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Air Bosna/BH Airlines

Air Bosna (BH Airlines) is a small but ambitious airline based at Sarajevo’s International Airport.

Air Bosna to Sarajevo

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a virtually land locked country, hence air travel is very important, add to this the immense growth in tourism since the end of hostilities, and this little airline is ideally placed for a period of substantial growth. In 2008 routes flown included Sarajevo to Cologne, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Belgrade and Zurich. From Mostar two cities are served: Istanbul and Zagreb. Expansion of the route network is planned including the probable introduction of jet aircraft.

Air Bosna (B&H Airlines) operate 2 x ATR 72 aircraft in a single class 74 seat configuration.

Air Bosna Air Bosnia or BH Airlines?

Air Bosna has become one of Alternative Airlines most popular visited pages. A little confusing as to the branding position of what is essentially Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national carrier. So let us clarify, B&H Airlines is the holding company and the aircraft have this on their fuselage. However it operates through the travel agency distribution channels as Air Bosna (note no ‘i’) and has this name on its offices in its main destinations, oh, and it uses both names on its web site. You’d think with only two aircraft currently in operation this could be a little less confusing!


update 08.02.2011

B&H Airlines, the national carrier of Bosnia and Herzogovina, is suspending flights from Sarajevo to Belgrade