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About Arkia Israeli Airlines

Arkia Israeli Airlines, often known as Arkia, is an Israeli airline with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Arkia Israeli Airlines flies to many destinations including Amman, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Batumi, Dublin, Eilat, Haifa, Helsinki, Kos, Larnaca, Ljubliana, Mykonos, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rhodes, Rome, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv and Yerevan.

Arkia Israeli Airlines is Israel's second-largest airline, which operates scheduled domestic and international services, as well as charter flights to destinations in Western Europe and across the Mediterranean.




Arkia Israeli Airlines Route Map

Arkia Israeli Airlines route map


Arkia Israeli Airlines Popular Routes


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Arkia Israeli Airlines Fleet

Airbus A321


ATR 72-500





Boeing 757-300

Embraer 190LR 




Embraer 195LR



Arkia Israeli Airlines Hub Airport

Ben Gurion Airport


Ben Gurion Airport is the largest airport of Israel and is the hub airport for El Al and Arkia Israel Airlines. It has three runaways and can handle nearly 15 million passengers.

Airlines which fly to and from this airport include Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot, airBaltic, Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air Europa, Astra Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Israir Airlines, Jetairfly, KLM, Korean Air, Ukraine International Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, Windrose, Wizz Air, YanAirYanAir and many others. 



Ben Gurion Airport tel aviv israel


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Arkia Israeli Airlines News

13th June 2018

Passenger traffic in Armenian airports grew 9.2% year-on-year

Passenger traffic in the two Armenian airports grew by 9.2% in January-May 2018 against the same period last year, the general department of civil aviation reveals.

Overall, 955,476 people used the services of Zvartnotsairport in the capital city, Yerevan, and Shirak airport in the northern city of Gyumri.

In April May, 217,615 people used the services of the two Armenian airports.

The number of transit flights carried out via Armenian air routes has drastically increased, the GDCA revealed recently.

In particular, 12 new air companies have entered the Armenian market in the past 2 years, which are: Armenia Aircompany, Brussels Airways, Qatar Airways, Wataniya Airways, Germania Fluggesellschaft, Arkia Israeli Airlines, Cham Wings, Air Cairo, Turkmenistan Airlines, Red Wings, Nordwind Airlines, Pobeda.

31st March 2018

El Al Flies in the Face of Public Interest by Attempting to Block New India Route

The airline long held a monopoly over flights to India. By trying to block these shorter, cheaper flights over Saudi airspace, El Al clearly doesn't have the Israeli consumer in mind

On Wednesday El Al Airlines said it was petitioning the High Court of Justice, asking it to block any new flights to Israel via Saudi airspace until it can also use the shortened route. El Al almost certainly doesn’t have a case. On what legal grounds could it stop Air India from flying the Israel line, over Saudi Arabian airspace? The only sure thing is that El Al isn’t looking for the greater good of the consumer.

On March 22, an Air India passenger jet took off from New Delhi, flew over Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, and landed at 10 PM at Ben-Gurion International Airport. The flight took about five hours. El Al, flying between Ben-Gurion and Mumbai, has to take a more circuitous route and the flight takes about seven hours.

The airline is acting against consumer interests by trying to block these shorter, cheaper flights. El Al seems not to see the breakthrough achieved vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia, in its finally agreeing to let the Israel line pass over its territory.

El Al’s fear is obvious. For years it had a monopoly over flying to India, and it has lost that status. Not just lost — but to a company offering a trip that’s two hours shorter and costs hundreds of dollars less. El Al will have to either lower the cost of its India tickets, or fly less frequently. It presently offers three to four flights a week.

The truth is, the India route isn’t a crash for El Al, at most a ding on the wing. But if other airlines get permission to fly between Asia and Israel over Saudi airspace, then flights to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Japan, and China, could all get shorter and cheaper — and Asian carriers presently ignoring Israel might start coming. That could be a real threat to El Al’s activity to the region, and El Al is right to be worried.

Blocking that is the main purpose of El Al’s petition. The airline claims Air India’s costs on the flight are 47% lower than its costs because of the route differences. In short, El Al hopes to thwart a trend.

But what does El Al claim? That equality of opportunity and fair competition are being impaired. The carrier quotes the civil Israel aviation authority, which called the shorter route an “extraordinary competitive advantage.”

It is certainly a competitive advantage; clearly too, there is no equality of opportunity between El Al and Air India. But what does fair competition actually mean?

Every company has its advantages and disadvantages. Air India has lower manpower costs because wages in India are significantly lower than in Israel. Does that constitute unfair competition? Or is that simply an economic reality that has to be dealt with? There are any number of situations in which this or that company would have an advantage. Making sure all companies operate under the same conditions is a recipe for stifling competition, innovation and progress.

It’s like ordering runners to stop and wait for the slowest person to catch up.

Israeli airlines know all about competitive advantage. They have at least one. El Al, Arkia and Israir get government subsidies for their security costs, for good reason, and the sums are enormous.

That subsidy is the government’s compensation to El Al for the sheer risk involved in being an Israeli airline. El Al for instance is equipped with an anti-missile system developed by the Israeli electronics company El-Op, after a missile was fired at an Arkia jet in 2002, in Mombasa. The system protects the plane during takeoff and landing. El Al has a lot of other safety and security systems that other carriers don’t have and most are subsidized by the Israeli taxpayer.

And now that long-suffering taxpayer has an opportunity to take a shorter, cheaper flight but El Al is being myopic. Instead of letting it happen, hoping the privilege will later be extended to Israeli airlines as well, it wants the court to block flights over Saudi Arabia in general. It’s also applying pressure to the government to apply pressure to Riyadh. It is dubious whether such public tactics will bring about another breakthrough enabling El Al to cross Saudi airspace as well, since any dialog between the nations is done in secret, not in court petitions.

