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MAAT museum bathed in a warm glow from the setting sun

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Lisbon

Emma Langley

Instagram has become such an integral part of travel, with some social media-savvy travellers going to extremes to get the perfect holiday picture, even going to a certain place or destination for the sole purpose of getting a picture for Instagram. Trolltunga in Norway, the Pura Lempuyang Luhur (known as the Gates of Heaven) in Bali and Peggy Porchen Cafe in London are just some of the many examples of places which people will travel far and wide just to get a snap for Instagram. However, getting great pictures for your Instagram profile doesn’t have to be hard work.

So, we’re celebrating the 9th anniversary since Instagram’s launch with a list of the best Instagrammable places in Lisbon. This up-and-coming city is one of the most Instagrammable cities in Europe, which will be sure to fill your Instagram profile with vibrant colours, culture and Portugese delights.

The best photo spots in Lisbon


One of the most iconic sights in Lisbon is arguably the quaint yellow trams that rattle their way around the city of Lisbon. Hop on board the 28 tram for a trip round the best sights of the city, where you’ll be able to capture things such as the Lisbon Castle, streets of Alfama, Estrela and Sao Bento. If you’d prefer to take pictures of the trams instead, head to the Bairro Alto area to find the Ascensor da Bica, where you’ll be able to capture the Funicular tram with the background of the picturesque streets of the Bica district.

Tram in Lisbon

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

Pena Palace, Sintra

Although the town of Sintra is a short train-journey away from Lisbon, a day trip is a must to get some of the best photos in Lisbon. Although Sintra itself contains many picturesque palaces, The Pena Palace is by far the grandest and most Instagrammable. This palace is not only great on a sunny day, but also on a grey day which make the bright colours stand out. Some of the best photos are taken from the outside of the castle, so we recommend buying a ticket for the outside and grounds of the castle only, rather than the more expensive ticket which includes entrance to the staterooms. The best photo opportunities are on the hill leading up to Sintra, where you can carefully capture the different colours and architecture of the palace all in one photo.

Bright yellow Pena Palace in Sintra

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

Alternatively once in the grounds, talk a walk around the narrow paths of back of the castle, to get the perspective of the hills and surrounding landscape that the palace is situated in.

Colourful Pena Palace

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

Top tip: This palace also features in our blog on the best castles in Europe. Check that out to discover more about this fascinating castle, including its history and how to get there.


Belém is located on the western outskirts of Lisbon, a short tram or bus ride away. The area as a whole is very picturesque, with many pretty green lawns and houses decorated with colourful tiles. However, one of the two main Instagram destinations here is the Torre de Belém. This UNESCO protected site was built in the early 1500s as a defense structure for the military, and truly looks like something which belongs in the Game of Thrones series.

A stone tower jutting out to sea

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

The other Instagrammable craze in Belém is, of course, the Pastéis de Belém. Although these delicious custard tarts can be found all over Lisbon (where they are known as Pastel de Nata), Belém is reportedly their birthplace and this cafe have their own original secret recipe. Make sure to resist eating them long enough to snap a picture of these pastry delights before they’re gone!

Traditional Portuguese custard tart

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

Jerónimos Monastery

The Jerónimos Monastery is found on the outskirts of Belém and is a great alternative Instagram spot as it is not as popular as other attractions. If architecture is your thing, be sure to pay for entry into the Monastery to see the intricate archways, ceilings and courtyards. However, if you’re on a budget, you can still see the spectacular Portuguese Late Gothic architecture on the outside walls, which still create a great Instagram photo.

Top tip: The Monastery is found on the outskirts of Belém. We recommend getting the tram or bus to Belém, and then walking for the return to the city to not miss these other impressive sites. Walking is also a great way to experience more of a city, and you’ll be able to stop for photos if you come across something you like the look of.

