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Avior Airlines

Avior Airlines of Venezuala is a national low cost carrier which domestically serves the major industrial cities of Venezuala from the Capital Caracas and internationally connects to Curaçao, Port of Spain, Martinique, Aruba and Miami.

Flights on Avior

A particular feature of the Avior network is that it is the only airline to offer air bridges between cities such as: Caracas-Merida, Caracas-San Tome, Caracas- Barquisimeto, Caracas- Coro, Caracas- Valera, Caracas-Barcelona and Barcelona-Porlamar.

The airline is based in the regional city of Barcelona and operates a fleet of four matched Boeing 737-200 aircraft, each with 108 seats. Avior plays an important part of the commercial life of Venezualan business and continues to grow as it celebrates its fifteenth birthday in 2010.

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