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Finance Flights in Canada at Alternative Airlines with PayBright

Travel now and pay later when you choose PayBright at checkout. PayBright allows you to pay off the cost of your flight purchase through Alternative Airlines in monthly instalments.

PayBright is not currently available. However, we do offer Sezzle, which lets U.S. and Canadian residents split the total cost of their flights into 4 equal payments, spread over 6 weeks. Whats more, Sezzle is 100% interest free! Find out more about using Sezzle to split the cost of your flights.

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Travel Now & Pay Later in Canada

Choose from flights from over 650 different airlines, select PayBright at checkout and pay back the cost of your flights in convenient monthly payments across 6 or 12 months.

Accepted at Alternative Airlines, PayBright is a Canadian payment method that allows Canadian residents to purchase airfares at the point of checkout and pay back the cost with monthly payments.

PayBright is the first and only payment method in Canada that offers financing installment options to purchase goods and services online. Through PayBright, Alternative Airlines is one of the only places that Canadian travellers can travel now and pay later.

*PayBright is available exclusively to Canadian customers paying in Canadian dollars*

How does PayBright work when purchasing flights?

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Make sure you are searching in Canadian dollars and use the search form at the top of the page to search for flights with Alternative Airlines

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    Select the flights best suited to you and select PayBright on the payment page

  • 3

    Complete PayBright's easy application process to determine whether you're eligible for a loan

  • 4

    Once accepted by PayBright, select the number of months you wish to pay back the cost of your flights in. PayBright allows travellers to pay in monthly payments of between 6–12 months.

  • 5

    Complete your purchase

  • 6

    You've now purchased your flights! PayBright will take monthly pre-authorised payments debit payments from your checking account according to the plan that you selected. In some cases, PayBright will allow travellers to set up automatic monthly payments taken from debit or credit card.

What is PayBright?

PayBright is the leading instant consumer financing lender in Canada. PayBright is the only company to offer customers the opportunity to buy goods and services online and pay back the price of the purchase at a later date, in monthly installments. PayBright determines whether customers are eligible for a loan with a real-time decision and will loan the money at the point-of-purchase.

PayBright lets Canadians travel now & pay later

Using Alternative Airlines and PayBright is one of the only ways that Canadian travellers can book flights online now and pay later. PayBrights offers travel loans of between 6–12 months, which can be used to purchase flights with a maximum value of $15,000 CAD. All you need to do is select PayBright at checkout and follow its easy application. PayBright will instantly asses your credit file and determine whether you're eligible for a payment plan in a matter of seconds. Interest charged is subject to each individual application.

Buy flights with PayBright FAQs

How can Canadian residents travel now and pay later?

Canadian residents can buy flights now and pay later at Alternative Airlines when they choose to pay with PayBright or Sezzle at checkout. Over 650 airlines can be searched through the travel website, reserved and paid in instalments with PayBright. They are currently the only payment method in Canada that allows its customers to finance online purchases, with a real-time credit decision that is processed entirely online.

Who accepts PayBright for flights?

With PayBright as accepted one of our many payment options, Alternative Airlines is one of the only places where Canadian residents can travel now and pay later. Travellers can choose to pay back the cost of their flights in convenient monthly payments of between 6–12 months, on a payment plan that is best suited to each individual.

How many months do my flights have to be paid back in?

The number of months that your flights have to be paid back in is your choice. PayBright typically offers payment plans that stretch between 6–12 months.

Will interest be charged on my PayBright loan?

Yes, interest will be charged on flight purchases made through PayBright. The amount of interest will differ from person to person, depending on their credit score and loan amount

Can my application get rejected?

Yes, PayBright can reject your application if they cannot verify your details or if your credit file isn't passable

Is there a maximum loan amount that l can take out with PayBright?

Yes, PayBright typically don't offer travel loans exceeding the value of $15,000 CAD. Or, any loans under the value of $100 CAD.

Can I use PayBright to pay for domestic flights within Canada?

The monthly payment to PayBright will be presented below the full cost of the flight that you have selected. This can be either for domestic flights within Canada or for international flights, for example on Alaska Airlines, Westjet, Air Canada, Flair Airlines and more.

Can PayBright be used to pay for airlines that aren't Canadian?

Yes, as long as you make your flight ticket purchase in Canadian dollars. PayBright can also be used to pay for flights on any airlines that we offer, including non-Canadian airlines. In total, we offer flights from over 650 different airlines!

Can I use PayBright to pay for international flights?

Yes, you can apply for a PayBright loan to be used to pay for both domestic flights and international flights, or any other route you're flying. Easy to set up at the point of checkout with Alternative Airlines. Find all information on the travel agency's legitimacy and about us.

Can PayBright be used to pay for flights flying outside of Canada?

PayBright can be used to travel now and pay later on any single flight offered by Alternative Airlines. As long as you're a Canadian resident and paying in Canadian dollars. Other flight payment plans you use to can buy air travel and pay later include Fly Now Pay Later, Affirm and PayPal Credit.

Can I pay off my PayBright travel loan early?

With any PayBright purchase, you can pay off your travel loan early and you'll not be charged a penalty for doing so! You can start the process by searching and selecting flights through Alternative Airlines and choosing PayBright at the checkout.

How do I make my PayBright monthly payments?

When you apply for a loan, PayBright will set up monthly pre-authorised payments that will be taken from the account of your choice. Alternatively, you might also have the option to set up automatic payments taken from a credit or debit card.

Is PayBright the same as Klarna?

PayBright is not the same as Klarna. However, PayBright does offer a similar service to Klarna's 'Slice It' payment option and the two payment companies are in partnership. Klarna can only be used by residents in certain countries in Europe, whereas PayBright can only be used by residents in Canada. Therefore, the two consumer financing companies decided to come together with the aim to offer monthly payment options to customers from both regions, combining their partner merchants.

Is Klarna available in Canada?

In 2019, Klarna partnered with PayBright, the instant financing provider. They offer similar services and PayBright can only be used in Canada.

Alternatives to Paybright

Alternative payment plans to PayBright you can use to pay for airfares and pay later include Sezzle, Fly Now Pay Later, Affirm and PayPal Credit.


The monthly payment amount and interest paid depend on your personal credit profile. Monthly payments include a monthly Processing Fee of up to $6.95 CAD. Some conditions apply and all transactions are subject to approval by PayBright. Estimated monthly payment amount excludes taxes and other fees.

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