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Meet The Team

Meet the team

Alternative Airlines has been selling flights for over 10 years. Backed by our expert team of travel specialists, Alternative Airlines can help you find the best flights to suit your travel needs. Check out our team below.

Paul Argyle

Managing Director

Year of Joining: 1984

Industry experience: 40 years (but don't tell anyone)

Favourite airline: Africa = Ethopian, European = WOW (Iceland), South American = Avianca (Colombia), Pacific = Air Niugini, Asia = Yeti Airlines (Nepal) and when you need to get there and back in day from London it has to be EasyJet.

Favourite destination: Addis Ababa - "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.."

Sally Malthouse

General Manager

Year of Joining: 2008

Industry experience: 29 years

Favourite airline: Virgin Atlantic - sexy and sassy.

Favourite destination: Maine, USA - It has something for everyone. Oh yes, and the lobster!

John Pope

Head of Technology

Year of Joining: 1984

Industry experience: 38 years (= industry veteran?)

Favourite airline: Azul (Brazil) - An efficient, modern, customer focused domestic Airline that tries that little bit harder and gets almost everything right.

Favourite destination: Antarctica - Stunning scenery & unbelievable wildlife. An ultimate wilderness.

Sam Argyle

Commercial Manager

Year of Joining: 2015

Industry experience: 1 year

Favourite airline: Virgin - Great brand, which still strives to create the 'feel-good' factor for its passengers.

Favourite destination: Beijing - Fantastic mix of thriving modern China and traditional China.

Andy Scott

Sales & Marketing Executive

Year of Joining: 2012

Industry experience: 3 years

Favourite airline: Easyjet - reasonable, reliable, convenient. Everything I look for in an airline.

Favourite destination: Bali. I Visited the Gili Islands this year, and they were a paradise. I would recommend visiting Bali to anyone.

Sharon Scott-Fairweather

Training Manager

Year of Joining: 2003

Industry experience: 19 years

Favourite airline: Emirates - great service, good food, and very comfortable flights.

Favourite destination: New York and Papua New Guinea - two very different places but both fascinating!

Hazel Santaniello

Travel Specialist

Year of Joining: 2004

Industry experience: 11 years

Favourite airline: Malaysian Airlines - excellent service and the stewardesses were very attentive.

Favourite destination: Death Valley - an amazing place to visit, which I would recommend to everyone.

Kevin McGrath

Senior Travel Expert

Year of Joining: 1999

Industry experience: 32 years

Favourite airline: Well I have to say Vietnam Airlines for their wonderful educational trip.

Favourite destination: New York City, but for a party it's got to be Ibiza.

Georgiana Caraghiulea

Travel Specialist

Year of Joining: 2012

Industry experience: 3 years

Favourite airline: Iberia and British Airways - both airlines truly represent the value of their countries. Iberia reminds me of a respectful Latin dancer and British Airways makes me think of strength and attention to detail.

Favourite destination: Cyprus - the weather was wonderful on my last visit and the level of customer service that I received without exception was very high.

Vikki Joyce

Head of Sales & Marketing

Year of Joining: 1997

Industry experience: 18 years

Favourite airline: Too many to mention, I love flying....!

Favourite destination: Papua New Guinea - favourite place on the planet! Unexplored and rugged. So culturally diverse (over 1000 different tribes and over 800 languages) even with villages that are situated quite close together. So much to see and do.

Carla Tibbs

Finance Manager

Year of Joining: 1998

Industry experience: 17 years

Favourite airline: Virgin Atlantic - Good customer service & the crew always .

Favourite destination: Las Vegas - So over the top. I didn't expect to enjoy it but we did so much whilst we were there. Took a helicopter ride down The Strip, visited the Grand Canyon & much more.

William Ruano

Latin American Sales Executive

Year of Joining: 2012

Industry experience: 22 Years

Favourite airline: Air New Zealand - I've had great experiences going around the world. Friendly & attentive crew, nice food, plus good seats.

Favourite destination: I've had the opportunity to visit so many places, mainly in Latin America, but Iguazu Falls in both Argentina and Brazil is an awesome place.

Alison Sorrell

Business Development & Sales Executive

Year of Joining: 2013

Industry experience: 15 years

Favourite airline: Emirates - as the service is reliably good, great inflight entertainment, crew always attentive, comfortable seats, great network, competitive fares and they fly from my local airport LGW.

Favourite destination: I love South East Asia - in particular the Indonesian Islands, and I want to explore more of the 17,000 islands.

Dawn Green

Group & Sales Support

Year of Joining: 1994

Industry experience: 26 years

Favourite airline: British Airways & Delta - on time, fab service, nothing is too much trouble.

Favourite destination: Antigua - sun, sea, cocktails and cricket. Iceland - glaciers, waterfalls and a very warm welcome.

John Kemp

Airport Representative

Year of Joining: 1999

Industry experience: 30+ years

Favourite airline: Air Europa - Strong brand, reliable, excellent cost & a fantastic service.

Favourite destination: Barcelona - lovely culture & amazing architecture