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Cheap Domestic Flights within Cabo Verde

Domestic Flights Cabo Verde

Want to buy a domestic flight in Cabo Verde? At Alternative Airlines, we offer flights from all airlines flying within Cape Verde and give you more than 25 differentways to pay.

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What are domestic flights in Cabo Verde?

A domestic flight in Cabo Verde is any flight that departs within the islands of Cabo Verde and arrives at another destination with Cabo Verde. As an example, a domestic flight within Cabo Verde is a flight that departs from the southern island of Praia and arrives at the northeastern island of Sal.

Flights within Cape Verde are never usually over one hour in journey time. All flights within Cabo Verde depart from, arrive at, or fly via Praia. Praia's airport, Nelson Mandella International Airport (RAI) is the main airport on the island.

Which airlines fly within Cabo Verde?

There are currently three airlines within Cabo Verde — Cabo Verde Airlines, Cabo Verde Connect Services and Transport Interlihas de Cabo Verde (TICV). Out of these three airlines, only TICV offers domestic flights within the country, with the other two offering international flights only.


TICV, or Transport Interlihas de Cabo Verde, is an airline that is based at Nelson Mandella International Airport, Praia. It only flies domestic inter-island flights within Cape Verde and doesn't offer any international flights.

TICV connects Praia with several other destinations within Cape Verde. It flies from Praia to Boa Vista, Maio, Sal, Santiago, São Filipe, São Nicolau and São Vincente.

All flights from TICV fly via Praia. This means that if you want to fly between two destinations within Cape Verde and neither of Praia, you will have to get a connecting flight that stops at Praia. For example, if you wanted to fly from Sal to São Filipe, you will have to fly from Sal to Praia and then get a connecting flight from Praia to São Filipe.

At this time, TICV is the only airline that offers domestic flights within Cabo Verde and, therefore, the only way to travel around the islands by air.

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Why book domestic flights in Cabo Verde?

Cabo Verde is a beautiful collection of islands that sit floating just off the west coast of Africa. The islands boast diversity in its mix of tourist-friendly hotspots and isolated tranquil islands. Within the Cape Verde islands, you'll find gorgeous weather, peaceful beaches, excellent hiking opportunities and lively nightlife.

There are two main ways to travel between the islands in Cape Verde — by plane and by ferry. People choose to travel via plane for comfort, speed and convenience, whereas others choose to travel ferry for a cheaper option.

One of the main reasons that we believe travelling by plane is better than travelling by boat is because the rough and unpredictable current of the Atlantic Ocean can make for an unpleasant journey. Plus, travelling by plane can save a few hours. While the journey time of travelling by ferry isn't that much longer than flying, the ferries are often delayed, cancelled or, sometimes, leave early, which forces you to wait for the next one to depart and is often several hours later in the day.

Travelling by plane is an especially great option if you have to travel between islands regularly or if you're planning to visit several of the islands in a short space of time as it's guaranteed to save you several hours overall.

Internal Cabo Verde Flight Check-In Times

As TICV is the only airlines that currently offers domestic flights within Cape Verde, we've listed the check-in times for that specific airline:


Online: Online check-in is open from 7 days up until 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure time.

Airport: Airport check-in closes 40 minutes before scheduled flight departure time, regardless of whether you have baggage to check or not.

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Domestic Flights Cabo Verde FAQs

Do I need a passport for domestic flights in Cabo Verde?

No, you don't need a passport for domestic flights within Cabo Verde but you can use a passport as ID if you want to. To board your flight, you must present a valid and original identification document. This can be one of the following

  • Passport
  • UN passport
  • National citizen ID card
  • Magistrate ID card
  • Military ID card
  • National Police ID card
  • National driving licence
  • National ID card for foreign citizen
  • National ID Card (CNI)
How early do I need to arrive for domestic flights in Cabo Verde?

Check-in counters close 40 minutes before scheduled flight departure time. So it's recommended you arrive well in advance to that. We recommend arriving no later than 90 minutes before scheduled flight departure time if you need to check-in at the airport and no later than 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure time if you've checked-in online.

Can I book domestic flights within Cape Verde online?

Yes, you can book domestic flights within Cape Verde online at Alternative Airlines by using our search form. We offer flights from TICV, which is the only airline that currently flies within the Cape Verde islands.