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Flights to Antarctica

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Find out how to reach Antarctica and what the closest airport is to Antarctica and the North Pole area.


Antarctica Flights

Find your flights to Antarctica's nearest commercial airport with Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines offers a wide range of flights to Antarctica's nearest airport in Punta Arenas, Chile.

Can I fly to Antarctica?

Yes, you can fly to Antarctica. However, there are currently no commercial flights to Antarctica or the North Pole area.

How do I get to Antarctica?

There aren't actually any commercial airports in Antarctica, so to reach Antarctica, you'll have to take a flight to Antarctica's closest commercial airport in Punta Arenas, Chile, and then take a cruise or a fly & cruise from Punta Arenas to Antarctica. 

These are the two best options to fly to Antarctica:
Fly to Punta Arenas, Chile with Alternative Airlines and then get a cruise from Punta Arenas to Antarctica
Fly to Punta Arenas, Chile with Alternative Airlines, get a private charter flight to Frei Station on King George Island in Antarctica and then continue your exploration with a cruise.

Antarctica cruise ship

Cruise/Fly & Cruise to Antarctica

Alternative Airlines can only provide you with your flights to Punta Arenas. Once you've bought your flights to Punta Arenas with Alternative Airlines, we recommend booking your cruise or fly & cruise from one of the companies below.

The following companies offer cruises and fly & cruise packages to and around Antarctica:

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Closest Commercial Airport to Antarctica

Punta Arenas International Airport (MIA)

Punta Arenas International Airport, or Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport, is the closest commercial airport to Antarctica and the airport that you should fly to before getting a cruise or fly & cruise to Antarctica. 

Most companies that offer cruise and fly & cruise packages to Antarctica are based in Punta Arenas and will schedule your tour from the point that you arrive in Punta Arenas.

Punta Arenas airport is located in southern Chile, within the Patagonia region. Although the airport is relatively small, with only four airlines flying regularly scheduled passenger service to the airport, it still handles a large volume of passengers due to its touristic location.

Airlines that fly to Punta Arenas International Airport

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Flights to Antarctica FAQs

Can I fly to Antarctica?

You can fly to Antarctica, but there are no commercial flights to Antarctica. To reach Antarctica by plane, you'll need to get a private charter flight into Frei airport on King George ;Island. You can fly to Punta Arenas International Airport — which is the nearest airport to Antarctica facilitating commercial flights — with Alternative Airlines and then buy a charter flight to King George Island with one of the companies above.

Can tourists fly to Antarctica?

Yes, tourists can fly to Antarctica. You can visit Antarctica as a tourist with a number of tourism companies. These companies offer fly/cruise packages that fly you into King George Island in Antarctica and let you explore the rest of Antarctica via cruise.

Can anyone fly to Antarctica?

Yes, anyone can fly to Antarctica as long as they have a passport and a permit.

Do I need a visa to go to Antarctica?

No, you don't need a visa to go to Antarctica. Antarctica is not owned by any country, so you can travel there visa free. However, you will need a permit. Permits can easily be gained through tour companies that operate flights and fly/cruiser to Antarctica.