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Cheap Flights December 2024

Cheap Flights in December 2024

Buy cheap flights for December 2024 with Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from more than 600 airlines worldwide at great prices. So, no matter where in the world you're flying to or from — we'll have a flight for you. Pay with one of our 40+ payment methods, including buy now pay later, e-wallet or even cryptocurrency.

Lake Bled, Slovenia in Winter

Buy Cheap Flights in December with Alternative Airlines

With Christmas and New Year for some parts of the world and the beginning of summer for others, December is a popular and generally more expensive time of the year to fly compared to the months surrounding it.

That's why, if you're looking for cheap winter flights in December for a vacation or otherwise and you want to keep the cost down, you'll need to look in the right places. At Alternative Airlines, we offer flights in December flying all across the world and help you easily find the cheapest flights on our site.

How, exactly? Check out our tips and guides below...

Tips for booking cheap flights in December 2024

Use our calendar to find the cheapest flight

Our cheapest date calendar is the perfect tool for anyone who isn't fussed about which dates they fly on and can be flexible with their dates. The calendar is color-coded and highlights the cheapest days to fly in shades of green and the most expensive days in shades of red. Anything in between will be colored in yellow. The deeper green the date is, the cheaper the flights are on that day.

Our calendar is the first place to start when looking for cheap flights in December because it'll filter out the most expensive flights before you've even begun searching. The cheapest calendar automatically loads anytime you open our calendar when searching for a flight on our site.

Find the cheapest flight

Once you've decided the dates you want to fly on, you can choose to sort the flight results by 'lowest price'. This will put all of the cheapest flights at the top of the search.

Tip: if you'd like to see all of the cheapest direct flights or the cheapest flights that include baggage in their fare, sort by cheapest and then select one of our other filters. This will show you all of the cheapest flights with your selected filter view.

Pick the right payment method

While picking the right payment method won't make your flight cheaper, it can definitely help with paying off a flight ticket and make it more affordable. For example, on flights that are paid for via PayPal, you're eligible to earn cashback. Or, if you choose one of our buy now pay later options, you can split of the ticket over time. This allows you to better manage your money and buy the flight weeks or months before you'd ordinarily be able to.

Cheapest flight by Airline
Have a favourite airline? We've also come up with a way that you can quickly and easily search for the cheapest flights from a specific airline. Once you've searched for flights, all you have to do is click on the airline logo on the banner at the top of the page. The price underneath the logo shows the price of the cheapest flight for each airline, so you can easily compare.

How to find and book cheap flights for December 2024

Step 1 - Fill out Search Form

Fill out the search form

Using the booking tool enter the departing and arriving airport, cabin class and the number of passengers to start your flight search.

How to find and book cheap flights for December 2024

Step 2 - Select travel dates and see cheapest days to fly in December

Select the cheapest days to fly

This is where our cheapest calendar comes in! The dates in green are the cheapest dates to fly on and the dates in red are the more expensive. If you're able to fly on that date, choose a green date.

How to find and book cheap flights for December 2024

Step 3 - browse through flights

Sort and select flights

We'll display all available flights on the dates and destinations that you've chosen.

Here you can sort by cheapest flights by using our 'Sort By' filter. Or, click on one of the airline logos on the banner at the top to see the cheapest prices on a specific airline.

How to find and book cheap flights for December 2024

Different payment methods available at checkout

Pay your way

After you've filled out the passenger details for your flight, you'll need to select a payment method.

Remember, we've got a tonne of payment options and certain payment methods, such as our buy now, pay later options can help make your flight more affordable in the long run.

Once you've selected payment, you'll just need to follow the instructions to complete the payment. After that, the flight is yours! We'll send over your e-ticket right away, which you can use for check-in.


Where can I fly?

Alternative Airlines offers flights from more than 600 airlines worldwide, so you can find cheap flights in December 2024 no matter where in the world you're flying. Here are some example routes and the airlines that fly them.

Hallstatt, Austria

Cheap December flights to Europe

Plane icon

New York (JFK) ➡ London (LHR) — non-stop round trip flights start at $543 USD.

Plane icon

Houston (IAH) ➡ Rome (FCO) — flights start at $634 USD.

Plane icon

Atlanta (ATL) ➡ Paris (CDG) — non-stop return flights from $866 USD.

Palm tree and a beach in Hawaii

Cheap December flights to Hawaii

Plane icon

Los Angeles (LAX) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — direct return flights from $279 USD.

