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About Flyv

Flyv, is a new German airline, set to begin operations in 2022. Flyv is an abbreviation for “Fly Virtual”, which plans on utilising algorithms and electric aircraft to offer sustainable on-demand services for regional passengers. The airline plans on operating internationally without being regional specific, however, initially it is likely the airline will begin services in Europe before expanding globally as the airline grows in popularity. Flyv intends on operating the Electra eSTOL hybrid-electric aircraft for their services. Flyv is not the only German airline with aspirations of establishing sustainable services, Vairtual and Evia Aero also intend to launch services.


As of February 2022, Flyv hasn't yet announced its route map. However, as the airline plans on operating on-demand services the route map may be flexible.

Baggage Allowance

Flyv hasn't yet begun operations so is yet to publish its intended baggage policy.

Check-In Information

The airline hasn't yet formally launched operations so check-in facilities are unavailable. The airline states that they will be launching an app, so it may be possible that online check-in facilities will be available through this.

Travel Classes

It is currently unsure how the airline will configure its aircraft. However, as Flyv plan on operating a fleet of Electra eSTOL regional aircraft, it may be expected that a single class of travel will be selected due to the size constraints of the aircraft. The airline hasn't yet specified if an economy or business style product will be installed.

Inflight Entertainment & Wifi

Flyv hasn't yet taken delivery of its aircraft, so it is unsure what the inflight entertainment will look like. It is expected that inflight entertainment and Wifi won't be installed as the services will be short regional hops.

Food & Beverages

It is currently unknown what the airline's inflight meal service may be. The airline may not offer complimentary drinks and snacks onboard due to the length of the flights and a buy on board service may not be offered. However, more information will be provided nearer the airline's launch.

Frequent Flyer Program

Flyv hasn't yet launched services, its app or a reservations platform so it is currently unknown if the airline will offer a frequent flyer program for you to subscribe to.

Airline Alliance

It is unsure if the airline will be a member of any airline alliance. However, due to the nature of its business, this may be unlikely.


Flyv has ordered and intends to operate the following aircraft:

  • 100 x Electra eSTOL hybrid-electric

Hub Airport

As the airline plans on operating a globalised route map with a single pool of aircraft, there will be no hub airport.

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