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Buy Flights using IoTeX

It's really simple to purchase flights using IoTeX when you use Alternative Airlines. All you need to do is choose 'Cryptocurrency' at the checkout after choosing the flight that's right for you on our website, then choose IoTeX/IOTX from the list of available coins. The e-ticket will be provided as soon as the payment has been approved.

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About IoTeX

IOTX is the Ethereum token that drives the IoTeX platform. The IoTeX platform links decentralised apps and IoT devices, which are hardware components like cameras, sensors and other internet-connected devices. The market for these gadgets is expanding quickly. The goal of IoTeX is to create an ecosystem where people and machines can freely communicate, without worrying about their safety or the trust of others and benefit from financial incentives. By allowing users to use their own devices and derive value from their data, the platform will open up opportunities for both enterprises and individuals. The IoTeX platform stands out from existing IoT platforms because it is decentralised, scalable, has low operational costs and addresses privacy issues.


IoTeX development started in 2017 and was created as an open-source platform from scratch. Raullen Chai, Qevan Guo, Jing Sun and Xinxin Fan are the platform's founders. The IoTeX initial coin offering was in February 2018 and the white paper was published in May 2018. The platform was officially launched later in 2018, and their blockchain network in 2019.

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Why use IOTX to buy flights?


The IoTeX platform makes use of a number of mechanisms to protect user and transaction privacy. Ring signatures and reliable payment, which conceals the transaction recipient's address, are two examples of these features.


IoTeX processes transactions in real time for a very small fee.


IoTeX envisions a time when users of smart devices will have control over their data. They operate on a decentralised network for IoT devices, giving users choice over their privacy without compromising service quality.

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IOTX for Flights FAQs

Can I use IoTeX to buy flights?

If you want to use IoTeX to pay for flights, you're in the perfect place. IoTeX is now a supported digital currency here at Alternative Airlines and may be used to book your flights.

What's the currency code for IoTeX?

IOTX is the currency code for IoTeX.

Can IoTeX be used to buy flights?

Anytime you want to visit a place using cryptocurrencies, you can book your flights using IoTeX. You can pay for flights on any of our 600+ international airlines with IoTeX. Please adhere to these easy instructions if you want to do this:

1. Type the following information into the search bar at the top of the page: the airports of departure and arrival, the dates of travel, the cabin class and the number of passengers.

2. A list of flights will then show; choose the one that best fits your needs from this list. Click 'Confirm Selection' after choosing your flight.

3. Pick 'Cryptocurrency' as your payment method of choice.

4. Continue with the booking by selection 'IoTeX'. As soon as this is completed, your flight reservation should be confirmed.

Alternatives to IoTeX

We accept a variety of cryptocurrencies at our checkout, not just IoTeX. We also offer a wide range of additional cryptocurrencies, including some of the most well-known ones, such as DashBitcoinUSDTLitecoinRipple and UTK.

We have put together a very useful tutorial on buying flights with cryptocurrency in order to make it easier for you to pay with cryptocurrency at our checkout.