Grand Jeronimos Monastery

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

MAAT Museum

Although the MAAT contains impressive displays of art, architecture and technology, we recommend staying outside for the best photo opportunity. Best seen in the colours of sunsets or sunrises, the modern architecture of the museum creates a fantastic aesthetic, especially with the Ponte 25 de Abril standing tall in the background.

Top Tip: If you’re following our tip for seeing the Monastery by getting a one way ticket to Belém and then walking back to Lisbon, you’ll also be able to stop at the MAAT as it’s located slightly further along from the Monastery.

MAAT museum bathed in a warm glow from the setting sun

 Photo Credit: Jorge Neto


If you love sunsets and want more photos like those taken at the MAAT, head to the PARK rooftop bar near Bairro Alto for some of the best views of the city. This viewpoint gives you one of the best opportunities to capture the iconic and pretty rooftops of Lisbon, with the background of the suspension bridge and silhouette of Amada. It’s quirky location at the top of a multi-story carpark means that it’s not too overcrowded, however it still gets busy at sunset, so be sure to get there early enough to get the best view and enjoy a drink whilst the sun goes down.

A view across the rooftops of Lisbon

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

Time Out Market

Food is such an important aspect of culture and travel, so it goes without saying that by tasting and capturing pictures of authentic foods of an area is also experiencing their culture. Head to the Time Out Market in Lisbon to experience the best food of Lisbon. Be sure to capture the hustle and bustle of the main food hall, or the personality of the local market vendors that sell fresh and local meat, fish, fruits and flowers.

A range of Portuguese food

 Photo Credit Left to Right: @marimaxenta@deiahell@alliwannadoiseatnow.

Bordallo II Lisboa

If you’re heading out towards the Cais do Sodre District, which is where the Time Out Market is found, then be sure to stop by the Lisboa sign by the Cais do Sodre train station. This is made by artist Bordallo II who uses rubbish found in dumps and abandoned places to create street art. This ‘Lisboa’ sculpture is created using garbage cans and painted colourful, and creates a quick and easy Instagram snap, similar to the increasingly popular ‘i Amsterdam’.

Top Tip: If you have time and are wandering around the city, try to spot some of Bordallo II’s other works, which include transforming graffiti into 3-D sculptures of animals.

A sculpture saying Lisboa

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

Praça do Comércio

The Praça do Comércio is located in the centre of Lisbon, and is a huge plaza which dates back to the late 18th century and is surrounded by restaurants, bars and museums. The focal point of many pictures is the Rua Augusta, the huge archway which most people enter from. If you climb this arch to the viewpoint, you can get some great shots of the square from above. Alternatively, from below you can see the magnificent detail of the architecture. Across the road at the end of the square, there is a small beach which offers great views across the river, where you can get great pictures of Cristo Rei in Almada.

A beach and monument in Lisbon

 Photo Credit: Emma Langley

Lisbon Price Guide

Lisbon is a fairly cheap city, with most flights to the city being on low-cost carriers meaning flights are cheap. The cost of most things whilst out there is also cheap, meaning you can easily get around on a daily budget of 50-100€.

There are many options for great hostels in Lisbon, which can cost around 25€ a night. Hotels vary but the average mid-range hotel will cost between 50-60€ a night.

You can expect to pay around 20€ for a 3-course meal, or for a quick lunchtime sandwich, around 1-2€. For a pint of the local beer Sagres, expect to pay around 1-2€ per pint, or for a glass of Sangria, around 3€ in the touristy areas. Entrance fees to attractions typically cost between 5-10€, and for public transport, a single train ticket is 1.50€ or 6.40€ for 24-hour unlimited travel on the metro, bus and trams.

Take me to Lisbon

Humberto Delgado Airport, commonly known as Lisbon Airport (LIS) or Portela Airport, is the closest airport to the city. You can fly there on airlines such as TAP PortugaleasyJetVueling or Aer Lingus.

From the airport, you can easily reach the city centre via the metro (2€; 35 minutes), via the Aerobus Line 1 or 2 (4€; 45 minutes) or with a taxi (€20; 20 minutes).

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