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Cheap Domestic Flights in Uzbekistan

Search and Book Domestic Flights Within Uzbekistan

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Search and Book Domestic Flights Within Uzbekistan

If you're looking for domestic Uzbekistan flights, then you're at the right place. Here at Alternative Airlines, we tickets major airlines, as well as many of the smaller regional airlines that operate around Uzbekistan. These include - Uzbekistan Airways, Silk Avia, Qanot Sarq, Centrum Air and Humo Air. To begin your search, use the search bar found at the top of the page to search flights on any dates between any destinations within Uzbekistan.

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When booking flights through Alternative Airlines, you have the freedom to pay using any of the 160 currencies available, including US Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, or even Uzbekistani Som. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of over 40 payment options, as well as convenient payment plans to help you spread the cost of your trip.

What airlines fly domestically within Uzbekistan?

Below we have listed all of Uzbekistan's airlines which operate internal flights:

Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways is the flag carrier for Uzbekistan and is based in Tashkent, the capital. The airline has been functioning since 1992, when it had its first flight to London. When flying domestically with Uzbekistan Airways, you can expect a comfortable flying experience. The airline has a large domestic network, which connects many major cities and regions within the country and even offers flights to less travelled areas within the country. The airline is highly reputable and places a high focus on passenger care. Major airports that Uzbekistan Airways offers flights to include Tashkent International Airport, and Urgench Airport, which is located around a 40-minute drive from Khiva, Samarkand Airport and Bukhara.

Silk Avia

Silk Avia is an airline that is focused on helping to better connect Uzbekistan. They launched in late 2022 and currently offer routes to 7 destinations within Uzbekistan, with the majority of flights connecting smaller cities and regions to the capital, Tashkent, where they are based at the Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport. They offer cheap flights in Uzbekistan, which can be useful if you're looking to get around Uzbekistan on a budget.

Qanot Sharq

Qanot Sharq is also based at the Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport and originally began operations in 2005 as a cargo and freight carrier, but in 2019, they planned to begin offering private passenger flights. By April 2020, the airline had acquired two Airbus A320 passenger aircraft, and in July 2021, it obtained the necessary permissions to operate commercial passenger flights. The airline flies to 9 destinations within Uzbekistan, as well as 16 international destinations across 9 countries.

Centrum Air

Centrum Air is a recently established low-cost carrier, operating both domestic and international flights from its main hub in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. They aim to serve domestic routes to five other Uzbek cities: Nukus, Urgench, Termez, Namangan, and Fergana. In its early stages, Centrum Air has ambitious plans to also introduce international routes connecting Uzbekistan to 15 countries, including India, Turkey, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The company's vision is to connect Uzbekistan's cities, develop the growth of air transport in Central Asia, and boost tourist inflow to the region.

Humo Air

Humo Air is a scheduled carrier based in Uzbekistan, established in 2020 as a subsidiary of Uzbekistan Airways, it is state-owned. It primarily focuses on shorter domestic flights, connecting various cities and towns within the country. The airline received its Air Operator Certificate in May 2020 and began operations in October 2020. As a full-service scheduled passenger carrier, Humo Air includes complimentary baggage allowance and aims to support Uzbekistan Airways on shorter, more efficient routes.

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Why book domestic flights within Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has a significant historical heritage, which you can explore through visiting majestic cities along the Silk Road, where you can find Islamic architecture and beautiful mosaics. Uzbek also has a vibrant local culture, which is full of traditions and crafts. Whilst in Uzbek, you'll also have the opportunity to taste some mouthwatering cuisine.

Uzbekistan has a diverse landscape, where you can find picturesque mountains and valleys, vast deserts, to a unique mix of stunning old and modern architecture in the capital, Tashkent, as well as other cities. Travelling to Uzbekistan is also highly affordable, where you can make some life-lasting memories, all for a reasonable price. There are many festivals and events throughout the year, where you can discover century-old traditions.

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What is a domestic airline?

A domestic flight, also referred to as an 'internal flight' or 'local flight,' is a flight that originates and concludes within the same country. For instance, you might fly from Tashkent (TAS) to another destination within Uzbekistan, such as Samarkand (SKD). These flights are often more budget-friendly compared to international flights due to their shorter travel duration and reduced costs.

If you're interested in exploring affordable domestic flight options, you can easily search for them on Alternative Airlines. Additionally, if you plan to visit multiple cities within one country, our multi-city flight planner can assist in organising your travel arrangements. For those seeking direct flights between cities without layovers, our direct flight guide is available to help you find suitable routes. Whatever your travel preferences may be, Alternative Airlines is here to facilitate your journey.

Popular Internal Routes in Uzbekistan

Traveling by air is a convenient mode of transportation within Uzbekistan. However, the demand for flights varies, and certain routes are more popular than others. Unsurprisingly, the busiest routes are those connecting the major cities within Uzbekistan. Typically, these flights originate from Tashkent and connect with secondary cities.

What are the most popular local routes within Uzbekistan?

Here are some of Uzbekistan's most busiest flight routes. Click on each route to explore further details, including comprehensive airline guides, airport information, and frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Tashkent to Urgench

Tashkent to Bukhara

Tashkent to Samarkand

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Uzbekistan Domestic Flights FAQs

Do I need to carry a passport for domestic flights in Uzbekistan?

It is best to carry your passport with you at all times of travel in Uzbekistan. If you want to find out more details around travelling domestically in Uzbekistan, please contact us or the airline itself to check the policies around this. Uzbekistan also requires visas for people travelling from certain countries, or if they intend to stay for 30 days or more.

What is the baggage allowance on Uzbekistan domestic flights?

The baggage allowance varies based on the airline and airport you're using. It's essential to check directly with your airline or refer to your e-ticket, as routes and aircraft can affect the allowance. Additionally, be mindful of the width, height, and length restrictions to avoid excess baggage charges during airport check-in.

What time do I need to check-in at the airport for domestic flights in Uzbekistan?

Check-in times vary depending on which airline you are flying with and the airport you are departing from. In most cases, domestic flights have a later check-in than international flights as travellers will tend to get through the immigration and border controls quicker.

Can I purchase domestic flights in Uzbekistan online?

On Alternative Airlines it is possible to buy domestic flights in Uzbekistan online. To begin your search, use the search bar found at the top of the page, where you can find flights to and from your chosen Uzbekistan location. Once you have searched for the flights, all available flights from the airlines which fly that route will appear. From here, you can pick the flight and airline which best accommodates you!

How much does a local flight in Uzbekistan cost?

Factors such as the time of year you fly, which airline you fly with, and which day of the week you fly will all impact the cost of your flight.

On average, prices will range from лв750,000 - лв1,500,000 for a one-way ticket and лв1,500,000-лв3,000,000 for a return ticket.

Can I get a local flight in Uzbekistan today?

Of course! Right here at Alternative Airlines you can search and book local flights in Uzbekistan today, for today. Please ensure when booking that you give yourself enough time to get to the airport. Take into consideration the time of day you're choosing to travel and the possibility of bad traffic.