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About Ukrainian National Airlines

Ukrainian National Airlines is a new airline that is set to be launched and owned by the government of Ukraine. The government is anticipating the launch of the new carrier in 2022 after they invest a further 2.5bn UAH. Ukrainian National Airlines is hoping to utilise the countries strategic position between Europe and Asia as well as the newly signed open-skies agreement to be an attractive and competitive carrier. The airline plans on operating an all airbus fleet with a mix of A220, A320 and either A330 or A350 aircraft.


The airline hasn't yet disclosed which routes they will begin operating once launched. However, it is anticipated that the airline will service domestic Ukrainian and European routes.

Baggage Allowance

As the airline hasn't formally launched there is no information about their baggage allowance.

Travel Classes

Ukraine National Airlines hasn't yet published their class configuration and what the products will offer. However, it is expected that the airline will operate with an economy class.

Wifi & Entertainment

Ukraine National Airlines has yet to provide information on their inflight entertainment services. However, as the airline will take delivery of new aircraft the latest facilities may be installed or available. However, once the fleet has arrived and been fitted out information will be provided.

Check-in Information


As the airline Is still in its planning stages details on online check-in facilities is unknown.

At the Airport

The airline will most likely have check-in facilities at the airport, but it is not known yet if these will be for certain travellers or an additional charged option.

Frequent Flyer Program

As the airline is still early into the planning stages it is unsure if they will offer a frequent flyer program.

Airline Alliances

Ukraine National Airlines has yet to disclose if they will join an airline alliance.

Hub Airport

The airline hasn't indicated which airport(s) in Ukraine will operate as the airline's hub however, as the airline may potentially operate both domestic, European and International flights, they may choose Kyiv Boryspil International Airport as it is the countries major international airport.


The Government of Ukraine has committed to an all-Airbus order for Ukrainian National Airlines. The airline has signed an agreement to take ownership of 22 Airbus aircraft made up of various short-haul and long-haul jets. The airline plans to welcome 6 A220 and 12 A320 aircraft into their fleet for shorter routes. 4 widebody aircraft are due to also be operated by the airline, however, it hasn't been finalised whether this will be the A330 family or the newer A350. As the airline is in its infancy of planning the fleet agreements could change by the time of launch.

Alternative Airlines

The Ukrainian aviation market has been booming in recent years so the new airline will have tough competition on both short-haul and long haul routes. Ukraine International Airlines, Azur Air Ukraine, SkyUp and Bees Airline are all Ukrainian airlines that will directly compete with the new airline, with UIA going directly head to head both long haul and short-haul. You can also choose to fly with external airlines to Ukraine from both European and International destinations, Wizz Air and Ryanair have numerous routes to Ukraine proving direct competition for the new airline.

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