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Pionair is an Australian airline that offers passenger charter and cargo flights. The airline is based at Sydney Bankstown Airport (BWU) and flies to destinations both domestic and international.

The airline was founded in 1990, originally operating in New Zealand. At the time, the airline mainly focused on charter and tourist flights using the Convair 580 aircraft, replacing the less popular DC-3. As the company grew, they established a new division in Australia with both passenger and cargo services provided to travellers back then. Unfortunately, the Global Financial Crisis hit the airline in 2008 and they decided to close down the New Zealand division to fight for survival. However, the Australian division remained open at is still operating today. The airline was once branded as Skyforce Aviation between 2011 to 2016.

Pionair is now an Australian charter airline operating passenger services. It is also operating cargo services for Qantas, and they used to fly cargo flights for Virgin Australia too.


As a charter airline, the airline doesn't fly to any set destinations on the schedule. It has the ability to fly to many destinations both within Australia and to international destinations at the passenger's request.


The overall baggage allowance for each passenger depends on which fare the passenger purchases. Overall baggage allowances, including both carry-on and checked baggage, are:

  • Saver fare — 20kg
  • Local fare — 20kg
  • Flyer fare — 20kg
  • Corporate — 23kg
  • Flexible fare — 23kg


Passengers are given one free carry-on bag in their baggage allowance. This bag must not weigh more than 4 kg and must fit within the dimensions of 12.5" (32 cm) x 20 cm (7.9") x 18 cm (7"). This baggage allowance is part of the passenger's overall baggage allowance. This means, if a passenger brings a carry-on bag, they must deduct 4 kg away from your checked baggage allowance.


Passengers are given one free checked bag in their allowance. This allowance will differ depending on the fare purchased and whether the passenger is taking a carry-on bag. To work out their baggage allowance, passengers must take the overall allowance for the fare that they purchased (as shown above) and deduct the weight of their carry-on bag (if using a carry-on bag).

For example, a passenger that has purchased the Local fare will have a checked baggage allowance of 20 kg if they're not using a carry-on bag and a baggage allowance of 16 kg if they're using a carry-on bag (20kg - 4 kg = 16kg).

Economy Class

Economy Class in the BAE 146-200 is in a 3 x 3 configuration and it can accommodate 97 passengers. The E190-E2 has a capacity of 64 Economy Class seats.

Business Class

Business Class in the BAE 146-200 can accommodate 48 passengers.

First Class

First Class in the E190-E-2 can accommodate 12 passengers whereas the BAE146 does not offer First Class seats.

Check-In Information

Check-In Online

Online check-in availability depends on the airline who sold the tickets.

Airport Check-In

Airport check-in deadlines vary depending on the airline that sold the tickets. Pionair will comply with the airline's check-in requirement.

Please present valid travel documentation upon check-in for identification.


As of June 2020, the airline has over five aircraft in their fleet, including the BAE146-200 and E190-E2. These are efficient regional jets with a capacity of around 80 passengers.

Hub Airport

Bankstown Airport

Bankstown Airport(BWU) is located 17km from Sydney Airport. It is equipped with three parallel runways and one passenger terminal. The airport mainly accommodates aeroplane and helicopter flight schools, cargo flights and charter flights. The passenger terminal has the capacity to serve 200 passengers per hour.

Another airline that is flying to the airport is Toll Aviation, which is a cargo operator.

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