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About Polar Líneas Aéreas

Polar Líneas Aéreas is a low-cost Argentinian airline that is set to start flying in 2019.  Polar Líneas Aéreas has requested a total of 44 domestic routes to fly across Argentina and other international destinations, using a fleet of Boeing 737 upon launch. 

These routes will commence from Villa Mercedes, Merlo and La Plata and will combine passenger transport, cargo and mail. 

Along with 13 domestic destinations within Argentina, Polar Líneas Aéreas has also applied for 31 international routes across the US, New Zealand and South America.


Polar Líneas Aéreas Fleet

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Polar Líneas Aéreas will use a fleet of McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Airbus A340 and A320 and Boeing B737 aircraft to operate services. 


Polar Líneas Aéreas Hub Airport

Ezeiza International Airport

Ezeiza International Airport, also known as Ministro Pistarini International Airport, is the busiest airport in Argentina in relation to passengers traffic and is the hub airport for Polar Líneas Aéreas. The airport is located in Greater Buenos Aires and acts as secondary hubs for both Aerolineas Argentinas and LATAM Argentina and the main hub for Buenos Aires International Airlines.


Polar Líneas Aéreas News

7th January 2019

Polar Líneas Aéreas launch date delayed until further notice

Polar Líneas Aéreas, an Argentinian start-up airline, has delayed its launch date until further notice. The airline was expected to take flight in late 2018, after gaining permission to fly by authorities in April 2018. However, Polar Líneas Aéreas did not meet the projected launch time and has instead decided to push back its start date into this year. 


7th April 2018

Polar Líneas Aéreas authorised to fly by the government

Polar Líneas Aéreas SA  has received "authorization to operate non-regular internal and international services of air transportation of passengers, cargo and mail and exclusive cargo using large aircraft.", according to the Official Gazette. The airline still remains subject to getting its Air Service Operator Certificate (AOC).


14th December 2017

Polar Líneas Aéreas new route from Villa de Merlo - Buenos Aires

Polar Líneas Aéreas will start flying from the Conlara International Airport in the Province of San Luis, Argentina. "The flights will favor not only the local community but also the neighboring region of Traslasierra," said Mayor Rody Flores.

The company Polar Líneas Aéreas will have a daily frequency of passengers and cargo, which will link the city of Villa de Merlo with the city of Buenos Aires, which will rehabilitate the International Airport of Conlara, administered by the provincial government.

The secretary of Tourism of this town, Lucía Miranda, confirmed that "the firm plans to start its activity in December" so the city is preparing for another increase in tourists and to "extend the average stay of visitors with more activities".

The news had been advanced last July by the firm's president, Ricardo Barbosa, former president of the company Cata, when he announced that they would initially use Embraer 190 aircraft, but would eventually use Airbus A320-200, due to its greater load capacity.