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New South Wales Flights

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Search and buy flights to, within and from New South Wales with Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from all Australian airlines that fly to airports in New South Wales, as well as flights from international airlines that fly to the big cities within the state.

Airlines that fly within New South Wales

New South Wales is a large place and flying is undoubtedly the quickest way to travel across the state. There are lots of airlines that fly between destinations within New South Wales.

Rex Regional Express

Rex Regional Express is the most well-connected airline in New South Wales, with its main base at Sydney Airport. Rex connects Sydney Airport with more than 10 destinations across New South Wales, which makes it the airline with the most New South Wales connections from a single airport within the state. For that reason, Rex is the top choice for flying around New South Wales, especially if you're flying to or out of Sydney Airport.

It has several secondary bases in other states in Australia. And, although none of its secondary bases is in New South Wales, it flies between several other destinations within New South Wales that don't involve Sydney too. For example, Rex flies regularly between Cooma and Marimbula, Broken Hill and Dubbo, Moruya and Marimbula, as well as other routes.

Example routes:

Sydney ➡ Cooma

Broken Hill ➡ Dubbo

Marimbula ➡ Cooma

& many more!


While Australia's national carrier, Qantas, mainly flies international and between the big cities within Australia, its regional brand, QantasLink flies lots of routes around New South Wales.

The airline is based in New South Wales, with its main hub at Sydney Airport. Although, it does have several other hubs outside of New South Wales too. From Sydney, QantaLink flies to Rex connects with more than five other destinations in New South Wales, including Armidale, Albury, Ballina, Port Macquarie and more.

QantasLink doesn't offer many flights between destinations within New South Wales outside of Sydney. Although, it's the only airline in the world to connect Lord Howe Island with Port Macquarie.

Example routes:

Sydney ➡ Ballina

Sydney ➡ Armidale

Lord Howe Island ➡ Port Macquarie

& many more!


Jetstar is one of Australia's leading low-cost airlines. However, with most of its focus on flight travelling internationally and from state-to-state, it only flies one route within New South Wales. Jetstar connects Sydney with Ballina.

Sydney Airport is actually one of Jetstar's two main hubs, however, it mainly connects Sydney with destinations outside of New South Wales.

Example route:

Sydney ➡ Ballina


FlyPelican is based out of Newcastle Airport and the best airline if you're travelling around New South Wales, connecting it with Ballina, Dubbo and Sydney.

FlyPelican also flies several other routes within New South Wales, including Sydney to Mudgee and Ballina to Dubbo.

Example routes:

Newcastle ➡ Sydney

Newcastle ➡ Dubbo

Cobar ➡ Dubbo

Air Link

Air Link is the only airline to be based out of Dubbo. It connects Dubbo with Walgett and Bourke. As well as flights from Dubbo, the airline flies one other route between Walgett and Lightning Ridge.

Although it's mainly a charter airline, many of Air Link's flights fly on a regular schedule and are available to book without chartering a plane.

Example routes:

Dubbo ➡ Bourke

Dubbo ➡ Walgett

Walgett ➡ Lightning Ridge

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is one of the largest airlines in Australia. It has a large domestic and international route network, although, not many of the destinations that it flies to are within New South Wales. It has a base in Sydney, which is mainly used for flights outside of New South Wales, although it does connect with Ballina and Coffs Harbour.

Other than those two routes, Virgin Australia doesn't offer any flights within New South Wales.

Example routes:

Sydney ➡ Ballina

Sydney ➡ Coffs Harbour

Link Airways

Link Airways, which was once known as Fly Corporate, is not actually based in New South Wales. Instead, it's based at Brisbane Airport.

Although it's not based in New South Wales, it still flies a few routes between destinations in the state. In fact, it's the only airline currently flying to Inverell and Narrabri, flying between the two destinations, as well as connecting them to Sydney.

Example routes:

Sydney ➡ Inverell

Sydney ➡ Narrabri

Inverell ➡ Narrabri

Airlines that fly to New South Wales (from Australia)

If you're looking for a domestic flight that is travelling to New South Wales from another destination, there is a lot of option. Many of the airlines that fly within New South Wales, also fly state-to-state. But, there are also a few airlines that only fly state-to-state and don't fly within the state. Here are all the airlines that fly from to New South Wales from another state within Australia.

