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Cabo Verde Connect Services is a virtual carrier based on the Cape Verde island. Through a partnership with SATA Azores Airlines (and with potential other partnerships to follow in the future), the virtual airline connects Cape Verde with popular European cities, with plans to fly to North America in the future. The airline's ultimate goal is to connect Cape Verde to all cities that have large Cape Verdean communities.

As a virtual carrier, the airline doesn't operate its own flights with its own cabin crew and branding or sell the flights on its own website. Instead, Cabo Verde Connect Services charters planes from partner airlines and sells its flights through travel agencies, such as Alternative Airlines!

The airline launched its first flight in December 2020, with a flight between Praia and Lisbon. The airline connected the two country capitals with a plane chartered from Azores Airlines. Due to its popularity, the Praia–Lisbon route was a route that Azores was looking to start flying itself but, because of the partnership with Cabo Verde Connect Services, the airline decided to not go ahead with the flight internally and let Cabo Verde Connect take control of the route instead. In the same month, the airline launched a second route between Sal and Lisbon.

Cabo Verde Connect Services has announced Paris and Boston as routes that it's interested in flying to in the future, as well as plans to offer domestic flights in Cape Verde.

The airline's hub is currently at Praia International Airport. Although, depending on route demand for the future, this could change.


Cabo Verde connect plans to connect Cape Verde with a number of major cities across Europe and North America. Here are the destinations that it's currently flying to:


  • Praia
  • Sal
  • São Vincente


  • Boston, USA
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Paris, France


Carry-On Baggage

Passengers in Economy Class are entitled to 8 kg (17 lbs) of free carry-on baggage. This must be one bag only and it must fit within the dimensions of 55 (21.5" x 40 (15.5") x 20 cms (7.5").

Checked Baggage

As standard, passengers are entitled to one piece of free checked baggage, weighing a maximum of 23 kg. However, if a passenger needs more baggage, they can contact the airline to arrange for an additional allowance.

Please note: Baggage allowances might differ from flight to flight. If you've booked a flight, it's important to check your e-ticket for the correct baggage allowances.

Check-In Information


Online check-in isn't available for the airline at this time.


To check-in for the flight, passengers must visit one of the airline check-in desks and present the relevant travel documents to one of the check-in agents. Cabo Verde Connect services doesn't have its own check-in desk. Instead, passengers must visit the check-in desk of the airline that is operating the flight. When booking through Alternative Airlines, this will be displayed on the e-ticket.

Economy Class

At this time, the airline only flies with an Economy Class cabin. Although, it's likely that it'll offer Business Class flights in the future.

The Economy Class cabin gives you everything you need for a comfortable journey. The airline has a cabin crew that is on board to assist passengers throughout the flight.


Seats are set out in a 3 x 3 configuration. Extra legroom seats are available on the plane, however, they're not available for purchase and are allocated at random.


Cabo Verde Connect Services charters planes from SATA Azores Airlines. This means that it doesn't have its own fleet.

The planes that the airline charters are all Airbus planes. It uses both the A320 and A321ER.

Hub Airport

Praia International Airport

Praia International Airport (RAI), also known as Nelson Mandella International Airport, is an international airport in Cape Verde's capital, Praia and the hub airport for Cabo Verde Connect Services. Praia International has been the hub for the airline since it launched in 2020 and is where most of its services will fly to/from. As the airline adds more routes to its network, it may fly from other airports within the region, depending on passenger demand.

The airport itself is small, with just one runway and one building. Despite being located on the islands' capital, it's the second busiest airport in Cape Verde after Sal International Airport.

There are no other airlines that currently use the airport as a hub. International carriers that fly to the airport Air Senegal, ASKY Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, TAP Portugal and Transair.

Alternative Airlines

Azores Airlines, Cabo Verde Airlines and TICV are all airlines that fly similar routes to what Cabo Verde Connect Services offers

Azores AirlinesCabo Verde Airlines logoTICV logo

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