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At Alternative Airlines you can search for flights with over 600 airlines and pay for those flights using one of our 40+ ways to pay, including secure cryptocurrencies. To begin your search for flights, enter your departure and arrival cities into our search form at the top of the page. Pick your ideal flights and select 'Cryptocurrency' at checkout. You can then select Horizen from the list of crypto coins that we offer!

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About Horizen

Horizen (ZEN) is a crypto coin that is focused on privacy and scalability. It was originally called Zencash until its rebranding in 2018. During this time Horizen was developed as a decentralised autonomous organisation with services such as ZenChat, ZenPub and ZenHide, as well as the ZEN currency.

The Horizen token splits mining commissions - 60% goes towards the miners, 20% goes towards and the remaining 25% is contributed towards treasury, 10% goes to secure node operators and the remaining 10% goes to super node operators.

We don't yet offer Horizen (ZEN) as a payment method for flights, however, you can still use alternative crypto coins to secure your flights. Check out our guide on buying flights with cryptocurrencies for more information.

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Why use ZEN to buy flights?


Because Horizen is a privacy-focused platform, therefore the ZEN cryptocurrency is a privacy coin and is forked from another privacy coin called Zcash. ZEN provides optional shielded transactions that use an advanced cryptography method called zk-SNARKS. With this, the sender, recipient and value that is transacted are hidden from all third-party viewers.


With Horizen, transactions are seamless and fast. There are 10 million transactions per second which is the peak of scalability within crypto. This means you can quickly book your flights using Horizen at Alternative Airlines.

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ZEN for Flights FAQs

What is Horizen?

Horizen (ZEN) is a crypto coin that provides users with high levels of privacy and shielded transactions. Horizen was developed in 2017 and was a fork of Zcash. It was formerly known as ZenCash before being rebranded to Horizen. The main aim of the Horizen platform is to be privacy-focused and to solve issues with scaling and security that are commonly found in networks like Ethereum.

How can I buy Horizen?

Horizen can be bought by trading via a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase or Binance. There are multiple ways to buy ZEN - you can use credit/debit card, transfer fiat currency from your bank to the cryptocurrency exchange platform, buy directly from other users (known as P2P trading) or use third-party payment channels.

What's the currency code for Horizen?

ZEN is the currency code for Horizen.

Can Horizen be used to buy flights?

Unfortunately, Horizen isn't yet available at Alternative Airlines, therefore, you cannot buy flights using ZEN at checkout. If ZEN does appear at checkout, you can select this crypto coin and follow the instructions on the screen to confirm your booking.

Alternatives cryptocurrencies to Horizen

We don't offer Horizen as a payment method yet at checkout. You can use alternative crypto coins to book your flights at Alternative Airlines such as BitcoinEthereumTetherLitecoinRipple and UTK, among others.

Check out our complete guide to buying flights with cryptocurrency to find out more.