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Premium Service Package

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Alternative Airlines
Premium Service Package

What do you get when you buy Alternative Airlines' Premium Service Package?

Premium Service Package

Alternative Airlines' Premium Service Package

Alternative Airlines' Premium Service Package allows you to make cancellations and amendments to airline tickets without any charges by us. If you're not sure about your flight, for just $27 USD, we will waive the Alternative Airlines standard $96 USD administration fee and liaise with the airline you have purchased your ticket from to resolve the problem.

Please be aware, the airline from which you have bought your ticket from may have their own fees in place in order for you to cancel or amend your refundable ticket. You will still have to pay this fee if necessary, as it is not included in the Premium Service Package. Airline charges will apply depending on the fare rules of your chosen ticket. Alternative Airlines has no control over this.

To purchase our Premium Service Package, it's a simple click. Once you have chosen your flight, you will be taken to a page to fill in your passenger details. Before you choose your prefered method of payment, you can select between our Premium Service Package for $27 USD and our Standard Service Package, which is completely free. However, with the Standard Service package, a $96 USD fee will be charged per person by Alternative Airlines for any cancellations, amendments or name changes to this booking, as well as any additional airline charges.

Premium Service Package

How much does the Premium Service Package cost?

The Premium Service Package costs $26 USD. However, you can purchase the Premium Service Package in any currency available with Alternative Airlines.

Can I buy the Premium Service Package Package from any country?

Yes! The Premium Service Package is available to all passengers, no matter which country you're from or where you're flying to.

Will the Premium Service Package get me a refund if I cancel my flight?

The Premium Service Package waives the $96 USD fee that Alternative Airlines usually charge for making cancellations or changes to your flight. If you want your flight to be refundable, you'll have to make sure you buy a refundable flight.

Can I buy the Premium Service Package on any airline?

The Premium Service Package is available on many airlines with Alternative Airlines, but not all of them! If the Premium Service Package is available on the airline you're booking with, you'll have the option to purchase it on the payment page.