative Airlines. Keep reading to find out more.

If you're booking last-minute flights at Alternative Airlines, please note that, although the majority of our e-tickets are sent within 2 hours after booking, it may take up to 24 hours in some circumstances for you to receive your e-ticket.

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Why Book Last-Minute Flights and Pay Later with Tamara?

If you need to urgently book a last-minute flight but are not financially prepared to cover the cost of your flight at the time of booking, you can opt for Tamara, a Buy Now Pay Later payment method that we currently offer at checkout to residents of Saudi Arabia.

We understand that urgent travel plans can cause financial stress, especially when you're unable to pay the full cost of your ticket days before you need to travel. With Tamara, you can split the cost of your last-minute flights into 2, 3 or 4 monthly instalments!

It's interest-free, Shariah-compliant, and comes without hidden fees as long as payments are made on time.

How to Book Last Minute Flights and Pay Later with Tamara

Step 1 - Search For Flights

Search for flights

At the top of the page, you'll find our easy-to-use search form for finding last-minute flights to any destination of your choice. Choose your flight type (return, one-way, or multi-city) and enter your arrival destination. Select your travel dates, specify the number of passengers and cabin class, and then hit the 'Search Flights' button.

How to Book Last Minute Flights and Pay Later with Tamara

Step 2 - Filter Search

Filter your search

We'll show you all the available last-minute flights to your destination based on your search criteria. If you'd like to fly with a specific airline (e.g., Emirates or Saudia), you can use the Airline filter. Other filters can help you refine your search including the time of your flights, how many stops your journey has and many more.

How to Book Last Minute Flights and Pay Later with Tamara

Step 2 - Select Tamara at checkout

Pay your way

Pick the last-minute flight your destination that works best for you and confirm your selection to proceed to payment. You can pay for your last-minute flights with one of our many ways to pay including Tamara. Discover all of the 40+ ways to pay for flights at Alternative Airlines for more information.

How to Book Last Minute Flights and Pay Later with Tamara

Step 3 - Pay later with Tamara

Enjoy your flight

When your flights have been confirmed by us, we'll then send you your e-ticket. All you have to do then is to enjoy your flight and pay back your loan in time.


Last Minute Flights Tips

Discovering the most affordable last-minute flight deals to any destination involves certain strategies. Factors such as flexible travel dates and alternative airports should be taken into account. To assist you in finding the optimal last-minute flight option, follow the tips provided below.

Flexible Dates

Flexibility allows you to take advantage of any sudden price drops or discounted offers that may arise for specific dates. Consider flying on weekdays or during off-peak seasons for potentially lower fares.

Multiple Airlines

Don't limit yourself to a single airline when flying last-minute to your chosen destination. Compare prices and offerings from different airlines to increase your chances of finding the best last-minute flight deals to anywhere in the world.

Connecting Flights

Sometimes, booking a last-minute flight with a layover can be cheaper than a direct flight. Explore the option of connecting flights to your destination, as they may provide cost savings. Tamara will be available as a payment method at checkout for any type of flight you book with any of the 600+ airlines we ticket.

Find out more about Tamara

If you'd like to find out more about the Tamara BNPL that we offer at checkout, you can take a look at our dedicated Tamara page.

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Where can I book last-minute flights and pay later using Tamara?

If you'd like to book last-minute flights and pay later using Tamara, you can do so at Alternative Airlines. Tamara is a popular Buy Now Pay Later payment method in Saudi Arabia.

With Tamara, you can pay for your last-minute flights in 2, 3 or 4 monthly instalments. You won't need to pay the full cost of your last-minute ticket upfront if you choose Tamara at checkout - only the first instalment, and then you're free to travel!

Who can use Tamara to pay later for last-minute flights?

At the moment, Tamara is only available on our site for residents in Saudi Arabia. You will also need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid Saudi mobile number.