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Sydney, Australia

Search and Book Multi City Flights With Qantas

Qantas is the flag carrier airline of Australia and is the world's third-oldest airline that is still in operation. Qantas is headquartered in New South Wales in Australia and operates many of its flights out of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Multi-city flights with Qantas are available within Oceania and Asia.

If you're like to visit many cities in Oceania or Asia, you can book multi-city flights with Qantas through Alternative Airlines. You can start your multi-stop trip in Perth, fly to Sydney and then head to Tokyo. Or you can fly from Hong Kong to Sydney and then move on to Auckland and New York.

Booking multi-city Qantas flights through Alternative Airlines is easy! Use this guide to see how you can book your multi-city flights with our search tools and be as flexible as possible with your multiple flights all under one booking!

Use our search form to find and book multi-city flights with Qantas.

Step 1 - Select multi-city option in search option

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Qantas

Select the multi-city tool

At the top of the page, navigate to our search form and select the 'multi-city' button.

Step 2 - Enter multiple destinations into search form

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Qantas

Enter multiple destinations

Enter the cities/airports you'd like to fly to on your multi-city trip. You can add up to 6 flights when booking through Alternative Airlines. Don't forget to add how many passengers will be flying and the cabin class you'd like to fly in.

Step 3 - Select Qantas as preferred airline to fly with

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Qantas

Select Qantas

To show multi-city flights operated by Qantas, select 'Qantas' in the Airline filter just above the search results.

Step 4 - Review flights and confirm booking

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Qantas

Confirm your multi-city booking

Once you've found the best flights for you, you can secure your multi-city Qantas flights with many of our flexible payment methods offered on our site.

We offer many popular Buy Now Pay Later plans so you can spread the cost of your multi-city booking over time, or you can pay with cryptocurrencies and virtual wallets like Apple Pay and Cash App Pay!

Queensland, Australia

What are Multi-City Flights?

Multi-city flights, otherwise known as 'multi-stop' or '2-stop' flights, are flights where you travel to multiple destinations in one trip. For example, if you would like to fly to multiple cities across Asia and Oceania and want to spend time in each destination, you can do this by booking multi-city Qantas flights through Alternative Airlines.

Multi-city flights are not the same as connecting flights. Connecting flights don't give you the freedom to spend time exploring each destination you land in - you'll probably need to stay inside the airport and wait until your next flight departs. With multi-city flights, you can spend days, weeks and even months between each city so you can make the most of your trip. Multi-city flights with Qantas are most popular across Australia, New Zealand and a handful of cities in Asia.

Coastline in Victoria, Australia

Why Book Multi-City Flights in Australia?

Australia is both a country and a continent that is rich with history and natural landscapes. This expansive country is known for its Aboriginal culture, tropical beaches, coral reefs and iconic landmarks. If you want to properly explore Australia and take in all that it has to offer, we recommend booking multi-city flights with Qantas! Below are some of the most popular multi-city routes that Qantas flies within Australia.

Popular Multi-City Routes in Australia:

Plane icon

Perth ✈ to Sydney ✈ to Brisbane

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Melbourne ✈ to Cairns ✈ to Darwin

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Adelaide ✈ to Melbourne ✈ to Hobart

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Canberra ✈ to Melbourne ✈ to Alice Springs

A kangaroo crossing a dirt road in Australia

Why Book International Multi-City Flights with Qantas?

As well as offering many domestic flights in Australia, Qantas also flies to major cities across Asia, North America and select cities in Europe, Africa and South America. International multi-city flights are perfect if you want to take that trip of a lifetime and explore the history and cultures of many continents all in one booking.

The advantage to booking multi-city flights is you'll be able to manage all of your flights in one booking and have as much flexibility as you need, only when you book through Alternative Airlines.

Popular International Multi-City Flights with Qantas:

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Auckland ✈ to Sydney ✈ to Bangkok

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Los Angeles ✈ to Sydney ✈ to Tokyo

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London ✈ to Singapore ✈ to Melbourne

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Multi-City Flights with Qantas FAQs

Do Qantas do multi-city flights in Australia?

Yes! Qantas is a great airline to fly with if you'd like to book multi-city flights within Australia. With Qantas, you can fly from major cities in Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, to more remote destinations in the country such as Darwin, Alice Springs and Kalgoorlie. You can spend days, weeks or even months between each destination but have all your flights in one booking.

How do I book a multi-city flight with Qantas?

You can book multi-city flights with Qantas through Alternative Airlines. Use our search form at the top of the page to get started - select the multi-city search tool and enter up to 6 flights for your multi-city trip. You can then select your preferred airline for these flights, e.g. Qantas.

Can I book a longer multi-city Qantas stopover?

Yes! Connecting flights don't let you spend much time in the destination you've landed in, so if you'd really like to get out of the airport and spend a few days or weeks in the city you landed in, book a multi-city flight with Qantas and Alternative Airlines! You can pick and choose where you wish to fly to and how long you'd like to spend in each place.