Rex Regional Express

Rex offers a few flights to New South Wales from other states. It mainly connects Sydney with other states, flying from places like Melbourne, Grafton and more. Aside from Sydney, the airline also flies to Broken Hill, Clarence Valley, Albury and more from outside of New South Wales.

Example routes:

Melbourne ➡ Sydney

Grafton ➡ Sydney

Melbourne ➡ Merimbula

& many more!


QantasLink flies to a number of destinations within New South Wales from Brisbane and Melbourne. It also connects Sydney with destinations such as Canberra, Wellcamp, Gold Coast and more.

Example routes:

Melbourne ➡ Albury

Brisbane ➡ Lord Howe Island

Gold Coast ➡ Sydney

& many more!


Mainline Qantas also flies some of the more popular domestic routes to Sydney, New South Wales. Overall, it flies to Sydney from more than five destinations outside of New South Wales and, obviously, offers international connections from those destinations too.

Example routes:

Darwin ➡ Sydney

Alice Springs ➡ Sydney

Perth ➡ Sydney

& many more!

Link Airways

As it's based in Brisbane, Link Airways connects Brisbane to several destinations across New South Wales, including Armidale, Dubbo, Coffs Harbour and more.

Link Airways also flies to New South Wales from Melbourne and from Canberra to Newcastle.

Example routes:

Canberra ➡ Newcastle

Brisbane ➡ Coffs Harbour

Brisbane ➡ Inverell

& many more!


FlyPelican connects its hub, Newcastle with Sunshine Coast and Canberra. It also flies from Canberra to other destinations within New South Wales, including Port Macquarie and Ballina.

Example routes:

Sunshine Coast ➡ Newcastle

Canberra ➡ Ballina

Canberra ➡ Port Macquarie


Jetstar flies to Sydney from more than 10 destinations in other Australian states. It also connects Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane to Newcastle and Melbourne to Ballina.

Example routes:

Sunshine Coast ➡ Sydney

Canberra ➡ Sydney

Melbourne ➡ Ballina

& many more!

Sharp Airlines

Sharp Airlines is an airline that flies regularly throughout South Australia and Victoria. So, it doesn't offer any flights within New South Wales and just the one route flying to New South Wales.

Sharp Airlines flies from Melbourne-Essendon to Griffith Airport on a regular basis.

Example route:

Melbourne ➡ Griffith

International Flights to New South Wales

There are lots of international flights flying into New South Wales every day. There are three international airports in New South Wales — Sydney Airport, Newcastle Airport and Lord Howe Island Airport.

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is where the vast majority of international flights fly into. There are more than 40 international airlines that fly into Sydney, with airlines from other parts of Oceania, Asia, North America and even parts of Europe and South America.

Sydney is undoubtedly the main airport to fly into if you're travelling to New South Wales from abroad. And, it's one of the main gateways for all of Australia.

Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport has much fewer international flights. In fact, the only international destination you can currently fly from to Newcastle Airport is Auckland, New Zealand. Virgin Australia offers this for only part of the year.

Lorde Howe Island Airport

Although Lord Howe Island Airport is technically an international airport, there aren't any scheduled international flights flying to this airport at this time.

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Is a passport required when travelling to New South Wales?

Yes, if you're flying to New South Wales from a country outside of Australia, you'll need a passport (and possibly a visa) to enter the country.

If you're flying within New South Wales or from another Australian destination, you won't need a passport. Although, you'll need some form of photo ID. This can be a passport or it can be a drivers license or national ID card or any other form of government-issued photo identification.

Do I need a passport if flying from Tasmania to New South Wales?

Although you don't need a passport to fly from mainland Australia to Tasmania, you do need a passport to travel from Tasmania into Australia. Therefore, if you're flying from Tasmania to New South Wales, you'll be required to bring your passport.

Can I book flights to New South Wales online?

Yes, you can book flights to New South Wales online at Alternative Airlines. Use our search form to search for flights to a destination within New South Wales from anywhere in the world. We offer flights from more than 600 airlines worldwide, so we'll be able to get you to New South Wales no matter where you're flying from!