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About Anguilla Air Services

Founded in 2006, Anguilla Air Services is airline from Anguilla that offers scheduled passengers and charter services to and from Anguilla. The airline flies to destinations such as St.Maaten, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and more. 

The airlines' schedule allows passengers to connect with many major carriers at St.Maarteen and enables them to get a connecting flight flying to or from Anguilla. 


Anguilla Air Services Fleet

Anguilla Air Services' fleet consists of entirely Britten-Norman Islander aircraft. The airline uses the BN2 aircraft on most of its routes, which has the capacity to carry nine passengers per aircraft.



Anguilla Air Services Hub Airport

Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport

Clayton J.Lloyd International Airport (AXA) or Anguilla airport, is the only international airport in Anguilla and the hub airport for Anguilla Air Services. The airport is situated just off The Valley and has one terminal within the airport which deals with all services. The airport was previously known as Anguilla Wallblake Airport, up until 2010, when the airport was renamed Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport. 

Other airlines that fly to and from Clayton J.Lloyd International Airport (Anguilla airport) include Air Sunshine, Seaborne Airlines, Tradewind Aviation and Trans Anguilla Airways. 


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