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Grecian Air Seaplanes Update

Grecian Air Seaplane hopes to launch flights in early September, 2021. In the meantime, you can take a look at our list of alternative airlines below to discover other airlines which operate similar routes.

About Grecian Air Seaplanes

Grecian Air Seaplanes is a startup seaplane operator based in Greece. The company’s focus will be on interconnecting the Greek islands and the islands with mainland Greece. In the long term, the airline hopes to expand its route network to include other island regions, including the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Crete, the Northeastern Aegean, the Sporades islands and the Saronic Gulf. As well as scheduled passenger flights, the airline will also be available for private charter flights, tours, and medical flights.

The seaplane company hopes to commence scheduled passenger flights with three 19-seater seaplanes. These will be a combination of privately owned and leased aircraft. The first licensed waterways are located on the Ionian Sea.

Grecian Air hopes to be able to boost tourism amongst the Greek islands, by providing a fast and alternative transport option for tourists and locals alike. The company is set to receive extensive investment, with shareholders including the chairman of ‘Greek Water Airports’, a company that designs, constructs, and licences water airports.


Grecian Air Seaplanes intends to launch flights in early Sep2021, and will begin by interconnecting Greek islands, as well as connecting the islands with mainland Greece. The flights will start from the Ionian Sea, where the first water airports have been licensed.

In the longer term, the airline also hopes to add additional destinations as more water airports become licensed, including the Cyclades, Crete, the Sporades and Dodecanese islands, and other areas in the northern Aegean Sea.

More information has yet to be announced.

Baggage Allowance

Carry-On Baggage

As the airline is in an early stage of startup, it has yet to announce what the baggage allowance will be for passengers.

Checked Baggage

Unfortunately, this information has yet to be announced.

Check-In Information

Check-In Online

It is not yet known whether online check-in will be available.

Airport Check-In

It is expected that the airline will release a statement regarding check-in times and other boarding information once the water aerodromes that it will use for departure and arrival are confirmed.


The company said it plans to start flights with three 19-seater seaplanes, a combination of privately owned and leased aircraft.

What are seaplanes?

A seaplane is an aircraft capable of taking off and landing on water. Grecian Air Seaplanes will operate amphibious seacraft, which means they’ll have the ability to take-off and land either on water or on land. You can find out more in our complete guide to seaplanes.

Hub Airport

Grecian Air will be based at a newly licensed water airport. More information has yet to be announced. The water aerodromes will be the first to be licensed in Greece, and will revolutionise transportation options to and among the islands.

Alternative Airlines

When Grecian Air launches in 2021, it will be the first company to operate seaplane flights in Greece. In the meantime, if you’re looking to fly within Greece, the following airlines operate flights to and among the Greek islands: Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. Other smaller carriers include Bluebird Airways, Ellinair, and Olympic Air.

Top Tip: For more information, take a look at our guide to domestic flights within Greece, which includes a complete airline guide and FAQs.

The following airlines operate domestic flights within Greece, including to the Greek islands:

Aegean Airlines LogoEllinair LogoAir Mediterranean logo



New seaplane airline to boost tourism amongst Greek islands

The announcement and launch of Grecian Air highlights how Greece’s Polynesian-like geography makes it ideal for seaplanes to operate. With one of the longest coastlines in the world (over 9000 miles of coastline!), as well as numerous lakes, Greece has plenty of opportunity to benefit from seaplane services. Grecian Air hopes to boost domestic tourism and improve access to holiday resorts and otherwise poorly connected islands.

Greece has seen over 15 years of bureaucratic delays in attempting to launch the first seaplane flight network. However the timing of the airline is set to be ideal, as the tourism industry in Greece begins to resume following the global Coronavirus pandemic.


When will Grecian Air begin flights?

Grecian Air hopes to commence flights in September 2021, initially from seaports along the Ionian Sea.

Can I book seaplane flights online?

Alternative Airlines is an online flight search and booking site that makes it easy to find the flights you’re after. As well as all major carriers, we specialise in ticketing smaller regional airlines around the world, which fly to remote and stunning locations. This includes seaplane operators! Book flights in English, with the support of our expert customer service team. Simply use the search bar at the top of the page to begin.

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