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About Alpine Airline

Alpine Airlines is a French Private Jet and Air Taxi airline which operates services to the Alpes and Cote d'Azur. The airline was founded in 2014 and is the only airline to be granted access to operate commercial services to and from Courchevel and Megève Altiports. The airline has 3 bases, 2 are year-round and 1 seasonal. Courcheval and Chambéry in the French Alps are the airlines main bases and Saint Tropez on the Mediterranean sea is the airline's seasonal summer base. Alpine Airlines has a fleet of Vulcanair Aviator TP600 and Vulcanair P68 OTC Observer in use for their commercial flights. The airline also offers scenic flights and flight schooling.


Due to the nature of the business, the airline doesn't have specific set routes, however, it can operate up to 2 hours from its operating bases. Some of the countries that the airline can operate to include France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The airline offers passengers the opportunity to depart from numerous airports and travel to a destination of their choice.

Some of the airlines most popular routes include

Saint Tropez Airport ✈ Paris

Saint Tropez Airport ✈ Nice/Cannes

Saint Tropez Airport ✈ Barcelona

Saint Tropez Airport ✈ Geneva

Saint Tropez Airport ✈ Milan

Courchevel Altiport ✈ Paris

Courchevel Altiport ✈ Lyon

Courchevel Altiport ✈ Munich

Courchevel Altiport ✈ Chambery

Courchevel Altiport ✈ Milan

Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance depends on the type of aircraft being flown. If you are travelling in the airline TP600 then you can either carry 8 large suitcases or 6 large suitcases plus associates ski or sports gear. This roughly equates to a suitcase each as the aircraft can seat 7-8 passengers plus cargo. However, if travelling on the airlines Vulcanair P68 you can bring a total of 150kg of luggage which is roughly 6 suitcases. Sporting equipment can also be carried on this aircraft, however, it must be included as part of the total 150kg allowance.

In-Flight Experience

Regardless of aircraft travelled in you will receive the same service. All passengers will receive complimentary beverages whilst onboard, however, snacks aren't provided so please be aware of this before departure as you may want to bring some. Every seat has USB sockets for you to be able to charge your devices inflight and you can set the cabin temperature to a climate that suits you. Each passenger will have a plush, comfortable seat for the duration of the flight, however, if travelling on the P68 this will be a cloth seat and on the TP600 it will be leather. Whilst travelling on either aircraft you will also be given a Bose headset to make the flying experience more enjoyable and comfortable.


Alpine Airlines hasn't installed WI-FI on its aircraft but has installed at-seat USB sockets for the charging of devices during the flight

Check-in Information

The airline hasn't published information regarding check-in and the check-in procedure. As the services will be specific to your booking and requirements information may be provided when booking with the airline or communicated to you nearer the time of departure.

Frequent Flyer Program

Due to the nature of Alpine Airline's business model, there isn't a frequent flyer program available for you to join.

Alliances & Partnerships

Alpine Airlines doesn't currently have any airline alliances, however, it does have partnerships with local businesses to make the experience for passengers better and offer a greater level of service. The airline has formed partnerships with Courchevel Ski Resort, Saint Tropez Airport, Chambery Airport, Airelles, Le Pilatus and many more.

Hub Airport

The airline has 3 bases of operation with both Courcheval and Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Airport being used year-round and located in the Alps. The airline also has a seasonal base at La Môle – Saint-Tropez Airport during the warmer months. The airline's aircraft are stationed at these airfields ready to be operated on the desired service.


The airline operates 8 types of aircraft, however, only 2 of these are used for commercial passenger operations.

Alpine Airways uses Vulcanair Aviator TP600 and Vulcanair P68 OTC Observer aircraft on their passenger services.

Cessna 172R 180HP, Jodel Mousquetaire D140, Pilatus PC6 B2H4 and Cirrus SR22 G3 Perspective aircraft are all used as part of the airline's in-house flight school. The Vulcanair P68 OTC Observer is also used as part of the airlines sightseeing tours as well as the Cessna 172R 180HP aircraft.

Alternative Airlines

Multiple airlines operate to French cities and destinations within the Alps. Air France, HOP! and Transavia (France) all have a robust route network across Metropolitan France and Europe. British Airways, TUI Airways, Jet2 and numerous other UK airlines also operate to Chambery and the South of France. Pan Européenne Air Service is another Airtaxi service in France that directly competes with Alpine Airlines.

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