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Search and Book Multi City Flights With Lufthansa

Lufthansa is the flag carrier airline of Germany and is the second-largest airline in Europe. The airline is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, with many of its flights operating from its two hub airports, Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport. Lufthansa flies to over 200 cities worldwide, including London, Paris, Rome, New York, Bangkok and many more. You can book multi-city flights with Lufthansa if you're planning a multi-city trip around Europe.

For example, with Lufthansa, you can start off your multi-city trip by flying from Frankfurt to Paris, fly from Paris to Munich and then fly from Munich to Madrid, all while spending a few days, weeks or even months between each destination!

At Alternative Airlines, it's super simple to book your multi-city flights with Lufthansa. Our guide below explains how to use our multi-city search tool, allowing you to plan your multi-city trip with as much flexibility as you need and all in one place.

Use our search form to find and book multi-city flights with Lufthansa.

Step 1 - Select the multi-city option in the search form

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Lufthansa

Select the multi-city tool

Using our search form at the top of the page, select the 'multi-city' option.

Step 2 - Enter multiple destinations into search form

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Lufthansa

Enter multiple destinations

At Alternative Airlines, you can add up to 6 destinations for your multi-city trip. Enter your departure and arrival dates, how many passengers will be travelling and the fare type you'd like to purchase.

Click the 'Search Flights' button when you're ready!

Step 3 - Select Lufthansa as preferred airline to fly with

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Lufthansa

Select Lufthansa

To see all the flights available for your multi-city trip with Lufthansa, select 'Lufthansa' in the Airline filter above the search results.

Step 4 - Review journeys and confirm booking

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Lufthansa

Confirm your multi-city booking

Found the flights you were looking for? Secure your booking with any of the flexible payment methods we offer at checkout! Spread the cost of your flight over time with our Buy Now Pay Later plans, or purchase your flights with virtual wallets or cryptocurrencies!

Hallstatt, Austria

What are Multi-City Flights?

Multi-city flights, also known as multi-stop or 2-stop flights, are flights where you can fly to 2 or more destinations/cities in one trip. For example, if you'd like to visit multiple cities in Europe and spend a week or even months in each city, you can book multiple flights between these destinations through Alternative Airlines and fly with Lufthansa.

Multi-city flights are different to connecting flights. Connecting flights don't give you the freedom to explore the destination you've landed in - you'll likely need to wait at the airport until your next flight. Multi-city flights let you spend days, weeks and even months between destinations so you can make the most of your trip! Multi-city flights with Lufthansa usually depart from Frankfurt or Munich.

Santorini, Greece

Why Book Multi-City Flights in Europe?

The continent of Europe is a diverse mix of cultures, history, cuisines and climates. Instead of visiting one European country for your next vacation, why not visit multiple in one trip? Start your holiday in the bustling city of London before taking a short flight to Paris, the 'City of Love', then continue your journey by flying to Rome and indulging in mouth-watering Italian cuisine. Booking multi-city flights with Alternative Airlines means you can manage all your destinations in one booking and be as flexible as possible!

Popular Multi-City Routes in Europe

If you want to pack in as much as possible for your multi-city trip in Europe, take a look below at some of the most popular city-to-city routes in the continent:

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London ✈ to Paris ✈ to Madrid

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Frankfurt ✈ to Munich ✈ to Rome

Plane icon

Rome ✈ to Athens ✈ to Istanbul

Trams in Lisbon, Portugal

Why Book Multi-City Flights in Europe with Lufthansa?

Although Lufthansa mainly operates its flights out of Frankfurt and Munich in Germany, you can still put together a great multi-stop journey in Europe with the airline. Start your journey in either Frankfurt or Munich and fly to any major city in Europe, such as London or Berlin, then move on to another city such as Barcelona or Zurich. The possibilities are endless!

Popular European Multi-City Stops with Lufthansa:

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Frankfurt ✈ to Stuttgart ✈ to Munich

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London ✈ to Munich ✈ to Athens

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Paris ✈ to Frankfurt ✈ to Hamburg

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Budapest ✈ to Frankfurt ✈ to Brussels

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Multi-City Flights with Lufthansa FAQs

Do Lufthansa do multi-city flights in Germany?

Yes, but only for a handful of cities. When you fly with Lufthansa, you can book a multi-city trip in Germany between Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hanover and Berlin.

How do I book a multi-city flight with Lufthansa?

Use our multi-city search tool at the top of the page to begin searching for your multi-city flights with Lufthansa. This guide shows you step-by-step how to book multi-city flights through Alternative Airlines.

Can I book a longer multi-city Lufthansa stopover?

Absolutely! When you book a multi-city flight, you can spend as much time as you need to between each city. Lufthansa operates regularly scheduled flights to over 200 destinations worldwide, including major cities in Europe. A connecting flight doesn't give you the freedom to explore the destination you've landed in properly, but with multi-city flights, you can be as flexible as possible!