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Australia–New Zealand Travel Bubble

Australia-New Zealand Travel Bubble

Search and buy flights for the Australia-New Zealand travel bubble and find the cheapest fare available. Check out the things you need to prepare when travelling in the travel corridor. Also, check out our list of FAQs

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What is a travel bubble?

Travel bubble is a temporary bilateral travel agreement between two countries or territories where COVID-19 cases are relatively low and the infection rate is controlled. Aiming to ease travel restrictions to a certain level to ensure that there won't be another outbreak of coronavirus, keeping residents safe from the virus whilst resume some kind of normality.

Travel bubbles are always subject to review depending on the COVID-19 infection rate. Either government has the power to suspend or postpone the agreement when an outbreak occurs. As New Zealand and Australia's COVID-19 infection rate has been controlled, the two government have always been working together to open borders between the two countries.

Details of the Australia-New Zealand travel bubble is yet to be announced, please refer to the Australian and New Zealand government website for more information.

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Trans-Tasman Travel Green Zone

Although Australia and New Zealand have yet to come to an agreement on the travel bubble, Australia has created a trans-Tasman travel green zone for New Zealanders.

Australia is opening its borders from states to states as the two countries have different approaches to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Australia creates a trans-Tasman travel green zone for New Zealand travellers to travel between the two countries. The green zone basically allows New Zealanders to travel to New South Wales and Northern Territory without having to quarantine upon arrival but this is a unilateral agreement from Australia.

Recently, flights are allowed to be operated between Melbourne and New Zealand from November 9, meaning that New Zealanders won't have to quarantine upon arrival.

Although people are allowed to travel quarantine-free upon arrival, these travellers have to either been in New Zealand for at least 14 days and haven't been to any COVID hotspots. These rules don't only apply to New Zealand citizens as long as you meet the criteria above and have a valid visa to enter Australia.

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Preparation before travelling in a travel bubble

Travellers must comply with the criteria below to be exempt from quarantine upon arrival:

- A visa to enter Australia (if you're not a New Zealand citizen)

- Been in New Zealand for 14 days

- Not been to any COVID hotspots

- Travelling to Melbourne, New South Wales or the Northern Territory of Australia

- Complete a COVID-19 declaration form before airport check-in

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Australia-New Zealand Travel Bubble FAQs

Is it safe to travel?

There are two travel zones in Australia, green zone and red zone. Passengers travelling on a trans-Tasman travel green zone flight are all COVID-19 free and doesn't required to quarantine upon arrival. Therefore, there is no need to worry about getting infected on the plane. There are two queues available at the airport to separate the two types of passengers too.

Who can travel under the travel bubble?

Full details has yet to be announced by the government yet, please refer to the government websites for more information.

Who can travel in the trans-Tasman travel green zone?

If you have been in Zealand for at least 14 days, haven't been to any COVID hotspots and have a visa to enter Australia, then you can travel within the travel zone. The travel zone is only currently available for flights from New Zealand to New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Melbourne.

New Zealand citizens would not need a visa to travel to Australia.