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One Way Flights to Orlando


Book One Way Flights to Orlando

Are one-way flights to Orlando, what you're looking for? If you need some guidance on picking an airline or the right departure city, Alternative Airlines have got you covered. On this page, you can find information on one-way tickets to Orlando with popular airlines, departing cities and how to book these flights.

If you're unsure on what a one-way flight to Orlando is, it is a flight that is booked without a return. There can be many reasons for booking a one-way ticket to Orlando, however the most common are planned relocation or the freedom to have flexible return dates. By booking a one-way ticket to Orlando, it gives you ability to travel home whenever you feel ready.

Orlando skyline

Why Fly One Way to the Orlando?

The city of Orlando is located in Central Florida in the United States and is known as a magical paradise, filled with some of the best theme parks and waterparks in the world. It is home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, which are made up of many individual parks, all worth a visit. The theme parks attract millions of tourists a year, which makes Orlando one of the world's most loved holiday destinations. It is an ideal location for family getaways, where you will make some lifelong memories. Aside from the parks, the area has lots to offer through museums, art galleries and other cultural sites. It also has great options for shopping, nature excursions and shows. Although, there are no beaches in Orlando itself, there are plenty of beautiful beaches not too far out from the city. It is an amazing destination to visit all year round, with hot summers and mild winters. If you're looking to visit on a budget, March-May has the most affordable prices for flights and accommodation.

The easiest way to reach Orlando is by flying into Orlando International Airport.

Orlando at night

Airports in Orlando

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the primary international airport that serves Orlando. It is located roughly 6 miles southeast of Downtown Orlando. The airport is a hub for Silver Airways, a regional US airline. It is an operating base for JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Avelo Airlines, as well as a focus airport for Frontier Airlines. The airport serves over 130 international and domestic destinations.

Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)

Sanford International Airport is Orlando's 2nd largest commercial airport, however is further away from Downtown Orlando and major parks, such as Walt Disney World. The airport is a base for Allegiant Air, which is a US low-cost carrier. This airport serves multiple domestic destinations.

Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB)

Melbourne International Airport is located around 50 miles southeast of Orlando. The airport serves domestic destinations through Allegiant Air, American Eagle, Avelo Airlines, Delta Air Lines and and Sun Country Airlines. It also has seasonal international routes to multiple destinations in the UK through TUI Airways.

How to Book One Way Flights to the Orlando:

Step 1 - Select one-way option in search form

Search for one-way flights

Using the search form located at the top of the page, click 'One-way' if you're planning on booking a flight without a return date. You will need to enter the number of passengers, which fare type and your start and end destinations (which can be any of the Orlando airports previously mentioned). Once this is done, click the 'Search Flights' button when you're ready!

How to Book One Way Flights to the Orlando:

Step 2 - Use filters to refine search results

Filter your search

When the search results have loaded, you can see all the available options from your chosen departure airport to Orlando. If you're hoping to fly with a specific airline, you can use the 'Airline' filter to see one-way flights operated by a single airline. For example, select 'Aer Lingus' if you want to see all flights to Orlando operated by them. Other options include selecting a specific departure or arrival time, as well as many more.

How to Book One Way Flights to the Orlando:

Step 3 - Select a payment method at checkout and confirm booking

Pay your way

Once you have pressed 'Select Flight' on the flight that's best for you, it will progress to the payment area. At Alternative Airlines you can pick from 40+ ways to pay. Payment options include Buy Now Pay Later services like Afterpay and Affirm in addition to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. 


Popular One Way Routes to Orlando

Many airlines offer one-way flights to Orlando from around the world. Below we have listed some of the most busiest air routes that are flying one-way to Orlando International Airport.

Atlanta ✈ to Orlando

Philadelphia ✈ to Orlando

Toronto ✈ to Orlando

London ✈ to Orlando

Chicago ✈ to Orlando

Why Book One Way Flights

Below are the benefits of purchasing a one-way ticket over a round-trip ticket:

Cheaper Flights

In some cases, travellers can save money by purchasing a one-way ticket, rather than a round-trip ticket. This can depend on the airline you are flying with and the destination you are travelling to.

Greater Flexibility

If you are uncertain about when you would like to return home, booking a one-way ticket gives you more flexibility with your travel plans. Whether that be a few days, weeks or even months, you can plan one-way flights to return at anytime.


When planning to relocate to a different city, county or country, you will want to choose a one-way ticket, so you don't have to select a return date.

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One Way Flights to Orlando FAQs

Where can I book one-way flights to Orlando?

Right here at Alternative Airlines you can book flights to Orlando with ease. To start locate the search engine at the top of the page, which you can use to view all the available one-way flights to Orlando. To help complete the booking process, please use the guide we provided earlier. If you want to strengthen your booking, we provide Cancellation Protection and Baggage Insurance.

Can I book one-way flights to Orlando and pay later?

Through Alternative Airlines you have the ability to choose from 40+ different payment options. If you can't afford your flight upfront, we have multiple popular Fly Now Pay Later payment methods like Afterpay, Affirm and Klarna, to help you finance your flight. With these options you can choose to pay in weekly, biweekly or even monthly instalments.

Are one-way flights to Orlando expensive?

The cost of flights vary, depending on the airline you fly with. By choosing to fly with low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, JetBlue and Norse Atlantic Airways, you're more likely to find more budget-friendly flights. If your departure destination is not commonly travelled to Orlando, it can be more expensive. Purchasing two-separate one-way tickets over a round-trip or return flight, is frequently less expensive.

What is the difference between one-way and round-trip flights?

One-way flight tickets allow you to travel from one destination to another without the need to plan a return trip. On the other hand, a round-trip ticket, also known as a return flight, involves traveling from one airport to another on a specific day and then returning to the original departure airport on a different day of your choice. For example, you can fly from London to Orlando on one day and return from Orlando to London the following week.

Do I need a visa for one-way flights to Orlando?

The need for a visa will be determined by the duration of your intended stay in Orlando or the United States, as well as your country of origin. A travel visa is a legal document that grants permission to visitors from foreign countries to stay for a specific duration. The duration allowed without a travel visa can vary from 30 days to 90 days or even longer, depending on the country-specific regulations.

If you are planning to relocate to Orlando or stay there for an extended period, we recommend reading our guide on travel visas. It is important to familiarise yourself with the visa requirements and comply with the relevant rules and regulations.