Plane icon

Salt Lake City (SLC) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — direct return flights start at $600 USD.

Plane icon

New York (JFK) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — direct flights start from $672 USD.

Taj Mahal in India

Cheap December flights to India

Plane icon

Dallas (DFW) ➡ Delhi (DEL) — flights start at $826 USD.

Plane icon

London (LHR) ➡ Mumbai (BOM) – non-stop round-trip flights from £529 GBP.

Plane icon

Sydney (SYD) ➡ Delhi (DEL) — return flights from $1,419 AUD.

Hot air balloon in Kenya

Cheap December flights to Kenya

Plane icon

Atlanta (ATL) ➡ Nairobi (NBO) — return flights from $711 USD.

Plane icon

New York (JFK) ➡ Nairobi (NBO) — non-stop return flights from $788 USD.

Plane icon

London (LHR) ➡ Nairobi (NBO) — non-stop return flights from £571 GBP.

Waterfalls in Ghana

Cheap December flights to Ghana

Plane icon

New York (JFK) ➡ Accra(ACC) — return trip flights from $979 USD.

Plane icon

Chicago (ORD) ➡ Accra (ACC) — return flights from $894 USD.

Plane icon

London (LHR) ➡ Accra (ACC) — direct return flights from £628 GBP.

Where is hot in December?

Chase the winter sun and take a break from the winter weather with a holiday to a summery and tropical destination! Trade in your winter coats and fleeces for a swimsuit and soak up in the sun on a hot beautiful and sandy beach in the Caribbean. December is a great time to visit some of the world's most picturesque landscapes. With fewer clouds and great prices, you can book your winter escape with Alternative Airlines today!


Cancun typically has high temperatures all year round so you can count on it if you're looking to run away from the cold weather. The perfect time to visit Cancun is during December when temperatures average 30°C. However, Cancun's busiest seasons are between December and April so if you're looking to escape the crowds book your flights to Cancun for the beginning of December.

  • Average December Temperate: 30°C
  • 11 hours of daylight


Barbados, a beautiful island in the Caribbean is a great place to visit during December! The weather is lovely and sunny, with average temperates of 29.5°C. The sea temperature in Barbados also makes it perfect for snorkelling and other water sports activities. It's no surprise as to why people love spending Christmas in Barbados. The island is filled with beautiful beaches, friendly locals and vibrant nightlife. So if you're looking for some winter sun then Barbados is definitely worth adding to your bucket list!

  • Average December Temperate: 29.5°C
  • 9 hours of sunshine daily

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most breathtaking cities in the South of Africa. December is the start of the summer season in Cape Town, meaning that there are lots of hours of sunshine and more time to explore the beautiful city. Temperatures average around 27°C in December. There is plenty to do in Cape Town in December - from kayaking to mountain biking to exploring the popular restaurants and bars. During South Africa's summer season, you must wander around and see the great panoramas of the city from the peaks.

  • Average December Temperate: 27°C
  • 14 hours of daylight


Where is hot in December? Cuba! The island situated in the northern part of the Caribbean averages around 27°C in December. Cuba is known for its old architecture, vintage cars, stunning beaches and funky Cuban cocktails. If you're craving some Vitamin D, then you must soak up in Cuba's best beaches: Cayo Largo del Sur, Varadero, Cayo Santa Mari and Cayo Coco.

  • Average December Temperature: 27°C
  • 8 hours of sunshine daily


There is a small chance of rain in Bali during the December period, but it's usually temporary and followed by blue skies. December is a great time to visit Bali and experience the local culture. The temperature in Bali averages around 33°C in December! Bali is famous for its incredible beaches, beautiful scenery, and rich terraced rice fields that give off peace and tranquillity, making it a great place for a winter getaway.

  • Average December Temperature: 33°C
  • 7 hours of sunshine daily

Frequently asked questions

Where is hot in December in Europe?

The south of Europe is a lot warmer than the north of Europe during the wintertime. Countries including Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Malta and Spain have much warmer December temperatures compared to other northern countries such as the UK, France and Sweden.

What is the hottest country in Europe in December?

Malta is hot all year round! So if you're looking for a warm winter break from the cold weather, then Malta is the perfect place for you. Temperatures average around 18°C in December.

Is Antigua hot in December?

Yes! The weather in Antigua is hot and sunny, temperatures reach as high as 29°C and as low as 23°C.

Is Morocco hot in December?

The weather in Morocco in December can be a little chilly compared to other destinations. The daily average temperature is around 20°C in December.

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