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Flights To & Within the Horn of Africa

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Why Buy Flights within the Horn of Africa?

Discover the captivating Horn of Africa, a region nestled in East Africa, home to countries like Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Within the Horn of Africa, you can explore a variety of cultures and traditions in this unique corner of the world. Dive into ancient civilisations and architectural marvels, such as Ethiopia's rock-hewn churches in Lalibela or Somalia's historic port city of Zeila. Traverse stunning landscapes, from Ethiopia's majestic mountains to the pristine coastlines, revealing natural wonders like the Danakil Depression and the UNESCO-listed Simien Mountains National Park.

You can enjoy a culinary adventure as you savour the region's flavours. Try injera, a tangy sourdough flatbread, and relish the fiery doro wat, a delectable chicken stew. Get involved with local communities by volunteering or participating in social projects. This will give you a firsthand understanding of the area and the trade networks that connect Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in this strategic location.

The Horn of Africa is home to hidden gems and lesser-known destinations. It invites you to discover its fusion of cultures, landscapes and experiences, promising an unforgettable and authentic adventure.

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Airlines within the Horn of Africa

When you book your flights through Alternative Airlines, you can find the best airlines to travel to and within the Horn of Africa. Find out more about the airlines that fly within the Horn of Africa including and many more.


Horn of Africa Airlines

Listed below are the best airlines to fly into Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia. Travel to a destination in the Horn of Africa with one of the following airlines:


Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, the flag carrier of Ethiopia, stands as one of the largest and most prestigious airlines on the African continent. It has a hub at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The airline offers an extensive network of routes, connecting over 125 destinations across Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to its global reach, Ethiopian Airlines operates domestic flights within Ethiopia, making it an excellent choice for easy travel within the country.

Ethiopian Airlines flies between Addis Ababa, Arba Minch, Asosa, Axum, Awasa, Bahar Dar, Dembidolo, Dessie, Dire Dawa, Gambela, Goba, Gode, Gondar, Humera, Jijiga, Jimma, Kebri Dahar, Lalibela, Mekele, Semera in Ethiopia, as well as to/from Djibouti City (Djibouti), Asmara (Eritrea) and Bosaso, Garowe, Hargeisa and Mogadishu (Somalia.


Jubba Airways

Jubba Airways, an airline based in Somalia, offers a range of flights connecting various destinations within the region and beyond. With its main operational hub situated in Mogadishu, Jubba Airways serves as a key player in offering air travel in East Africa. The airline is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable services, catering to both domestic and international routes. With a growing fleet, Jubba Airways continues to expand its reach and provide travel options for passengers seeking convenient connections within Somalia and its surrounding regions.

Jubba Airways flies between Adado, Bosaso, Baidoa, Galkayo, Garowe, Guriel, Kismayo and Mogadishu in Somalia, as well as to/from Djibouti.


Daallo Airlines

Daallo Airlines, a notable airline originating from Djibouti, serves as a significant link connecting various destinations in the Horn of Africa and beyond. Operating primarily from its hub in Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport, Daallo Airlines plays a vital role in providing travel within the region.

Daallo Airlines flies between Bosaso, Galkayo, Garowe and Mogadishu in Somalia, as well as to/from Djibouti.

Eritrean Airlines

Eritrean Airlines, the national airline of Eritrea, serves as a vital connection bridging diverse destinations within the Horn of Africa and extending its reach beyond. It uses Asmara International Airport as its main hub. The airline contributes significantly to regional travel connectivity.

Eritrean Airlines flies to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) from Asmara (Eritrea).

Other Airlines:

Popular Destinations in the Horn of Africa

Travel to the most popular destinations in the Horn of Africa and find out what it has to offer. Use the booking tool at the top of the page to start searching for flights to a destination within the Horn of Africa.

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela is one of the most popular destinations in the Horn of Africa and is known for its extraordinary rock-hewn churches, a testament to medieval engineering and religious devotion. Lalibela is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that hosts vibrant religious festivals, with pilgrims gathering to celebrate events like Timket and Meskel. Wandering the town's atmospheric alleyways and browsing its traditional markets puts you right in the heart of the local culture and daily life.

