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AeroCaribe de Honduras is a Honduran airline that flies regularly scheduled flights throughout Honduras. It flies domestic flights to different Honduran islands. Currently, the airline flies to 3 destinations in Honduras. It's based at La Ceiba Golosón International Airport (LCE) and flies to Guanaja and Puerto Lempira.

AeroCaribe de Honduras launched flights in 2009 and is one of the many airlines that offers domestic flights within Honduras. AeroCaribe makes a great alternative to Honduras' domestic airlines and is one of the few airlines that offers regular direct connections from La Ceiba to Guanaja and Puerto Lempira.


Aerocaribe Honduras is based at La Ceiba and flies to Gunaja and Puerto Lempira. Altogether, it has 3 destinations that it flies between.

Guanaja Guanaja Airport GJA
La Ceiba Golson International Airport LCE
Puerto Lempira Puerto Lempira Airport PEU


The baggage allowance for AeroCaribe's flights are displayed when selecting a flight at Alternative Airlines.

If a passenger has already purchased their ticket with Alternative Airlines, the baggage allowance will be displayed on the e-ticket that is sent after booking.

Economy Class

The airline flies with small planes and only has room for one cabin. This is an Economy Class cabin that offers basic but comfortable seating. Due to the small planes and short service, ameneties are limited and the airline has a small cabin crew. However, everything is relative to the size of the flight and plane.


Seats are set out in a 1 x 2 formation.

In-Flight Entertainment & WIFI

There's no in-flight entertainment or WIFI on any of Aerocaribe de Honduras' flights.

There's a shared screen on the flight at the front of the plane. However, this is used to display flight info only and not used for entertainment.

Frequent Flyer

The airline doesn't have a frequent flyer program.

Airline Alliance

AeroCaribe de Honduras isn't a member of any airline alliance.


The airline has a fleet with 1 single LET-410 UVPE turboprop plane. It uses this plane for all of its flights.

Hub Airport

Golosón International Airport

Golosón International Airport (LCE) is one of the main airports in Honduras and the hub airport for Aerocaribe de Honduras. AeroCaribe de Honduras has been based at Golosón International since it launched in 2009 and has flown a mix of scheduled and charter passenger flights from the airport since that time. The airport itself is small and only has the 1 terminal and 1 runway.

There are 5 other airlines that use Golosón International Airport. They are: Aerolineas Sosa, Cayman Airways, CM Airlines and Lanhsa Airlines.

Alternative Airlines

Avianca Honduras and CM Airlines both fly routes similar to Aerocaribe de Honduras.

Avianca logo CM Airlines logo


Are Aerocaribe de Honduras flights all direct?

No, not all Aerocaribe de Honduras flights are direct. Aerocaribe de Honduras flies from La Ceiba to Guanaja and Puerto Lempira and these flights are always direct. But, if you wanted to fly from Puerto Lempira to Gunaja on Aerocaribe de Honduras, you'd have to get a connecting flight via La Ceiba. The same applies if you were to fly from Guanaja to Puerto Lempira.

Can I book Aerocaribe de Honduras flights with Alternative Airlines?

Yes, you can book Aerocaribe de Honduras flights with Alternative Airlines by using our search form (you can find it at the top of the page). To search for flights just enter any of the destinations that Aerocaribe de Honduras flies between, select your dates, number of passengers and search for flights.

If you can't find Aerocaribe de Honduras flights on our site, don't worry, we have loads of other airlines that fly within Honduras that will show as flight option for your search!

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