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What is SafePal?

SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet that aids users in safeguarding and maximising their digital assets. SafePal was the first hardware wallet that Binance invested in and supported. It offers both hardware and software wallets, all of which are linked and managed through the SafePal App.

Together with prominent tokens on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and TRON blockchains, the SafePal wallet supports a wide range of popular crypto-assets. According to SafePal, users can store, manage, exchange, trade and expand their portfolio without jeopardising asset security.

Any wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain network can accept SFP, a BEP-20 token. It can also be used to trade for other assets and pay for services. Holders of SFP, which also serve as the SafePal governance token, have the ability to propose and vote on new SafePal product features including the integration of new blockchains.

SafePal History

A group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts led by Veronica Wong founded SafePal in 2018. SafePal began as a hardware wallet but has now developed into a full suite of intelligent, user-friendly, safe crypto management tools.

In just a few years, they've gained the backing of titans of the industry like Binance and transformed from a modest (but aspirational) startup to a multi-national company that offers millions of people the free and power of cryptocurrencies.

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Buy Flights with SafePal

Alternative Airlines is an international website for finding and booking flights. Search through over 600 international airlines' flight schedules by simply entering your preferred departure and arrival cities in the search box at the top of the page. At checkout, select 'cryptocurrency' and then pick SafePal from the list of available cryptocurrencies.

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Benefits of Buying Flights with SafePal (SFP)?


The three wallets offered by SafePal - the hardware wallet, browser extension or the mobile app - all have unique security measures. To begin, none of the three wallets are custodial, meaning they don't store your private keys. Only you are the owner of these. For example, if SafePal was required by law to provide your wallet information, they'd not be able to as they don't have this information.

Zcoin has put stringent measures in place to protect its users' privacy, and is dedicated to ensuring financial privacy. The company’s aim is to provide the strongest level of anonymity possible while maintaining all the advantages associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The coin masks its user’s identity through its innovative technologies.


It utilises a self-destruct mechanism and 'EAL5+', which are some of the strongest security measures currently in the market. Cryptocurrency wallets must undergo stringent testing processes in order to recieve the EAL5+ certificartion, speaking volumes about the security of SafePal. If all else fails, it has a self-destruction mechanism function, meaning your private keys would self-destruct if a potential hacker attempted to tamper with your wallet, and the appropriate security level was activated, making them unable to access your assets.

You also have capabilities like two-factor authentication, creating bespoke passwords in addition to the primary features.

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SafePal for Flights FAQS

What makes SafePal special?

SafePal is unique as it offers both high levels of privacy and security, competing strongly against other Cryptocurrencies security systems. You also have the option to choose from multiple wallets, being hardware or software.

How can I buy SafePal?

On a number of platforms, including both centralised and decentralised exchanges, SFP can be bought and traded. Among these exchanges to trade SFP are Binance and MXC. Currently, the token can be exchanged for a variety of different cryptocurrencies, such as Tether (USDT), Binance USD (BUSD) and Bitcoin (BTC).

SafePal can also be purchased with fiat currency like the USD or EUR.

What's the currency code for SafePal?

SafePal's currency code is SFP.

Can SafePal be used to buy flights?

Yes! You can use SafePal to pay for your travels with Alternative Airlines and there are no restrictions on where you can fly, what route you can take or even the class fare that you want. We provide tickets for over 600 airlines, which you may select and pay for using SafePal. Simply follow the instructions below to begin and order your flights with SafePal right away.

  1. Enter your desired departure and arrival cities, the dates you want to travel, the cabin class and the number of passengers travelling in the search form at the top of the page by scrolling up. Choose 'Search Flights' from the menu.
  2. When you're satisfied with the flight you've chosen, click 'Confirm Selection'.
  3. 'Cryptocurrency' should be your preferred payment option.
  4. To continue with the booking process, select 'SafePal'. Your booking will be immediately verified after you've established a connection with your cryptocurrency gateway.
Alternatives cryptocurrencies to SafePal

With Alternative Airlines, you can purchase flights using a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including BitcoinUSDTDashEthereumRipple and more. SafePal is just one of the many cryptocurrencies we support. Secure your flight with one of the more than 100 cryptocurrencies on our website. Check out our helpful guide on how to buy flights with cryptocurrency if you want to learn more about booking your flights with cryptocurrency.