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One Way Flights with Delta

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What are One Way Flights with Delta?

One-way flights with Delta are tickets brought with the intention of travelling to one location and not returning back. One-way tickets are usually purchased by travellers who are relocating to another place or who are unclear about their return dates. One-way flights with Delta give passengers more flexibility to return whenever they want to. This can be after a couple of days, weeks or even months.

Are you looking to purchase one-way Delta flights? Well, you're in the right place! Alternative Airlines has made it easy for you to hunt 'one-way' flights with Delta and apply filters to your search to find the perfect one-way flight ticket for you. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy one-way flights with Alternative Airlines, along with popular routes with Delta and FAQ's. Add all the extras that you need to your booking such as Cancellation Protection and Lost Baggage Insurance.

How to Book One Way Flights with Delta

Step 1 - Search for Flights

Search for one-way flights

To start your search for one-way flights with Delta, use the search form at the top of the page and select the 'one-way' option. Fill in the required details - departure and arrival destinations and the dates that you wish to travel along with the number of passengers and cabin class. Select 'Search Flights' to find one-way flights.

How to Book One Way Flights with Delta

Step 2 - Select Preferred Airline

Select your preferred airline

Once your results have loaded, you'll be shown all the one-way flights according to the information you entered in the search box. If you wish to fly with a specific airline, use the airline filter to narrow down your search. As you wish to fly with Delta, select this as your preferred airline.

How to Book One Way Flights with Delta

Different payment methods available at checkout

Confirm your booking

Once you have chosen the one-way flight that you want, confirm your selection and secure your payment. Did you know when you book through Alternative Airlines you can choose from over 40 different ways to pay? This includes Cryptocurrencies, Apple Pay, Google Pay and many Buy Now Pay Later options. Once your booking has been confirmed, you'll be sent your e-ticket to your email.


Popular One Way Flight Routes with Delta

Delta Air Lines also referred to as Delta is one of the major airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier. The airline is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States with hubs in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and more. Delta Air Lines flies to over 300 destinations across the globe. Below is listed one of the most popular one-way flights with Delta.

Las Vegas ✈ to Los Angeles

Orlando ✈ to Miami

Denver ✈ to Atlanta

Salt Lake City ✈ to New York

Are you looking to book one-way flights to Las Vegas? Check out our page that shows everything you need to know about booking one-way flights at Alternative Airlines.

Why Book One Way Flights

Here are some of the reasons travellers may book one-way flights rather than return flights. Use the search form at the top of the page to begin your search for one-way flights with Delta.

Cheaper Flights

One-way tickets are a popular choice among travellers looking for cheap flights. Return tickets can often cost more than two separate one-way tickets, depending on the airline you fly with. Use the search box at the top of the page to find one-way flights at affordable prices.

Greater Flexibility

With one-way flights, you can choose the day you wish to return home at any time you want. One-way flights are ideal if you are uncertain of when you would like to return from your holiday. Once you're ready to return back to the airport you departed from, simply book a one-way flight back.


One-way flights are perfect for those who are relocating to another city or country and are unsure when they will be returning back. Roundtrip tickets are restrictive whereas with one-way flights you can fly back to visit family and friends whenever you want.

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One Way Flights with Delta FAQs

Where can I book Delta one-way flights?

Here, at Alternative Airlines you can easily book one-way tickets with Delta. Our easy-to-use flight website lets you use filters to tailor to your specific booking needs. When you book through Alternative Airlines, you can also add our Cancellation Protection and Lost Baggage Protection product to your booking reservation for an added layer of protection.

Can I finance Delta one-way flights?

Yes... only when you book through Alternative Airlines. We have teamed up with a number of different payment plan providers that let you spread the fare of your Delta flight over weekly, bi-weekly or monthly repayments. This includes Klarna, AfterpayClearpay, TendoPay, PayPal Credit and more. Please bear in mind that the payment method available at checkout will depend on the place you reside in and the currency you pay in.

Are Delta one-way flights cheap?

Sometimes, when you purchase two individual one-way tickets it will cost less than buying a round-trip ticket. However, this isn't always the case. Some Delta Air Lines flights can be expensive when there aren't enough seats available for all the people who want to travel. It's hard to determine the prices of Delta one-way flights as they fluctuate all the time. Find out more about How Airlines Price Their Flights.

What is the difference between a one-way and roundtrip flight?

One-way flights are flights that only fly you to the destination and do not include a ticket back to the departure city. A roundtrip ticket is an itinerary that includes two flights e.g. one flight going somewhere and another flight returning back to the city you originally departed from.

Do I need a visa for one-way flights?

The length of your stay and the country you go to will determine if you require a visa or not. A travel visa is an official document that enables visitors from another country to enter or remain for a specific amount of time in that destination. If you're thinking about moving, make sure to check the country's visa requirements before you fly there in order to avoid confusion.