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Fly Cruise Flights

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Fly Cruise Trip

A fly-cruise holiday is a type of vacation combining air travel with a cruise ship experience. It involves flying to a designated departure port or city where you'll board a cruise ship to embark on your journey. These types of trips offer the convenience of flights to reach the cruise ship's starting point, allowing travellers to spend time exploring different destinations without the need for a round-trip journey by sea.

Advantages of a Fly Cruise Trip

Fly-cruise vacations have many advantages that will benefit any kind of traveller - these include efficiency of time, the convenient logistics of the trip, the many diverse destinations you can explore and the wide variety of activities that are available on cruise ships, among others.


Travelling by air to your cruise ship's starting point means you'll get to your destination even quicker and more efficiently. You won't have to sail from your home country to the cruise ship's departure port - all you need to do is pack your bags, board your plane and get excited about your upcoming cruise adventure! This way, you can maximise your vacation time and make the most of your fly-cruise trip.


A fly-cruise holiday completely eliminates the need for round-trip journeys by the sea - these are usually time-consuming and often limit the destinations you can visit. Instead, with a fly-cruise trip, you can fly straight to the designated port, board your cruise ship and begin to enjoy a seamless travel experience. This is especially beneficial if you're limited on vacation time and prefer a more straightforward journey.

Multiple Destinations

When you book a fly-cruise trip, you'll usually get a wide range of itineraries and destinations waiting to be explored. This could be multiple cities, islands or countries all packed into one single trip. Each port you visit will provide unique cultural, historical or natural attractions, allowing you to experience a variety of destinations without the need for separate flights or accommodations.


Once you've boarded your cruise ship, you'll find it will resemble a floating resort offering a wealth of onboard activities and entertainment options. This includes dining in various restaurants, enjoying live performances, swimming in the ship's pools or indulging in spa treatments if available - there's something for everyone.


Fly-cruise trips are mostly organised into travel packages offered by travel agencies so you can have your flights booked, cruise accommodation sorted and special excursions all planned out in one easy package. Most of the logistics will be taken care of, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free fly-cruise vacation without having to worry about keeping up with individual bookings.

Alternative Airlines doesn't currently offer fly-cruise packages, however, you can certainly book your flights to/from the cruise ship's start and end ports on our site!


Depending on the kind of vacation you're looking for, you can choose from a range of cruise durations, from short trips to longer voyages. You'll find that fly-cruise vacations will cater to different schedules and interests, allowing you to select the options that best suit your needs. You will even get the option to extend your trip before or after the cruise if you'd like to spend more time exploring a specific destination.

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What's included in a Fly Cruise Trip?

Fly-cruise trips can be organised in many different ways. If the cruise ship ends its journey in the same place it started, you can book return flights to/from this departure city. If your cruise ship starts in one destination and ends in a different destination, you can still have flights booked allowing you to fly to the starting point and then fly back from the cruise ship's endpoint.

Some fly-cruise holidays may include accommodation in the package.

Does Alternative Airlines offer Fly Cruise Holidays?

At Alternative Airlines, we don't yet offer fly-cruise holidays. However, we do have over 600 airlines for you to book flights with that can take you to your cruise ship's departure port or fly you back home from your cruise ship's final destination. We also offer a broad range of Buy Now Pay Later plans that can help you spread the cost of your flights for your fly-cruise holiday over time, including Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm and many more.

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The 'Cruise'

If you're aiming to go on a fly-cruise holiday, it's recommended that you book your cruise journey first before booking flights with us at Alternative Airlines. The most popular cruise lines you can book your cruise trips with include Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise, Norwegian Cruise, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises - each of these have its own itineraries, destinations, schedules and more. Once you've booked your cruise trip, you can begin searching for flights with us at Alternative Airlines!

We have 600+ airlines for you to choose from. With our search form at the top of the page, simply enter your departure airport and set your arrival city to where your cruise ship will begin its journey. You can then find out where your cruise ship will end its journey and book your flight home from there!

We recommend booking multi-city flights for this sort of trip - this means you can book flights that depart and arrive at different airports on different dates, all in one booking!

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