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Cheap Domestic Flights within Bangladesh

Barisal Division, Bangladesh

Why book domestic flights within Bangladesh?

Although Bangladesh is a relatively small country, travelling by air is still the most efficient way to save time and hassle. For example, travelling from Dhaka to the popular beach destination Cox's Bazar without air transport would take you a train, a bus and over eight hours. Whereas, flying only takes one hour.

Bangladesh's airports cover all the major destinations within the country, with eight airports scattered across the country. While there aren't flights between all airports, Dhaka is connected to each one and makes a great central point to reach any part of the country.

What are domestic flights?

domestic flight in Bangladesh is a non-stop flight that departs at one destination within Bangladesh and arrives at another destination within Bangladesh. Not many foreign airlines fly domestically in the country, so domestic flights within Bangladesh are almost always operated by Bangladeshi airlines.

There are currently eight commercial airports in the country. While there might not always be connections between every airport, most destinations in Bangladesh can be reached from Shahjalal International Airport in the country's capital, Dhaka. 

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Airlines that operate domestic flights within Bangladesh

There are four domestic airlines in Bangladesh.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the national carrier in Bangladesh and one of the country's most-well connected airlines.

The airline is based out of Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka from where it flies to all airports in Bangladesh.

Other than Shahjalal International, the airline has secondary hubs at Shah Amanat International and Osmani International.

From Shahjalal International, Biman Bangladesh flies domestically to Cox's Bazar and Dhaka. And from Osmani International, it flies domestically to Dhaka.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines also flies internationally to destinations across the rest of Asia, Europe and the US.


NovoAir is a Bangladeshi airline that flies to every airport in the country and therefore is a great airline to book flights to Bangladesh.

NovoAir is based at Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka and flies to all airports in Bangladesh from there.

Other than domestic flights, the airline also flies to India and Myanmar.

Regent Airways

Regent Airways is a Bangladeshi airline that flies to within Bangladesh, as well as other countries in Asia.

Regent Airways hub airport is at Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, from which it flies to four different destinations in Bangladesh four different destinations Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Saidpur and Jessore.

The airline also has a secondary hub at Shah Amanat International Airport, from which it offers regular flights to/from Dhaka.

Aside from domestic flights, Regent Airways also flies to India, Malaysia, Nepal, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

US-Bangla Airlines

US-Bangla Airlines is a Bangladeshi airline that flies to every airport in Bangladesh and to destinations across Asia.

The airline is based at Shahjalal International Airport, from which it flies to all airports in Bangladesh from.

US-Bangla Airlines has a strong focus on providing regular flights from Shahjalal International to Shah Amanat International, Chittagong and also offers flights between Chittagong and Cox's Bazar Airport.

Other than destinations within Bangladesh, US-Bangla Airlines flies to international destinations in China, India, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore and Thailand.

Air Astra

Air Astra is a new airline in Bangladesh looking to launch at the end of 2022/beginning of 2023. Flights are planned to operate to 7 domestic destinations with a fleet of ATR72-600.

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Alternative Airlines makes it easy to book flights in English, with the support of our experienced customer service team. We ticket all the major airlines (and many of the smaller regional airlines) that operate in Bangladesh. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to begin — just type in your chosen departure and arrival destinations and dates of travel.

Domestic flight check-in times

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Online Check-In: 
Online check-in opens 24 hours before flight departure and closes 3 hours before a domestic flight and 4 hours before an international flight departure. All you will need is your booking reference and the surname used for the booking.

Airport Check-In: 
Airport check-in closes one hour before your flight departs.


Online Check-In: 
Online check-in is available between 12 hours and 90 minutes before your flight departs. You will need to show your valid photo ID for verification and the online check-in receipt, no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. 

Airport Check-In: 
Closes 30 minutes before the flight departs.

Mobile Check-In: 
NovoAir also offers mobile check-in. Once at the airport, present your valid photo ID for verification and the mobile check-in receipt.

Regent Airways

Online Check-In: Online check-in is available 24 hours before your departure and closes 1 hour before.

Airport Check-In: 
When flying domestically, the airport check-in desk will close 30 minutes before your flight departs. If you're flying internationally, the check-in desk will close 1 hour prior to your scheduled departure.

US-Bangla Airlines

Online Check-In: 
Available via the airline website. Online check-in opens 24 hours before your flight departs and closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Airport Check-In: 
Closes 15 minutes before the flight departs.

Busiest airports in Bangladesh

These are the eight commercial airports in Bangladesh:

Barisal Airport

Located at: Barisal

Shah Amanat International Airport

Located at: Chittagong

Cox's Bazar Airport

Located in: Cox's Bazar

Shahjalal International Airport

Located at: Dhaka

Jessore Airport

Located at: Jessore

Shah Makhdum Airport

Located at: Rajshahi

Saidpur Airport

Located at: Saidpur

Osmani International Airport

Located at: Sylhet

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Domestic Flights Bangladesh FAQs

Do I need a passport for domestic flights in Bangladesh?

You don't need a passport for domestic flights in Bangladesh but you will need some form of photo ID. Photo ID is required to retrieve your boarding pass at the check-in counter. And, all airlines in Bangladesh are under strict instructions to request photo ID before allowing any passengers to board the flight.

Photo ID can come in the form of:

  • A valid passport
  • National ID
  • Driving license
  • Photo ID issued by an educational institute
How early do I need to arrive for domestic flights in Bangladesh?

The time you should arrive for domestic flights in Bangladesh will differ from airline to airline. But generally, an airport in Bangladesh will close their check-in counters around 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart.

To allow time to pass through security and go through other airport procedures, we recommend arriving at least an hour before your flight departs or longer if you're an inexperienced traveller or are not familiar with the airport.

What is the baggage allowance for domestic flights in Bangladesh?

The free baggage allowance for domestic flights in Bangladesh differs depending on which airline you fly on. However, in general, Bangladeshi airlines flying domestically include at least one piece of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 20kg in the price of the ticket.

What defunct airlines used to operate in Bangladesh?

Over the years, there have been a number of airlines which used to operate flights within Bangladesh that unfortunately have ceased operations. This includes United Airlines Bangladesh, which ceased operations in 2016. Other defunct airlines include Royal Bengal Airline, which ceased in 2009, and Air Bangladesh, which ceased in 2005.

Can I buy domestic flights in Bangladesh online?

Yes, you can fly Bangladesh domestic flights online at Alternative Airlines. Use the search form found at the top of the page and select two destinations within Bangladesh — we'll show you all flights from all airlines that fly between those destinations and the air ticket price!