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Find flights to the World Series 2023 with Alternative Airlines and book your airline ticket today. We offer flights from all US carriers, as well as a huge variety of airlines flying into the US from around the world. No matter where you're travelling to the World Series from, you can buy your flights with Alternative Airlines.

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Which teams are in the World Series 2023?

As the MLB 2023 season is still ongoing, the teams for the 2023 World Series are yet to be decided. As usual, the final will be the winner of the National League vs the winner of the American League in a best of 7 series.

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When is the World Series 2023?

The MLB World Series 2023 will be held in October after the MLB season ends.

Where is the World Series 2023?

The location of the World Series 2023 will depend on which teams win the National League and American League.

The World Series is a best of seven series. 4 of the games are played at one of the teams home stadium with the other 3 games played at the other teams home stadium.

How do I get to World Series 2023?

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As the location of the World Series 2023 is unknown at this time, we cannot offer advice on the best way to travel there.

Please check back when the World Series games are scheduled with information on how to get there.

Which airlines fly to the World Series 2023?

There are tonnes of different airlines that fly to and across the US. No matter where the World Series is being played or where you're travelling from, you'll be able to book your airline ticket to the World Series with Alternative Airlines.

The location and teams playing in the World Series 2023 is yet to be decided. Once the team have been confirmed, check back to this section to see all the different airlines that will be flying to the World Series.

About the World Series 2023

The World Series 2023 is the 118th event of the annual World Series championships. The World Series is an annual baseball championship series for Major League Baseball. It's one of the biggest baseball events of the year.

The World Series is a best of 7 series that is contested between the winner of the Major League Baseball's National League and American League. It is generally accepted to be the way of determining the best baseball team in the US for that season.

When can I book flights for World Series 2023?

You can book flights for the World Series 2023 as soon as the championship game is official. Once the MLB season has concluded and the 2 teams that are playing in the World Series is decided, the 2 stadiums that the series is being played across will be announced. You'll then know where to book your flights to.

We don't recommend booking your flights any time before the official announcement of the teams in the World Series and where the games will be played, even if it's looking likely that a team will progress and play in the World Series championship. The majority of flights are non-refundable,