The attempt to demand total equality between airlines is implausible. One may have advantages of lower manpower costs, another government subsidies of its outlay on security, a third may benefit from shorter flight paths. It would be wonderful if Saudi Arabia would allow Israeli carriers to fly over it too (some claim that Israeli planes flying along the narrow Red Sea straits already do that, to which Riyadh turns a blind eye). But even if that doesn’t happen any time soon, there is no reason to deny the Israeli consumer the opportunity of doing so with other airlines. And there is no reason to impede the State of Israel and Saudi Arabia in developing economic and aviation relations at their own pace.

El Al will simply have to deal with it, and make use of its own relative advantages, and it has them, to persuade Israelis to choose to take El Al, including to India and the Far East. Price and flight duration are important parameters, but in this business, so are psychology, a feeling of security and ace pilots.

4th February 2018
Arkia to launch Israel - Thailand flights
Arkia will begin operations to Thailand from July 2018, competing with El Al's direct flights. Thailand is a tourist favourite for Israelis, with 200,000 annual visitors. Boeing 767-300s have been rented specifically for these flights. Arkia will operate two weekly flights, with plans to increase that to three flights a week.

Arkia group CEO Nir Dagan said, "This is the beginning of a general step in which the company is equipping itself with wide-bodied airliners. Within two years, Arkia will receive more new wide-bodied planes that it has purchased, and Arkia will become an important player in long-range direct flights to destinations in demand among Israeli flyers, and in all directions." One of the Israeli destinations that Arkia is aiming at is New York.

6th December 2017
Levin sees Israel hosting 4m foreign tourists in 2018
Israel's Tourism Minister says Israel is being rebranded as a vacation destination rather than solemn place of pilgrimage.

"In crises, the ones who remain are Israeli companies El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE: ELAL), Arkia Airlines Ltd., and Israir Airlines and Tourism Ltd., and we have to preserve them," Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin said yesterday at an Israel Tourist and Travel Agents conference . As it happens, Levin is responsible for bringing a great many foreign airlines to Israel, such as Hainan Airlines of China and low-cost airline Ryanair.

Levin, who has been in his post for two and a half years, takes credit for the record number of tourists who have visited Israel. "The tourist sector in Israel still relies mostly on internal tourism," he said. "Action must be taken to counter stagnation wherever it appears. Competition from inexpensive overseas options is intense. Substantial investments are necessary in order to change the picture."

Levin added, "We have changed the market concept from the outmoded idea of Israel being a destination for Jews and pilgrims. These segments are very narrow and vulnerable to security problems, and we therefore reached the limit of the potential very quickly. Advertising was focused on holy and solemn places. We decided to change the approach, and to sell Israel as a vacation destination. We discovered that demand existed, but there is no one to sell Israel as a product. The reason is that we previously worked with travel agents who worked with a limited specific community. There was no one who could sell a vacation package to Israel."

Levin continued, "We signed agreements with all of the world's tourist giants. We signed with Ctrip (the Chinese company that acquired Skyscanner, M. R.-C.), as well as other tourist giants like Expedia. We switched to aggressive competition in advertising - organic advertising that will put us on the home pages of recommended websites, so that someone who wants to travel to Rome will get an offer for Jerusalem.

"We started seeing the numbers going up. We realized that something else was also needed. There has been a huge change in civil aviation in recent years. It worked in one direction - it sent Israelis outwards, while bringing almost no tourists back. Routes were developed for destinations that it was thought that Israelis would want to visit, without thinking about destinations from which tourists could be brought to Israel."

Levin cited China as an example. "We changed this thinking for China. We will reach at least 150,000 tourists in 2018, four times as many as we have had up until now. From four flights to Eilat, we have expanded to 52 weekly flights to Eilat.

"Another problem we are addressing is visas. This is an outdated obstacle that should vanish from the world. Israel demands visas from China and India with burdensome requirements from tourists and Israelis. No such requirements are being made from the Philippines, with which relations already existed. We managed to create shortcuts, but we have the task of ensuring these visas.

"We will finish this year with more than 3.5 million tourists. A new record was set in each one of the past 12 months. 426,000 tourists arrived in October. If this pace is kept up for 12 months, it will mean more than five million tourists in a year. The pace of reservations for 2018 has been unprecedented. Four million tourists is a realistic number.

"Up until now, we have been thinking about how to bring people. Today, the problem of infrastructure is growing and becoming more acute. There are infrastructure problems at tourist sites, such as the Western Wall, to which public transportation has no access. We have a shortage of motels and popular hotels. We have reached a pace of 6,000 rooms under construction, compared with 1,500 rooms several years ago.


May 2017
Arkia Israeli Airlines initiates first Italian route

This is the water arch salute at Milan Bergamo that greeted the inaugural Arkia Israeli Airlines service from Tel Aviv on 28 May.

Arkia Israeli Airlines has begun twice-weekly flights between Tel Aviv (TLV) and Milan Bergamo. The 2,638-kilometre sector will be flown by the airline’s E195s and faces no direct competition. However, three carriers offer flights between Tel Aviv and Milan Malpensa; El Al with 10 weekly flights, easyJet with five weekly flights and Neos Air with twice-weekly flights. According to OAG data the Israeli carrier now operates scheduled services from Tel Aviv to 11 destinations in 11 different countries.

March 2017
Arkia Israeli Airlines announced that it will be adding a service to Russia and Belarus, with additional services being offered to St. Petersburg and Minsk. 



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