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One Way Flights to Australia

Sydney, Australia

One Way Flights to Australia

If you've landed on this page, you're probably looking to buy one-way flights to Australia but not sure where to start. Alternative Airlines, have created an easy-to-follow handy guide that shows you how to book one-way flights to Australia, as well as reasons why you should consider booking one-way tickets to Australia and which airlines and airports you should use to fly to Australia.

One-way flights to Australia are tickets that let you fly to Australia without having a return date reserved. Booking one-way flights to Australia is popular among passengers who are looking for a permanent relocation or for the freedom to be flexible with return dates. Booking a one-way flight to Australia means you can stay for as long as you want without having to stress about a return date!

Skyline with sunrise and balloons, Melbourne, Australia

Why Fly One Way to Australia?

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, unique marine life and breathtaking landscapes. Australia's wildlife is so unique - most wildlife cannot be found anywhere else other than Australia. There are a number of zoos in Australia you can visit to discover these cute creatures. If you're looking to spend your time by the beach swimming, snorkelling, surfing or even sunbathing then Australia is the perfect destination for you.

Australia is well-connected and has hundreds of airports you can fly into. The top 5 most popular airport in Australia includes Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, Brisbane International Airport, Melbourne International Airport, Perth International Airport, and Adelaide Internal Airport.

Queensland, Australia

Airports in Australia

Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD) is an international airport in Sydney, Australia. It's located 8km south from the Sydney Central Business district. This airport is the busiest airport in Australia - it handles over 42 million passengers a year. At this moment, Sydney airport operates to over 45 domestic and 40+ international destinations. This airport is a hub for Qantas and Virgin Australia.


Brisbane International Airport

Brisbane International Airport (BNE) is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. There are over 30 airlines that operate flights to over 50 domestic and 25+ international destinations. In 2019, Brisbane Airport handled over 23 million passengers. This airport is a hub for Alliance Airlines, Jetstar, Qantas, Toll Aviation and Virgin Australia.


Melbourne International Airport

Melbourne International Airport (MEL) is the primary airport serving Melbourne. This airport is the second busiest airport in Australia - the airport operates direct flights to over 30 domestic destinations in the Pacific, Europe, Asia, North America and South America. This airport is a hub for Jetstar, Qantas, Rex Airlines and Virgin Australia.


Perth International Airport

Perth International Airport (PER) is an international airport serving Perth (the capital city of Western Australia). This airport is the 4th busiest airport in Australia in terms of passenger movements - in 2016 this airport operated over 13 million passengers. Perth Airport is a hub for Alliance Airlines, Cobham, Network Aviation, Qantas, Skippers Aviation, and Virgin Australia Regional Airlines.

How to Book One Way Flights to Australia

Step 1 - Search for Flights to Australia

Search for one-way flights

First of all, use the search form at the top of the page and select the 'one-way' option as you're looking to fly a one-way flight with no return date. Then enter the departure and arrival, along with the dates you plan to fly, the number of passengers and cabin class. Hit the 'Search Flights' button to proceed!

How to Book One Way Flights to Australia

Step 2 - Filter your search using our Airline Filter

Filter your search

Once the results have loaded, you'll be displayed with all the available one-way routes to your preferred destination in Australia. If there's a specific airline that you'd like to fly with, you can use the 'Airline' filter to narrow down your search (e.g. select Jetstar to show all the one-way flights to Australia by Jetstar). You can also use the other filters to select the time you want to depart/arrive, the currency you want to pay with and many more.

How to Book One Way Flights to Australia

Different payment methods available at checkout

Pay your way

Once you've found the perfect flight for you, hit the 'Confirm Selection' button to proceed to payment. You can pay for your one-way flight to Australia using one of the 40+ different ways to pay that we offer on our site! This includes Buy Now Pay Later plans (such as Klarna and Afterpay), cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) and virtual wallets (such as Apple Pay and Cash App Pay).


Popular One Way Routes to Australia

Flying on a one-way ticket to Australia is super popular, especially for backpack travellers - popular destinations include Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Golden Coast and more. Listed below are the busiest routes that airlines operate when flying one way to Australia.

London ✈ to Perth

Frankfurt ✈ to Melbourne

Bangkok ✈ to Sydney

Perth ✈ to Golden Coast

Madrid ✈ to Adelaide

Why Book One Way Flights

There are many reasons why travellers book one-way tickets instead of round-trip tickets:

Cheaper Flights

As a way to save money, many travellers purchase two separate one-way tickets instead of a roundtrip ticket as these can often be more affordable. Return flights are sometimes expensive depending on the airline you're flying with and the destinations you're flying to.

Greater Flexibility

With a one-way ticket, you can fly back home whenever you want to! You can be really flexible with a one-way ticket and spend as long as you wish wherever you're flying to, but when you're ready to return home or fly back to where you departed from, all you need to do is book a one-way ticket back! Spend days, weeks or even months in your vacation destination with a one-way flight!


One-way tickets are ideal for those planning to relocate to another city/country for a long period of time. If you're moving abroad, you may be unsure when you'll want to return back e.g. to visit friends and family. Round-trip flights are restrictive, whereas single flights allow you the freedom to return when you need.

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One Way Flights to Australia FAQs

Where can I book one-way flights to Australia?

Right here! At Alternative Airlines you can book any one-way flight to Australia! Our helpful step-by-step guide from above shows you how to use our flight search tool to search for all available one-way flights to Australia. We have a number of filters that you can apply to your search so you have no issues finding the best one-way flight to Australia for you.

For an extra layer of protection, you can add our Cancellation Protection and Lost Baggage Insurance products when you book through Alternative Airlines!

Can I book one-way flights to Australia and pay later?

Absolutely! When you buy one-way flights to Australia through Alternative Airlines, you can split the cost of your flight ticket over time. We have partnered with a number of payment plan providers that let you spread the cost of your flight over weekly, bi-weekly or monthly instalments. Some of the most popular plans we offer include Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm, among several others. Please note that the financing option available at checkout will depend on the country in which you reside and the currency you pay in.

What is the difference between one-way and round-trip flights?

One-way flights are flights that fly you from one destination to another without a return flight being booked. A round-trip flight, also referred as a return flight, is when you fly from one destination to another and return back to your original departure city at a later date (e.g., flying from Perth to Brisbane and flying back from Brisbane to Perth a week later).

Do I need a visa for one-way flights to Australia?

This all depends on where you're travelling from and how long you plan to stay in Australia. Travel visas are official documents that let a foreign traveller visit and stay in a particular country for a set amount of time. Foreign travellers from certain countries can stay in Australia for tourism or business without a travel visa for up to 90 days thanks to the Visa Waiver Program. Please read our guide on travel visas if you're planning on relocating to Australia.