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Best Airlines for Changing Flights

The best airlines for changing flights

Find out which airlines have the best policies for changing flights and buy your airline tickets at Alternative Airlines.

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Changing flights

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to change your flight but couldn't because the airline that you booked on either charge a ridiculously high fee or doesn't allow for changes to be made at all? If you have, you probably wish that you'd done your research prior to booking the flight and had chosen to buy a flexible flight on an airline that's good for changing flights.

We've put together a collection of the best airlines for changing flight to stop you making the same mistake twice.

*Please note that if you buy a changeable flight from Alternative Airlines, you're still subject to Alternative Airlines administration fee that will ordinarily charge for making amendments to your booking. If you purchase the Premium Service Package, we will waive this administration fee.*

Airlines with the best flight change policies:

*Please note that prices stated on this page are only an indication. Prices may vary depending on the individual flight that you purchase.*

North America


On certain flights, with certain fare rules, Southwest allow free changes on its flight as long as the change is made before the day of travel.

*This policy only applies for certain fares with Southwest. Other flights may incur penalties when changing the flight.*

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offer free flight changes to flights when the change is requested at least 60 days before departure. After 60 days, it costs $125 USD to change the flight.

*This policy isn't available for all fares. Alaska Airlines' basic fares, such as the Saver fare are completely non-changeable. Please make sure you purchase a ticket that allows changes.*

Alaska Airlines allow you to make changes for free within 24 hours of purchasing your flight, even if you purchase a non-changeable ticket.


Allegiant Air allows you to make date changes to your flights for free if you request the change within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.

After 24 hours, it usually costs around $75 USD to change the date of the flight and within seven days of your flight, it's impossible to change the date of the flight.

*Changes are not permitted on Allegiant's most basic fares. Please make sure you purchase a ticket that allows changes.*


Frontier Airlines tickets can be changed and refunded if the change is made within 24 hours of booking. After that, changes can be made for around $75 USD.

*Changes can not be made on Frontier's basic fare tickets. You'll need to make sure you purchase a fare that allows changes*


British Airways

British Airways change fees and availability differ depending on the type of ticket that you purchase.

However, what sets British Airways apart as one of the best airlines for changing a flight in Europe is its free 24-hour cancellation/change policy. Although common in North America, free 24-hour cancellation/change policies are rare in Europe. The option to change your flight for free within 24-hours of purchasing it if you've made a mistake on your booking is a great option if you're prone to misspellings.

Air France

Air France will charge between $30–35 USD to change a flight, which is lower than most airlines in the world.

*Changes may not be permitted on Air France's most basic fares. Please check the fare rules of the individual ticket before purchasing."

Turkish Airlines

Depending on the fare rules of the ticket and the route that you're flying, Turkish Airlines usually only charge between €20–40 EUR for changing your flights. In addition to this, if you change your flight within 12 hours of departure, you'll also be charged 30% of the price of your ticket.

*Please note that not all Turkish Airlines flights are changeable. It will depend on the fare rules and the route that you fly. Please check the rules before you purchase your ticket*


Korean Air

Korean Air usually charges ₩30,000 KRW for changes made on flights, making it one of the cheaper airlines for flight changes in Asia.

*Please note that Korean Air doesn't allow changes on all flights. It depends on the fare you're purchasing and the route you're flying. For example, Korean Air doesn't allow changes on most domestic flights but does for international flights.*

Singapore Airlines & SilkAir

Singapore Airlines and its subsidiary, SilkAir, usually charge between $20–75 USD for flight changes on the flights that changes are permitted.

*Changes are not permitted on all flights. Please check the fare rules before purchasing a flight *

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How to check the change fees at Alternative Airlines

  1. Enter the date you want to fly on and the destinations that you want to fly between and click 'search flights'.
  2. We'll display all available flights for your dates and destinations. Find the flight that you're interested in and click the 'details' icon to see more details about the flight.
  3. On the flight details pop-up, click 'Fare rules'.
  4. We'll now show you a simplified version of the fare rules for the flight. This will let you know whether your flight is changeable and/or refundable.
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What makes an airline good for changes?

Low fees

Low fees are extremely important for changes. There's no point in changing the date of your ticket if the fees cost as much as buying a new ticket entirely.


In some circumstances, it might not only be the date of your flight that you want to change. You might want to change the route as well. The best airlines for changes are the ones that allow you to make all types of changes to the flight.


Many airlines will allow you to change the date of your ticket but only with certain fares. This fares can often be overpriced and might not warrant the extra the money that you have to pay. The best airlines for flight changes will give you the option to change your ticket on most of — if not all of — its fares

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