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Buy air travel tickets using FuturePay

Buy your flights to travel now and pay at a later time with Alternative Airlines using FuturePay.

You can buy flights now and spread the cost over time when you buy with FuturePay at Alternative Airlines. Find your flights from over 600 airlines at Alternative Airlines and select FuturePay at check out to start financing your flight.

How to travel with FuturePay

As FuturePay is only available for over 18 U.S residents paying in US dollars (USD), make sure you're searching for flights in USD.

When you've found the flights you wanted and filled in all the passenger details, follow the steps below to pay with FuturePay:

If you are unsure how to book flights with us, check out our 'step-by-step' guide on how to book a flight.

  1. Select FuturePay as your payment method at checkout.
  2. Apply for FuturePay's loan by loging in and get approved instantly with no hidden fees.
  3. Confirm your purchase with Alternative Airlines, once FuturePay has approved your loan.
  4. When Alternative Airlines confirmed your booking, we will send you your booking confirmation and you'll be all set for your next flight.
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FuturePay is a U.S. payment gateway that allows you to pay for your travel over a period of time, so it makes air travel more affordable. The company offers a safe, simple and convenient financing option for your travel without using a credit card. By checking out with FuturePay, you can spread your payment on a monthly basis or even pay off in full after your travel. It is a flexible payment plan that can make your next trip more affordable.

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Buy Flights With FuturePay FAQs

How can I use FuturePay to pay for flights?

You can use FuturePay to pay for your flight by selecting FuturePay at checkout. Once you've sent your loan request to the payment gateway, they will quickly confirm your identity and approve your loan in no time if you are eligible. Please make sure that you're a U.S resident aged over 18 and paying in USD.

How many months do my flights have to be paid back in?

With their flexible approach in paying back, how long you wish to pay back in is entirely up to you! Most travellers would prefer to pay back in 6 - 12 months, but again, it depends on what you think suits you best. You can even choose to pay back in full during your billing period.

Will there be a late fee applied on overdue payments?

Yes, FuturePay will charge you a late fee if you don't payback on the due date. However, no hidden fees will be applied, so don't worry about them over-charging you.

Is there a chance I won't be approved?

If you can verify your identity or you are not eligible to apply for the loan then your loan won't be approved.

Is FuturePay available outside of the US?

This payment method is only available for U.S residents paying in USD.

Can I use FuturePay to pay for domestic flights within the US?

Yes! You can buy any U.S domestic flights with Alternative Airlines using FuturePay. We offer over 600 airlines globally including many American carriers like Allegiant AirSouthwest AirlinesUnited AirlinesDeltaAmerican Airlines and more. Start searching for your next flight using our search form on the top of the page.

Can FuturePay be used on non-US carriers?

Yes, you can pay for your travel with FuturePay as long as you are paying in USD and meet all the requirements to apply for the loan.

Can FuturePay be used on international flights?

Yes, you can pay for any flights in USD when you are buying air travel tickets with Alternative Airlines. That means you can buy any flights using FuturePay at Alternative Airlines.

When do I need to pay back?

Your statement from FuturePay will state the due date for your payment. Please pay for that amount as a minimum to avoid getting charged a late fee.

How do I payback?

You can pay back for your flight using online bank transfer or Mail your payment to the following address:

FuturePay Inc.

PO Box 17634

Salt Lake City UT 84117