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Alternative to Kayak

Alternative Airlines
An Alternative to Kayak

Alternative Airlines is a flight-booking website that allows you to buy flights fast, easily and conveniently. We offer flights from a huge range of different worldwide airlines, give you more than 25 ways to pay and have an amazing Customer Service team. We're not only the best Kayak alternative, we believe we're better...

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Why Alternative Airlines is the best Alternative to Kayak

Kayak is mainly an online search tool. This means that most of the flights that it sells are done through a third-party website for which it doesn't take any responsibility for. At Alternative Airlines, we look after you every step of the way. Unlike Kayak, when you make a flight booking, we don't send you to any third-party websites. You complete the payment with Alternative Airlines on our website and we issue the e-ticket ourselves. We have our own dedicated Customer Service team that is committed to answering any questions before or after you've booked with us. Plus, we offer more airlines than Kayak and its third-party sites do.

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No 3rd party sites

Kayak is mainly an online search tool. This means that, normally, they display the prices for flights on a number of other flight-booking websites and don't sell the flights themselves. When you've found the flight that you want to buy, you're sent to that flight provider's website to book the flight and Kayak is no longer involved. If you need anything further in relation to your booking, Kayak is not responsible and you'll have to contact the third-party site that you bought the flight from.

At Alternative Airlines, everything is done on our side. We allow you to search for flights and pay with us on our website and we issue the tickets ourselves. This eliminates any distrust that comes from using a third-party website and guarantees that if you have any queries about your booking before or after booking, we'll be able to answer and deal with it directly and efficiently. 

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600+ airlines

Even though Kayak displays flights from a number of third-party websites, Alternative Airlines still offers a lot more choices.

We offer over 600 airlines available worldwide, whereas, according to Kayak's website, they only offer between 400–450. While that's more than Google Flights, it's still 200 short of what we offer you.

Alternative Airlines offers flights from regional US carriers to airlines flying off-the-beaten-track in Latin America and Southeast Asia — plus, everything in between! 

Payment methods

Over 40 ways to pay

With more than 40 payment methods worldwide, we're guaranteed to offer a way to pay that's right for you.

We work extremely closely with our payment partners, including PayPalAffirmKlarnaCrypto.comUtrust and Airtel, to offer a multitude of different ways to pay. Whether you want to buy flights on finance, use your favourite e-wallet or pay using cryptocurrency — we've got you covered.

Check out all the different ways you can pay with Alternative Airlines.

Can I make changes to my booking? Yes!

Dedicated Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is available to help with any question or query that you might have, no matter how big or small. Our team is kind and helpful and have a real passion for delivering the best customer service that they can. Each member of our team is an expert in all things related to flight and Alternative Airlines.

As Kayak state, they're a search tool and not a seller. This means that the Customer Service that they can provide is limited compared to Alternative Airlines. Quite often, only the third party website that you booked on through Kayak's website will be able to assist you and you there's no guarantee that the third-party support will be good. 

  Alternative Airlines Kayak
No. of airlines ✔ 600+  ✖ 400–450
Ways to pay ✔ 25+  8 (depending on 3rd party website)
Third-party sites No Yes
Customer service Full customer support Support from 3rd party site
Ways to contact ✔ 4 1
Pre-book seats? ✔ Yes No
Pre-book baggage? Yes Depends on 3rd party site
Review rating
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4.1 star rating
Kayak star rating

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“Convenient good service"

Love that I can use PayPal Credit and flights are priced well — unlike other sites, it's not overpriced


“Great for travel in Eurasia”

Great for travel in Eurasia - Lots of airlines that other sites don't have.


“Easy to use website ”

Booking I made was cheaper than on other sites I checked, with more options offered for the date I required

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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

We’re super proud of our Trustpilot rating, but don’t just take it from us. See why millions of others love booking their flights through Alternative Airlines