Air Niugini have taken delivery of a Falcon 900 EX executive jet funded by the Government and operated by Air Niugini.

The aircraft, fitted with an in-built conference facility, modern entertainment system, and an interior tailor-made for the avid modern traveller, touched down at Port Moresby's International Airport after an eight-hour, 20-minute flight flying at 41,000 feet across the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu in Hawaii.

Built in France by Dassault Aviation, the aircraft  was prepared for Air Niugini at a cost of US$40 million  which included the interior, avionics, cabinet-making, entertainment system and specified paint scheme and special cameras fitted to aid navigation in bad weather. The aircraft has a five-year warranty and during that time, it will be leased to the Government as well as private sector organisations and individuals. The aircraft is powered by three Honeywell TFE31-60 turbo fan engines and has the capacity to carry 12 passengers in a standard configuration. It is the finest in its class, with its classic tri-jet engines design. It can land at small airports and fly at high attitudes, even on hot days. It is designed to fly 4,500 nautical miles non-stop. Air Niugini board chairman Sir James Tjoeng said: “Such an arrangement is the first for this country and I would like to thank the National Government for having the trust and confidence in Air Niugini by allowing us to partner in this commercial arrangement. “This is a great opportunity for Air Niugini and we will do our best to serve and provide you the exemplary service that you expect,” said Sir James. The legend ‘Papua New Guinea Vision 2050’ is inscribed on both sides of the fuselage.,
(Source: The National Newspaper PNG)