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Alternative to Google Flights

Alternative Airlines
An Alternative to Google Flights

Alternative Airlines is a flight search and booking site. With more than 600 airlines, we'll have a flight option for you no matter where in the world you're flying to and from. We offer more than 40 ways to pay for your flights, including a range of buy now pay later, e-wallet and cryptocurrency options. Plus, we accept over 160 currencies, making it easy to buy flights from any country.

Our flight booking site is super quick and easy to use (see for yourself). And, we've got an amazing and friendly Customer Service team that is on-hand to help with any questions that you might have about your booking — no matter how big or small the query is.

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Why Alternative Airlines is the best Alternative to Google Flights

Where do we begin?

Google Flights isn't an expert in selling flights. Alternative Airlines is. Google Flights is simply a metasearch that runs a search based on where and when you want to travel and then redirects you to the airline website based on the flights that are available.

The number of airlines that it returns is significantly less than the number that we do at Alternative Airlines — we have far more choice. Plus, because Google Flights redirects you the airline website, you're limited to the boring traditional payment methods that most airlines offer. At Alternative Airlines, we offer more than 40 payment methods, including buy now, pay later. This means that you can spread the cost of your flights over time and don't have to pay the full amount upfront!

Use our search form at the top of the page to search for flights now.

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600+ Airlines

Google Flights simply doesn't have as many airlines on offer as Alternative Airlines. Google Flights says that it returns results 'more than 300 airlines'. Whereas, at Alternative Airlines, we offer more than 600 airlines — that's double the amount!

So, not only will we give you way more choice any time you search for flights, we'll also be able to offer your flights to the more remote destinations that Google Flights can't.

The airlines that we offer fly all across the world.

Want a domestic flight in the US or Australia? — check ✅

Want to fly to or around Europe or Asia? — check ✅

Looking for an airline that flies to remote destinations in South America or Africa? — check ✅

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Buy Now Pay Later

Our buy now, pay later payment options are an amazing way to pay for your flights. Buy now, pay later lets you secure and purchase your flight right now and then pay back the cost at a later date.

We have many different buy now, pay later options that all let you do different things. With our buy now, pay later options you can pay for your flights in the following ways:

- Pay in 3 or 4 instalments over 6 weeks
- Pay over several months (long-term financing)
- Pay back in X amount of days

Buy now, pay later makes flying more affordable by letting you split the cost of a flight over time, allowing you to budget better and make easy-to-manage payments.

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Over 40 payment methods

There's a tonne of different ways to pay for your flights at Alternative Airlines:

- Cryptocurrency
- Buy now, pay later (more on that later)
- E-wallets
- Direct Bank Transfer
- Traditional card payments

When you go through Google Flights, you only get the choice of the airline that you book with. Most airlines aren't very forward-thinking when it comes to payment methods. So, you'll most likely only have one or two card options to choose from.

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Fantastic customer service

The Alternative Airlines Customer Service team offers unparalleled customer support. They're a really friendly bunch and are very passionate about what they do. Their ultimate goals are to attend to any query that you have (no matter how big or small), make sure that you have everything that you need pre and post-booking and ensure that no question remains unanswered!

Google Flights don't offer any customer service. When you book with Google Flights, you'll have to deal with the customer service team of the airline that you booked on with 0 input from Google Flights.

  Alternative Airlines Google Flights
Redirect you to another site? No Yes
Ways to pay 40+ As few as the airline offers
No. of airlines 600+  300+
Customer service Full customer support No Google Flights customer service team
Ways to contact ✔ 4 0
Pre-book seats? ✔ Yes Only available through airline site
Pre-book baggage? Yes Only available through airline site
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4.1 star rating

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Great Service!

Great service at unbeatable prices.

Booked all flights for my euro trip

Booked all flights for my euro trip. All tickets were timely delivered with utmost clarity. The sales support is very reliable, this lovely representative named Hannah Cruz responded to all my queries and provided support in a very professional manner. Highly recommend this website.

Found to be much simpler than others

Found this to be much easier than the others. Sometimes can be very confusing but the way they list the flights was very easy. This was helpful because the less complicated, the more I like!

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