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About Citrus

Citrus is a new Russian low-cost carrier (LCC), set to launch in 2022. The LCC has a target to carry one million passengers in its first year, and will operate a fleet of A320neos. Citrus will provide direct inter-regional domestic flights within Russia, with a focus on serving the wider areas of Central Russia.

Citrus is being established by the S7 Group (S7 Airlines), the second- largest domestic airline in Russia and the largest private aviation holding in the country. To be painted in a bright and zesty lime green, S7 Airlines has stated that the name of its new subsidiary (‘Citrus’) is shorthand for ‘Cities of Russia’, and also refers to the vibrant and positive travel experience that it hopes to provide travellers.

Update: The airline is in an early phase of start up and information is still limited. Citrus is expected to commence flights in July 2022.

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Citrus is set to launch in July 2022! In the meantime, you can search and book flights through Alternative Airlines with lots of other carriers that operate domestic flights within Russia - take a look at our list of alternative airlines below! Simply enter your departure/arrival airport or city into the search bar at the top of the page to discover all available flights based on your preferred dates of travel.


Citrus will focus on cross-regional flights within Central Russia, where LCC services are currently limited. Low cost flights are available from Moscow and St Petersburg, where there has been increasing demand for greater connectivity and affordability for travel across central Russia. The airline will bypass Moscow and the Moscow Region to focus on other large but underserved central cities.

Baggage Allowance

Carry-On Baggage

As the airline is in an early stage of start-up, it has yet to announce what the baggage allowance will be for passengers. No prohibited items should be in carry-on baggage. Prohibition items found by airport security could be confiscated.

Checked Baggage

Unfortunately, this information has yet to be announced. In all instances, checked baggage cannot weigh over 32kg due to international health and safety regulations and it must not exceed the permitted size allowance.

Check-In Information

Check-In Online

It is not yet known whether online check-in is available.

Airport Check-In

The airline has yet to publish an announcement regarding recommended check-in times. However, in most instances it is recommended that passengers arrive as early as possible, usually about 2 hours before scheduled departure.

Class Fares

The airline has yet to make an announcement regarding what cabin classes (Economy, Premium, or Business, for example) will be available, as well as what the onboard experience will be like.

Hub Airport

The airport that Citrus will use as a hub has yet to be confirmed. The airline has already stated that its focus will be on central Russia, excluding the already heavily served cities of Moscow and St Petersburg.


In its first year, Citrus will initially use four A320neos. Four to six aircraft will be added each year following launch, with up to seven million passengers expected to be carried on over 20 A320neo aircraft in 2024.

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Who owns Citrus?

Citrus is a new Russian airline, being established by the S7 Group (S7 Airlines), which is the second- largest domestic airline in Russia.

Where does Citrus fly?

It is not yet known what cities Citrus will fly to. The airline will operate inter-regional flights to cities within Central Russia.

Can I book Citrus flights yet?

Citrus, the new Russian domestic airline, is expected to commence flights by the summer of July 2022. Tickets are not currently available. It is expected that tickets will be available to be booked during the spring of 2022, although dates have yet to be confirmed. It is not yet known what routes will be operated. In the meantime, you can take a look at one of our alternative airlines above, to discover more about other airlines that operate domestic flights within Russia.