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Buy Flights Using ADDI

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Pay for flights using ADDI

Put your flights on finance when you buy flights with Alternative Airlines and pay with ADDI. We offer flights from more than 600 airlines, flying all across the world. When you select ADDI at checkout, you can spread the cost of your flights over time with a financing plan.  Choose to pay back the cost over 3, 6 or 12 months, with payment made on a monthly basis. 

Fnd the flights that you want to buy on our site, select ADDI at checkout and choose a financing plan. Once you've selected your plan and are approved by ADDI, we'll confirm your flight and send you your e-ticket.

Is your flight scheduled before your plan is fully paid off?

Don't worry about it, you don't have to pay off the total cost of your flight by the time that you use it.  If you haven't paid off your plan by the time you take your flight, it doesn't matter! You still make payment according to your plan, even if means paying off your flight after you've used it.

How to buy flights with ADDI

To buy flights using ADDI, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for flights on our site by using our search form at the top of the page.
  2. Select the flight that you want to buy (we have flights from more than 600 worldwide airlines, by the way!)
  3. At checkout, select ADDI as your payment method. Enter your information to ADDI so that they can verify you and approve you for a loan.
  4. Once approved, select the terms of your payment plan (3, 6 or 12 months). You'll quickly be sent an authorization code to your mobile. Enter the code to ADDI. 
    That's it. The flights are all yours! We'll send you your e-ticket and booking confirmation. All you need to do is make sure that you make the pre-agreed payments to ADDI.
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ADDI & Flights

ADDI is a payment method that allows you to put purchases that you make at a wide variety of in-store and online retailers on finance. When you buy goods and services and pay with ADDI, you can spread the cost of your purchase over 3, 6 or 12 months.

ADDI is a South American payment method and is popular in Colombia and Brazil.

It's a great way to pay for flights because it makes flying that much more affordable. Instead of saving up or waiting until you have enough money to buy a flight, instead, you can secure your flight now and pay it back it later in payments that fit your budget.

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ADDI and Flights FAQs

What is ADDI?

ADDI is a point-of-sale financing payment method that allows you to buy goods and services both in-store and online and pay back the cost over time, with a monthly plan. Purchases can be split into 3, 6 or 12-month plans, with each payment made once a month. 

How can I use ADDI to pay for flights?

To use ADDI to pay for flights, all you need to do is find the flight that you want to buy on our site and select ADDI at checkout.

You'll need to enter a few details so that ADDI can verify and approve your loan — this only takes a few seconds. Once approved, the flights will be yours. All you need to do is make your payments back to ADDI, according to the plan that you selected.

What plans do ADDI offer?

ADDI allows you to finance your flight with a 3, 6 or 12-month plan.

Is ADDI available worldwide?

No. ADDI is only currently available in Colombia and Brazil. Although, it does have plans to offer financing in other countries. So, keep posted!

What are the requirements in order for me to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan, you must

  • Be at least 18.
  • Have a physical citizenship card in Colombia or Brazil.
  • Have a mobile, with a valid number and access to WhatsApp.
  • Have a valid e-mail address.