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Cheap Flights Coronavirus

Cheap Coronavirus Flights

Many airlines that are returning to the skies are offering flights at a cheaper price than pre-COVID as a way to encourage travellers to fly where flights are allowed and between destinations where it's safe to fly.

At Alternative Airlines, we sell flights from more than 600 airlines across the world, allow you to pay in any currency and give you the choice of over 25 payment methods.

So, whether you're looking to fly domestically within the country that you live, between two countries with a travel bubble or you're looking to book a holiday for later in the year when it might be safe to vacation again — Alternative Airlines has all the flight options that you need, no matter when or where you're flying.

Although vaccination programs have begun to roll out across many countries, you should still refer to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government advice in relation to non-essential travel before booking a flight.

Tips for booking cheap flights because of coronavirus

Before you jump on a flight that is cheap due to corona, there are a few things that you should consider to make sure that you're buying the right flight.

Consider why you're flying

The first place to start is to consider why you're travelling. Are you flying for a specific reason and you need to fly right now? If you are, fine. But, if you're just looking to book a vacation abroad for a chance to get away, you might be better off booking your flights for later in the year. Taking a vacation abroad later in the year, when more people have been vaccinated is a much safer option, both in terms of keeping you safe from coronavirus and increasing the chances of your flight not being cancelled due to travel bans and restrictions.

Consider where you're flying

The other thing to consider is where you're flying. Although taking a vacation abroad can be risky unless it's booked for later in the year, if you live in a country where the coronavirus infection rate is low and there aren't any restrictions from allowing you to travel for leisure, booking a domestic vacation could be a good option if you don't want to wait.

Look for flexible flights

While you might be able to find a bargain on a flight due to coronavirus, there's still a risk that your flight might be cancelled. The future surrounding corona is uncertain, but, if there's one thing that we can predict, it's that things can change quickly.

So, even if you've booked a flight to a destination that has a low coronavirus infection rate and where there are no travel bans and restrictions, that can change between the day that you book your flight and the day that your flight is scheduled.

That's why it might be useful to book a flight that has a flexible cancellation policy so that if you do need to cancel your flight, you're able to get a refund. Ordinarily, most airline tickets are non-refundable by default. However, since COVID-19, many airlines have introduced flexible flight change and cancellation policies so that you can book your flights with the confidence that if you need to cancel, you can get your money back.

At Alternative Airlines, we make it super-easy to find flexible flights and show you which airlines that are waiving their cancellation and change fees due to COVID-19. You can use our flexible changes and cancellation filter to quickly and easily find these flights, as shown in the image below.

Use our 'lowest price' filter

We also have another filter that makes it simple to find cheap flights due to coronavirus is our 'cheapest flight filter'. The cheapest flight filter allows you to sort the flight results with the cheapest options at the top of the results so that you don't have to waste time looking around for a bargain.

Use our 'cheapest flight calendar'

Another way that we help you find the cheapest flights is our 'cheapest flight calendar'. When selecting that dates that you want to fly on, our calendar will highlight the cheapest dates to fly on in green. If you're not bothered about which days you want to fly on, this is a great way to find the absolute cheapest flights out there.

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Are flights cheaper due to coronavirus?

Yes, some airlines have lowered the price of their flights due to coronavirus. Since COVID-19, air-travel demand has dropped hugely and, as a result, some airlines are selling their tickets for a cheaper price than they before. Although, this isn't the case for all airlines and all flights. In fact, some airline's flight prices have stayed the same or even increased.

How do I find flights that are cheap because of corona?

To find flights that are cheap due to coronavirus, use our search form at the top of the page to search for flights between any two destinations and on any dates. Then, you can use our 'lowest price' filter to see the cheapest flight options on your chosen dates.

Will flights still be cheap after the coronavirus pandemic?

After the pandemic and once the demand for flights returns, it's very unlikely that there'll still be cheap flights due to coronavirus. However, you can still take advantage of cheap flight prices for after the pandemic by booking your flights in for late 2021 or 2022 now. On most airlines, you can book flights up to 11 months in advanced — so, you can still get cheap flights because of corona if you book flights for 2022 now.