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Ela Air Cyprus is a Cypriot airline that flies passenger flights. The airline is set to launch in 2021 as a re-launch of Tus Airways — Tus suspended its scheduled flights in 2019 and has been flying only charter flights since. Upon re-launch, the airline will begin flying scheduled passenger flights again.

The airline will launch as an ultra-low-cost airline, flying regional flights from Larnaca. Ela Air plans to fly to destinations in Israel and Greece and will most likely pick-up many of the destinations that it previously flew before its rebrand, focussing on leisure and business routes. The airline will be based at Larnaca International Airport.

The rebrand and launch of Ela Air was announced in 2020, a year after Tus Air stopped flying its scheduled flights. Tus' exit from the scheduled passenger flight market caused renewed demand for flights connecting Cyprus to destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. Because Tus cancelled scheduled flights before the coronavirus reached Europe in 2020, the airline didn't feel the financial impact of the pandemic in the same way that it would have if it were operating flights as normal. As a result, the airline is in a good position to rebrand and relaunch in 2021 and fly routes that have been underserved since it stopped flying.


The airline doesn't have any confirmed destinations, although, it's revealed that it wants to connect Cyprus with destinations in the eastern Mediterranean, with Israel and Greece being two of the countries that it's announced that it wants to fly to.

Here are the destinations that Ela Air Cyprus flew to before it rebranded. When it re-launches, it's expected to fly to some — but not all — of these destinations.

Cyprus Larnaca Larnaca International Airport (LCA)
Paphos Paphos International Airport (PFO)
Greece Alexandroupoli Alexandroupoli Airport (AXD)
Athens Athens International Airport (ATH)
Ioannina Ioannina International Airport (IOA)
Kefalonia Kefalonia International Airport (EFL)
Kos Kos International Airport (KGS)
Mykonos Mykonos Airport (JMK)
Patras Patras Araxos Airport (GPA)
Preveza/Lefkada Aktion International Airport (PVK)
Rhodes Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
Samos Samos International Airport (SMI)
Skiathos International Airport Skiathos International Airport (JSI)
Thessaloniki Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG)
Israel Haifa Haifa Airport (HFA)
Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)
Italy Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO)


Below is the free baggage allowance for Ela Air. These allowances are included within the price of the airline ticket. Passengers that need more than the baggage that is included within the free allowance can purchase excess baggage


Passengers are given a free carry-on baggage allowance of 8 kg. This baggage must not exceed the overall dimensions of 55 cm (21.6") x 35 cm (13.7") x 22 cm (8.6").


Passengers must check-in at the airport for their flight. Airport check-in can be completed at the airport of departure, with airline staff assisting passengers through the check-in process. Passengers must bring all relevant travel documents with them to check-in for their flight (i.e e-ticket and photo ID).

Economy Class

Ela Air flies with an Economy Class cabin only. The airline has a friendly cabin crew that is available to assist passengers with whatever they need throughout the entire flight.


As a low-cost airline, facilities on board are limited. The airline focuses on taking passengers from one destination to the next safely and comfortably but with little added extras.


Seats are set out in a 2 x 2 formation on all Ela Air Cyprus flights.

Food and Drink

The airline serves non-complimentary food and drinks during the flight, which are available to purchase for a fee. On shorter flights, passengers can purchase a range of snacks and beverages. On longer flights, passengers can purchase more substantial meals.

In-Flight Entertainment & WIFI

The airline doesn't offer in-flight entertainment or WIFI on any of its flights.

Frequent Flyer

It's unknown at this time whether Ela Air will offer a frequent flyer program. Before it's re-launch, it did have a frequent flyer program, so it's likely that it will launch a re-branded frequent flyer program when it relaunches.


The airline will initially fly with a fleet of Bombardier Q400s.

Hub Airport

Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca International Airport is the main international airport in Larnaca, Cyprus and the hub airport for Ela Air Cyprus. The airport has one terminal and one runway. Ela Air will use Larnaca International as its hub from its inaugural flight onwards and used it in its years prior to rebranding.

Other airlines that use Larnaca airport as a hub include Aegean Airlines and Wizz Air.

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