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Cancel Flights For Any Reason

Cancel any flight for any reason and get 70% of your money back, no questions asked.

Coming soon...

We're currently developing our Cancel For Any Reason service which will offer you the ability to cancel any flight for any reason. It's not available yet, but we're excited to bring it to you soon! In the meantime, you can check out our guide on how to cancel flights or learn more about our other buyer protection products like Cancellation Protection and Baggage Insurance.

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How to cancel airline tickets

Did you know you can cancel any flight for any reason with Alternative Airlines and get 70% of the cost of your flight back?

So you've booked a flight, all set for an exciting adventure or a long-awaited reunion. Then, life throws you a curveball, and you have to cancel. Disappointment sets in, but on top of that, there's the airline maze to navigate. You face a web of cancellation policies, fees, and the fight to get any refund at all. It's a stressful situation that can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated.

We understand this painful process - cancelling a flight shouldn't add to your stress. Here at Alternative Airlines, we have a solution. Our "Cancel For Any Reason" guarantee puts you in control. You can cancel your flight at any time, for any reason - no explanation needed. We understand that unexpected things happen and we want to help. With this guarantee, you'll get 70% of your money back, so you can focus on what matters most.

Add Cancel For Any Reason during booking process

Can you cancel a flight and get a refund?

Traditionally, getting a refund after cancelling a flight can be a challenge. Airlines typically offer cheaper fares with stricter cancellation policies. This means you might receive a travel credit instead of cash back, or worse, no refund at all. This helps airlines fill seats and predict demand, but it can leave you frustrated if your plans change.

There are exceptions, of course. Some airlines offer more generous cancellation windows, and most allow a full refund within 24 hours of booking. But what if your reason for cancelling falls outside these windows? That's where our "Cancel For Any Reason" guarantee comes in.

With our Cancel For Any Reason guarantee, you'll be able to cancel your flight and get 70% of the ticket cost back, no questions asked. Simply add 'Cancel For Any Reason' during the booking process and we'll refund you 70% of your entire booking should you need to cancel your flight.

Activate Cancel For Any Reason in Manage My Booking

Is Cancel For Any Reason worth it?

Peace of mind

Life is unpredictable. Unexpected situations can arise, forcing you to change your travel plans. With our Cancel For Any Reason product, you can have the flexibility to cancel your flight at any time for any reason, without worrying about airline restrictions or losing all of your money.

Stress-free travel

Cancelling a flight can be a stressful ordeal, especially when dealing with complex cancellation policies and fees. Our guarantee eliminates that stress. You can focus on addressing the reason for cancelling and know you'll get the majority of your money back.

Financial protection

Standard airline cancellation policies often leave you with little to nothing if you need to cancel outside a narrow 24-hour window. Cancel For Any Reason ensures you get 70% of your money back, minimising the financial impact of a cancelled trip.

How to use Cancel For Any Reason

Access Manage My Booking portal

1. Go to Manage My Booking (MMB)

If you applied the Cancel For Any Reason product during the booking process and need to use it, you can access it via Manage My Booking (MMB). Look for the "Cancel For Any Reason" option for the flight you wish to cancel.

How to use Cancel For Any Reason

Activate Cancel For Any Reason in MMB

2. Activate Cancel For Any Reason

Once you find the option, proceed with activating Cancel For Any Reason. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your cancellation.

How to use Cancel For Any Reason

Confirmation of cancellation request

3. Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email or notification after successfully activating Cancel For Any Reason for your flight.

How to use Cancel For Any Reason

Notification that we are processing your refund

4. Refund Processing

You can expect to receive your refund in 30 days. The refunded amount will be returned to the original payment method you used for the booking.


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Frequently asked questions

What is 'Cancel For Any Reason'?

'Cancel For Any Reason' is an optional guarantee you can add to your flight booking when you book through Alternative Airlines. It allows you to cancel your flight for any reason, without any questions asked, and get 70% of your ticket price back.

Can I cancel any flight within 24 hours?

In the US, there's actually a regulation that might be helpful in some cases! Most airlines operating flights to, from, or within the US are required to offer a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, as long as your departure date is at least seven days away. However, this doesn't apply to all situations. For more flexibility and guaranteed refunds beyond that 24-hour window, our 'Cancel For Any Reason' guarantee is a great option to consider.

How can I cancel my flight without a cancellation fee?

There are a few limited ways to cancel a flight without a fee: some airlines offer a 24-hour grace period for cancellations made within a day of booking, and occasionally airlines may waive fees for extenuating circumstances, but these are rare and require documentation.

Generally, avoiding cancellation fees involves choosing a ticket with a more flexible fare class (which typically comes with a higher price tag), or using travel insurance that covers cancellations.

However, our 'Cancel For Any Reason' guarantee offers a reliable and user-friendly way to get 70% of your money back on any flight cancellation, for any reason at all.

What are some reasons for cancelling a flight?

There's a whole range of reasons why you might need to cancel your flight - unexpected illness, a family emergency, work obligations popping up, travel advisories due to weather or unrest, or even simply a change of heart about your destination. 'Cancel For Any Reason' understands that life is full of surprises and puts you in control by allowing you to cancel for any reason at all - no explanation needed.

How much will I get back if I cancel my flight with 'Cancel For Any Reason'?

If you have already purchased 'Cancel For Any Reason' for your booking, you will receive 70% of the total cost of your booking, should you need to cancel.

Can I add 'Cancel For Any Reason' after I book my flight?

'Cancel For Any Reason' is only available for purchase during the initial booking process.

We recommend reviewing the full terms and conditions of 'Cancel For Any Reason' before purchasing to ensure you understand all the details of the policy.