Axum, Ethiopia

Axum is rich in history and is known for its towering obelisks, believed by some to mark ancient tombs. Its archaeological sites reveal ancient civilisations' influence, while St. Mary of Zion Church is said to house the Ark of the Covenant. The city's annual Timket festival draws crowds for vibrant processions and spiritual rituals.

Asmara, Eritrea

Asmara, Eritrea, offers a fascinating mix of architectural styles. Its Italian colonial buildings and Art Deco structures stand alongside cosy cafes, busy markets, and historic cinemas, creating a lively urban atmosphere. You can also explore the Eritrean Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides a window into the country's past.

Djibouti City, Djibouti

Djibouti City's blend of modernity and tradition reflects the diverse population's influences, while the Gulf of Tadjoura's azure waters offers opportunities for water sports and relaxation. The busy Central Market is a hub of activity and nearby Lake Assal's salt flats and ethereal landscapes are a photographer's dream.

Berbera, Somalia

Berbera is famous for its picturesque coastline and ancient ruins that offer a glimpse into the region's maritime history and deeply rooted culture. The city's strategic port has played a vital role in trade and commerce for East Africa throughout history. Travellers can explore the remnants of Siyara, an ancient port city that once thrived on maritime connections.

Other Popular Destinations in the Horn of Africa:

  • Harar, Ethiopia
  • Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
  • Jijiga, Ethiopia
  • Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
  • Gondar, Ethiopia

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What are the major airlines operating within the Horn of Africa?

The major airlines that operate flights within the Horn of Africa are Ethiopian Airlines, Daallo Airlines, Jubba Airways and Eritrean Airlines. These airlines operate the most routes between Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea. With these airlines, you can fly to/from and between cities like Addis Ababa, Axum, Lalibela, Asmara, Djibouti City, Mogadishu and more.

What are the most popular destinations to visit within the Horn of Africa?

The Horn of Africa has a variety of popular destinations, each offering a distinct blend of cultural, historical and natural allure. From Lalibela's rock-hewn churches and Axum's ancient obelisks in Ethiopia to Eritrea's Asmara with its Italian colonial architecture, Djibouti City's gateway to surreal landscapes and Harar's vibrant walled city in Ethiopia, travellers can explore a range of experiences. The Danakil Depression's unique geothermal wonders, Gondar's royal heritage and the emerging renaissance of Mogadishu, Somalia, provide glimpses into the region's multifaceted character, while Dire Dawa's cultural fusion and Berbera's maritime heritage complete the diversity of enchanting destinations awaiting discovery.

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What is the best time of year to travel to the Horn of Africa?

The best time to travel to the Horn of Africa is during the dry seasons, from October to March. The weather is pleasant and suitable for exploring destinations like Ethiopia (including Lalibela, Axum, Gondar), Eritrea (Asmara) and Djibouti City. This period also suits visits to the Danakil Depression (November to February) and Mogadishu, Somalia, and Berbera (December to February), ensuring milder temperatures and comfortable conditions for cultural and natural exploration.

Can I book multi-city flights within the Horn of Africa?

Absolutely! You can book multi-city flights within the Horn of Africa right here at Alternative Airlines! Take a look at our guide on booking multi-stop flights on our platform. You can book up to 6 destinations all in one booking!

What currencies do I need to use in the Horn of Africa?

This depends on the countries you're visiting in the Horn of Africa.

If you're planning to fly to Djibouti, you'll need to use Djiboutian Franc - you can book your flights in Djiboutian Franc here at Alternative Airlines. The currency in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Birr - you can book your flights in Ethiopian Birr on our platform. Eritrean Nafka is the currency of Eritrea - you can also book your flights in Eritrean Nafka on our site. The currency for Somalia is Somali Shilling - unfortunately you won't be able to pay for your flights in Somali Shilling on our site.